Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirements: (Lunch Hour) Hinata Aoi's Idol Road
Cooking Is Love 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: 1st Floor Passage
(Academy Idol) Hinata Aoi Full Render
Yuuta-kuuun ♪

How were the results of your physical fitness measurement? Mines were all above average, so I’m super satisfied ♪

Moving your body is so much fun, am I right?

I was jumping side to side so fast that I created an afterimage! It was like an optical illusion-- like Yuuta-kun was there with me!

Both the students and the teachers were totally baffled! Man, it was my masterpiece!

If you were there with me and you jumped side to side as fast as I did, there'd be 4 of the same face! Yes, yes ♪

Yuta Aoi AI Dialogue Render
You’re so noisy, Aniki.

I get that you’re in high spirits after the physical fitness measurement, but second and third years will be doing it later, you know?

(Academy Idol) Hinata Aoi Full Render
I do. Most teachers are busy with the measurements, so us first years will be self-studying in the afternoon, right?

Seems like everyone’s practicing… Remember how we promised we’d also practice?

Yuta Aoi AI Dialogue Render
Yeah. Isn’t that why we returned to our classes and changed into matching clothes?

We could just practice in our gym outfits. Did we really have to change into these?

(Academy Idol) Hinata Aoi Full Render
No no, we’ve gotta start with the looks, you know? I actually wanted to wear my 2wink outfit, but it’s in the laundry, so that was out of question.

Anyways, Yuuta-kun. Practicing is important, but there’s an even more serious matter we have to take care of right now.

Yuta Aoi AI Dialogue Render
A serious matter? Hmm... Like how we haven’t secured a place for practice and thus should reserve an empty classroom immediately?
(Academy Idol) Hinata Aoi Full Render
Bzzzt! Regrettably enough, your answer is wrong! Lemme give you a “consolation prize*” ♪

[Note: The term is “zannenshou” (残念賞), but Hinata says it like “zannen de shou” (残念で賞), like “That’s a shame, isn’t it?” (残念でしょう). Get it!!! It’s a pun!!!]

Let’s see, they say you can’t fight on an empty stomach, right?

Sure practicing is important, but we can’t get satisfactory results if we practice while hungry!

Yuta Aoi AI Dialogue Render
You’re trying to say we should eat, aren’t you? You're totally mistaken-- I'm not disappointed for being wrong, but yeah, I’m hungry too.

I’ll go buy something from the canteen. Aniki, you got requests?

(Academy Idol) Hinata Aoi Full Render
Sweet things!
Yuta Aoi AI Dialogue Render
Huh...? Sweet things... like sweet buns? Will you really feel full by eating sweet buns?
(Academy Idol) Hinata Aoi Full Render
Hehehe, your concerns are pointless! The canteen’s sweet buns are very considerate towards the students, you see!

Seriously, thinking they’re normal sweet buns and underestimating them will get in you in trouble, kid ☆

Yuta Aoi AI Dialogue Render
Fine, fine. Alright then, I’ll go buy a couple sweet buns.

Will you be in your classroom till I return? The weather’s great, so we can eat on the roof too.

(Academy Idol) Hinata Aoi Full Render
The fountain’s close, and eating food while lying on the lawn is super nice, right?
Yuta Aoi AI Dialogue Render
Yeah, totally. I’ll go buy the food real quick, so sit still and wait for me. Don’t cause trouble for the people around you, okay?
(Academy Idol) Hinata Aoi Full Render
You sure worry a lot, Yuuta-kun...

Believe in your Onii-chan some more! They say those who believe shall be saved, yeah? Now now, let’s go~ ☆

Scene Change: In Front of the Fountain
Cooking Is Love 1 Scene Change
(Academy Idol) Hinata Aoi Full Render

(Haah, feels so good~♪ It’s the perfect weather to take a nap! I feel like I’m about to start to doze off.)

(Moving your body with all your strength, basking in the light of the sun… Is this what they call a perfect day?)

(I want to share this happiness with Yuuta-kun.)

(Lunch Hour) Hinata Aoi CG
(Academy Idol) Hinata Aoi Full Render
(Alrighty then, let’s go find the number one spot till Yuuta-kun comes back. A spot where you can feel the sunlight just enough, where it’s not too dazzling… Hm?)

Transfer student-san? Ahaha. It really is transfer student-san. You also decided to eat lunch outside?

Hmm... So you borrowed the kitchen of the garden terrace and chose the “DIY course”...

And you took the sandwich you made as practice and came here to eat.

Your cooking… I'd love to try it out! Can I?

Oh, you don’t have to change your expression and hide it behind your back. This is just between me and transfer student-san!

Huh? You can’t let anyone eat it because you’re afraid they might find fault in it? Transfer student-san, you’re bad at cooking?

You’re not bad at it, but you can’t really say you’re good at it either since you only started cooking after you changed schools?

Me? I cook at home, so I’d say I’m pretty good at it ♪

I think I’m better at making sweets though? Every Christmas, I eagerly make a cake.

But Yuuta-kun’s bad with sweets, so disposing of the cake is a pain… I love sweet things, so I end up eating it all by myself.

Anyways, if you’re not confident about your cooking, I think you should get someone to eat it and ask for their thoughts!

I’m more or less knowledgeable on cooking, so I can give you advice and stuff ♪

Now now, you want to get me to sample your food now, don’t you? My advices are free of charge, but for now only! Don’t miss this opportunity ♪

Translation: Kona
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