Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Hierarchy - 17
Location: Infirmary
Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

We're powerless, while our enemy is the very embodiment of the highest authority in the school.

It might just end with us being easily trampled, but we've decided to fight. At this rate, our free will is going to be extinguished.

I would be fine if it was only me. I'm used to be oppressed.

But I can't stand to see the others be trampled when they have so much talent, and enthusiasm, and are putting forth so much effort.

Akehoshi might seem like an idiot that doesn't think…

But he's an energetic idiot. Even in a school like this, that doesn't stop him from chasing his dreams, and proudly stating what he likes.

However, no one understood Akehoshi for who he was, and avoided getting involved with him… Akehoshi was treated like an outcast in this school.

Before… He used to laugh, sing, and dance all alone, like a comical pierrot.

If chasing after dreams like he does… If even trying to make others around you smile and have fun isn't allowed…

Then Yumenosaki Academy is hell itself. I refuse to acknowledge it, no matter what.

Yuuki found his talent in a field he never wanted to be in, so he wound up being controlled by his superiors and forced to pursue it.

He cast aside his free will, and gave up on thinking, like a robot.

His peers praised him for it, but inside, he started to corrode. And one day, he finally had a breakdown…

Yuuki… His heart cried out in agony like it was on the verge of death, and it shattered.

Right now, he's trying to gather up the leftover pieces of his heart.

But his peers were quick to change their attitude, and sneer at him for being an "underachieving dropout".

If they want us to deny our humanity, and just act obediently like robots… Then we don't need something like free will.

But we are humans that have free will, that have hearts. We are humans who get angry, who laugh and cry, who love and respect one another.

Ever since he was a baby, no one ever treated him like a human being, but now, Yuuki's finally starting to learn all of that.

Treating his desperate efforts like they're meaningless…

Demeaning them… It's wrong. I want to support him, and walk alongside him, hand in hand.

We, Trickstar, are a group that's banded together from being denied our dreams and ways of living.

We're bound together by sharing the same pain and screams… By the budding spirit of rebellion and doubts that we've nurtured towards this school.

We're like brothers, bonding over sharing our dreams, some small vibrance, in this lifeless desert of a school.

We're trying to sow our seeds for the future, hoping that one day, they'll bloom into flowers.

Groveling to the higher-ups with the lifeless eyes of a dead fish… That's not the kind of idol we admired and dreamed of before we enrolled here!

We're going to revolt against this rotten school. We're going to fight with our lives to overthrow the Student Council, to change the state of this school.

However, it was a mistake to force you to come along with us, when you have no idea what's going on.

Making you do something without consideration for your feelings, or what you want…

That makes me no different from the Student Council. I was grasping at straws, so I reached my hand out to you without thinking.

You hold a "special position", so you could be our savior. But at the same time, you're also just "a normal girl".

I shouldn't have forgotten that fact.

I'm sorry. For leading you on, and hurting you… I'm truly sorry.

If you hate us now, that's fine. I wouldn't mind even if you decided to pretend you never saw anything, and avoided us.

We got ahead of ourselves by putting expectations on you, so we won't think that you've betrayed us.

However, you are a "special person". We need you.

…That isn't fair, is it? You should be the one to decide. I hope that your heart will resonate with ours.

Will you become our enemy? Our ally? Or a complete stranger…?

That, I don't know. But I have hopes for you, Transfer Student.

Hopes that you'll bring some fresh air into this obstructed school.

And that you will bring hope, and make the flowers bloom.

You are the symbol of the irreplaceable dream that we had hoped for.

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