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A distinguished son of the Tomoe Foundation. He works as one half of Eve alongside Jun Sazanami. While his personality is bright and sociable, he tends to pull others into his pace. Accompanied by his sweet and luxurious singing voice, Hiyori's performances are beautiful and carefree.

He is currently a member of Cosmic Production's Eden.[1]

Well, I suppose I should introduce myself! I'm Hiyori Tomoe of Eden, a member of COSMIC PRODUCTION! You can find out what I'm good at and what my hobbies are by looking at my profile, right? Nowadays, we live in an age where you can look up anything on the Internet, so there's no need for me to tell you. Fufu. However, if you want to know more about me, you should come to one of Eden's live performances! No, you simply have to come and see us! If you don't see us live, you won't understand our appeal. Yeah, that's fine weather. ☆[1]

...I've known Hiyori for a long time, and he's a friend who's always been there for me. He's one of the most cheerful people in Eden, and his mere presence brightens up the place, like the sun. ...Oh, and by the way, he loves pies and quiches. Ibara prepares them regularly, and sometimes we all eat them together. When Hiyori-kun is happy, I feel happy too. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay by his side ... forever.[1]

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Ensemble Stars! Introduction

A third-year student at Reimei Academy. Although he has a bright and cheerful demeanor, he is selfish and doesn't have much interest in talking about others. Born with royal ancestry, he recognizes others as people below himself. He is a member of the units Eve and Eden, and the leader of Eve.

While flippant and eager to remind everyone his superiority, he grows attached to others easily and has a habit of picking up those in need. He still considers those from the former fine to be his friends, and even if he has to change his schedule he is willing to put time into helping others if they really need it.

Due to his older brother succeeding as the heir in his family, Hiyori tends to be more laid-back in regards to his family's business.[2]


Hiyori is a taller young man with an average build. He has wavy pale yellow-green hair, with a parting slightly to the side. He has violet eyes.


Hiyori always appears to be bright and cheerful, to the point he has been described as being overly blinding to others. Both his voice and actions are frequently loud and dramatic, and he relishes in garnering attention but will get sulky if ignored. Having been born with royal ancestry, he states that he considers others as below himself in social rank. That, alongside his apparent flippant and selfish behavior, makes him appear as though he doesn't have much interest in others. Despite his constant eagerness to remind those around him of his superiority, however, he grows attached to others easily and has a habit of taking in and caring for those in need. In actual fact, he loves helping those he cares for, and is willing to put time into giving his assistance to them if they truly need it, even willingly changing his schedule for them.

Hiyori's mood and whims are unpredictable and he tends to march to the beat of his own drum, acting according to however he feels at the time, even if it may inconvenience those involved with him. He has been chided for this on multiple occasions, whether for being late to scheduled meetups or practice, or for acting out in protest for something he disagrees with. At odds with this behavior is his dislike for being hated - Hiyori dreads the thought of being disliked in any way, and would rather be liked and loved by all. In fact, this is one of his goals as an idol - to be loved by as many as possible.

His typically flippant lighthearted attitude belies his mature and nurturing side. Talented and intelligent, eloquent and armed with surprising patience, Hiyori is a good teacher and takes naturally to playing the role of a mentor, apparent even at a young age when he'd look out for Nagisa in their childhood. In fact, he's often eager to offer his assistance as a mentor or confidante, though the other party may not always be so enthusiastic.

Hiyori is not fond of talking about more painful pasts or events, tending to ignore or change the topic immediately if the subject is touched upon - especially if his family is concerned, as he has vowed to always uphold their image. This is also the reason why he's rather avoidant when it comes to mentioning his past in fine. All the same, he considers those members from the former fine to be his dear friends.

Due to his older brother succeeding as the heir in his family, Hiyori is mostly free from responsibilities in that aspect and tends to be more laid-back in regards to his family's business. Of course, that doesn't stop him from doing his best as idol, and he hopes that his very activity and reputation as one can help his family in any way possible.


