Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Hierarchy - 16
Location: Infirmary
Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

Excuse me.

Sagami-sensei… Looks like he isn't here. Where on earth could that irresponsible teacher have gone off to?

Well, no matter. Transfer Student, we're here. Are you awake?

I'm going to slowly set you down on the bed now. If you get scared, just tell me. And… there we go.

Right. You should just rest here for the time being. Do you need anything?

…No reply.

Guess she's still unconscious. Girls really are so frail. Their bodies are so thin, and soft.

Did I really just try to drag a girl like this into a battlefield?


Transfer Student, you probably can't hear me since you're unconscious, but that doesn't matter. Just let me apologize.

I'm sorry...

For dragging you into this mess and forcing my expectations on you when you don't even know what's going on… But that's not all. I lied to you about something.

No, to put it more accurately, there's something I didn't tell you the truth about.

I just figured that you'd eventually found out on your own the more time you spent at this school.

No… I probably just didn't want to say anything bad, even if it was just for the moment, about the school that I attend.

I'm so pathetic, caring so much about keeping up appearances like this.

Earlier, I explained to you that this school is "a school for idols, made for idols, and by idols". But actually, that expression isn't very accurate.

In reality, this is "a school for good idols, made only for good idols, and by good idols".

The idols that aren't as good, in other words, underachievers like us, hardly get any attention.

That commotion we saw earlier is a representation of the state that Yumenosaki Academy is in right now.

Countless idols enroll in this school, full of dreams and ambitions.

With enough love, and effort made through blood, sweat, and tears, surely that blossoming dream can be obtained…

But, that dream won't come true.

Expectations are betrayed, studies are neglected, things like individuality or personal values are denied; everyone's made to conform to what the school defines as "the ideal idol".

It's true that this school has continued to produce outstanding idols.

But those idols barely seem human. They're more like genetically-engineered livestock being kept in a pigsty.

In a business sense, that's good enough. As long as they meet the requirements that the industry seeks, and they're obedient, making money isn't an issue. But what will happen to the dreams and free will that dwell in our hearts?

They'll just become food for the livestock. We're just weeds that are being trampled on and made into food for pigs. And no one even questions it.

No, even if we try to resist and go against it, we'd just be crushed, like what happened with that DreamFes earlier.

The unofficial stray matches are thoroughly subdued, and it's become the norm for official DreamFes to be rigged.

The only ones who ever win are the ones who are supposed to win.

The votes are predetermined before the stage curtain is even lifted; everything is orchestrated so that "the idols that are suitable for the school" can win.

With the DreamFes as they are now, only members on the Student Council Board, who hold overwhelming authority, or the unit that they're each a part of, can win.

The Student Council holds the highest authority in this school, and no one can disobey them. We're only allowed to exist as obedient servants that continue to vote for them.

If you go against the Student Council, you won't be able to survive in this school.

But then, what will happen to our free will? Why aren't we allowed to vote for what we genuinely think is "good"?

Are we not even allowed to be moved by our feelings? Are we only supposed to act according to what's written in our textbooks?

Is it not possible to sprout up once you've been labeled as an "underachiever"?

Not at this school. Everyone here can only be submissive, doing the same thing as everyone else, and bowing their heads to those in power.

There's nothing to be done about our dreams but let them rot away in our hearts.

That's why we want to break down the current state that Yumenosaki Academy is in, and bring about some change, but we still don't know what we can do yet…

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