Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Hierarchy - 14
Location: Packed Outdoor Stage
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render


It's useless to try and run away, you little piggies! Time for you all to return to the pig pen~☆

Tee hee! ♪ We knew you'd all come out if we spread that info about the Student Council being busy during the lunch break!

You all fell for it so easily~ Stupid people are so pathetic♪

All we had to do was wait patiently and be ready to pounce! And now we're going to rope up every last one of you and take you all back to the barn…!

Ahh, this is so fun! Stomping on idiots that try to disobey authority is such a great feeling~♪

After we discipline you, we'll make sure you never disobey the Student Council ever again! Crawl on all fours, bow your heads, and just try and stay alive at the very bottom! ☆

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render

That was too much, Himemiya. You and I are only here to enforce the rules. Nothing more, and nothing less. Don't mistake us for being something else.

Fools. The rules are meant to protect you all, and yet you mindlessly disobey them, create a disturbance, and cause trouble for us.

You're all completely hopeless.

I'm not soft like Eichi is. If you want to call us oppressors, then do so. But order is necessary.

Until Eichi returns, I will be the barrier that governs the well-being of this school.

Restrain everyone here. Don't let anyone get away, and take everyone you've arrested to the Student Guidance Office.

I will personally give them a thorough lecture afterwards.

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

Ahaha! The vice president's lectures are really long, you know~ It's like torture! My condolences to you! ♪

Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render

D-dammit! You guys from the Student Council are tyrants as usual!

The Dragon King Competition is a traditional DreamFes, y'know! It's been handed down in the Karate Club for generations as the legacy from our great upperclassman! It's our pride!

I'm going to protest about you all just ignoring that and simply treating it as a "rule violation"!

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

Protest? To who, exactly? So stupid~ As the Student Council, we embody the school, and we make all the rules, so we're the ones who hold the most power!

It's no use going to cry to the teachers, because you're the "bad guys" for disobeying us! Ahahahaha☆

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

Tetsu, let's retreat for now.

Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render

B-but Boss! I can't accept just giving in like this~!

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

I'm not planning on giving in. I'll compensate later. It's irritating, but… It's true that we're the ones who broke the rules this time.

Defiance isn't a good idea. Not right now, anyway. Well, not that we have a duty to go with them quietly, either.

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

You're not getting away~! You guys are the main culprits for this commotion! I'll make sure to secure these two from the Karate Club myself!

If I capture you two, my reputation's gonna skyrocket~ ♪ There's no way I'm letting the big boss get away! You're the key to fulfilling my ambitions…☆

Lookie here, what's this, I wonder? Tadah! It's a stun gun~ ♪

No matter how tough you are, one punch from this sucker and none of that matters! Let the numbness rip through you and black out! Die for the sake of my glory~!

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

…Brats shouldn't be waving something like that around like a toy.

(Angel's Jump) Tori Himemiya CG
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

Wah! You dodged that so easily and took my stun gun away from me?!

Waaaaah! Give it back~! Give it back!

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

You're just a fox in a tiger's skin. A small, powerless boy acting arrogantly through borrowed authority. Brats like you should stay home and suckle on your momma's teat.

This way, Tetsu. I'll clear a path. …You can keep up, right?

(Live Reporter) Tetora Nagumo CG2
Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render

O-Ossu! Boss~! As long as my name's Tetora Nagumo, I'll always follow you wherever you go, Boss!

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

(Hmph. It's a bit painful to abandon the audience and just escape on our own, but…

Well, we are the main culprits. All the audience members did was watch, so they'll probably just get away with a lecture, at most.

Tetsu worked so hard on this DreamFes. That's why I wanted to see it through to the end…

But it can't be helped. Our luck was bad. No, it's these times that are bad, huh?

The Student Council… What irritating guys. Bound to some framework without even knowing who the hell made it in the first place.

Well, the Student Council probably has their own reasons for doing things.

But I don't like it one bit.

…Oh yeah, I never gave that little miss her handkerchief back.

She's pretty far away. It'd be impossible to make my way through these crowds. I'll just wash it and give it back later. Gotta focus on making it out of here alive, first.)

Oogami! Looks like things got cut short… We'll save the rest of this fight for another time. And bring Sakuma with you!

I've got a duty to fulfill to that little miss, so I gotta get out of here no matter what!

(Burning Spirit) Kuro Kiryu CG
Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

(Little miss, looks like you ended up transferring into a good-for-nothing school…

I've got my hopes up for you, just a little. Blow some new wind into this rotten school, would ya?)

Translation: Enstars Translates
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