Hiyori's name contains certain characters, with his given name meaning "day" or "weather" (日和). The character of his surname translates as "spiral" (巴). As implied, Hiyori manages to attract others into an orbit like the shining sun, exuding extensive warmth and kindness for all to behold without the indication of an ill atmosphere.


  • His age grants him the title of Eden's eldest member.
  • During the "Ensemble Stars!" era, Hiyori was one of the final definitive main characters introduced into the game and storyline.
    • Hiyori made his "Ensemble Stars!" game debut in the company of Jun Sazanami, presenting to audiences as Eve for the first time on July 7, 2017. His unit (alongside Adam and Eden as a whole) was one of the last official units to be announced during the game's lifespan.
    • His late entry to the series makes him one of several characters to be revealed after the game's release, also notably including the idols belonging to Valkyrie, Switch, MaM, and Adam.
  • Hiyori and the members of Eden are currently the only characters active in two official units at the same time that aren't considered shuffle units or temporary units besides the members of Double Face.
  • Hiyori often makes wordplays out of his name, as it means "weather". He says ii hiyori for "fine weather" (good day) and warui hiyori for "foul weather" (bad day).
  • He is weak to cold weather.
  • He hates gross things, such as insects and fish.[3]
  • He loves to use and appreciate his own official merchandise.[4]
  • While in school, he would often get bored and skip class.[5] According to Tsumugi, Hiyori would spend money frivolously and play with fans when he wasn't occupied with unit activities.[6]
  • He and Jun found a dog on the street that was abandoned by its owner, covered in blood, and decided to take it home. Hiyori named the dog Bloody Mary and kept her in the Reimei dorm room he used to share with Jun in his third year, even though it's against school rules.[7][8] She currently lives in Hiyori's ES dorm room.[9]
    • She is confirmed to be a Yorkshire Terrier.[10]
    • Hiyori loves taking photos of her and showing them off to others. He tends to spam Eden's group chat on HoldHands with photos of her, much to Ibara's dismay.
  • He's very conscious of his fans and likes to keep up with the current trends. He once wanted to try eating ice cream on a cold day upon a fan's recommendation just for the experience, even though he dislikes the cold.[11] In Saga, he went out of his way to carry fan letters back to the dorm and makes sure to read them in his spare time.
  • He can be easily influenced by things like detective dramas and manga, playing out the role dramatically in order to solve mysteries and even going as far as to reference specific quotes.[12]
  • One of his favorite locations to shop at is the Saison Avenue shopping district. He has bought livingware for his new dorm room and likes to try various desserts from the shops there, including limited edition cakes.
  • He loves to treat his friends to luxurious gifts and expensive food. He has given Subaru a colorful toy made in Germany as a symbol of their friendship,[13] and has brought Tsumugi and members of Trickstar to one of the cafés his family manages, telling them that anything they ordered would be on him.[14] He has also brought macarons made by the Tomoe Foundation's personal chef to share with his tea party circle, FLAVOR. Much to the shock of certain members, the ingredients that went into them were allegedly worth 10,000 yen.
  • Sora described his color as "Blindingly radiant[15].

Voice Actor Comment

"He [Hiyori Tomoe] is a character who's not just handsome, but cute and intriguing. The interesting thing about this character is that he'll unconsciously openly spew venom, and yet he's unable to make people dislike him. As well, his catchphrases are a relatively distinguishing feature, and it's quite enjoyable to play. Because it's so enjoyable, there's been many instances where I overdid it, and as a result, had to re-record several times (laughs). I hope everyone can come to love Hiyori a lot." [2] (Enstars!)

"Singing and dancing makes Hiyori even more beautiful, cute, and cool. I'm sure you'll agree. This is fine weather. ♪ Please enjoy the world of Hiyori Tomoe to your heart's content!"[16] (Enstars!!)

Hiyori Tomoe
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