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HiMERU was originally a solo idol. He speaks in a manner that allows him to keep others at a distance. Both calm and gentle in demeanor, he's quite enigmatic. He sometimes appears to act in a way that's meant to confirm his own behavior to himself. With a singing voice that entices you closer, the allure of an adult drifts through the air of his performances, belying his actual age.

HiMERU is a member of Cosmic Production's Crazy:B.[1]


HiMERU is of average build, and of equal height with Adonis, making them the tallest out of the current third years. He has smooth, light blue hair cut right above his shoulders and yellow eyes.

On stage, HiMERU wears the Crazy:B uniform, which consists of a houndstooth patterned jacket with yellow, black and purple accents, with a bee-shaped brooch pinned on the left side of the jacket. Under his jacket, he wears a black shirt with a white honeycomb pattern in the middle. He wears black pants with white and yellow stripes with a hexagon motif running down his pants, fastened with a golden chain around his waist. HiMERU also wears several accessories; two necklaces, one of which has a stinger-shaped charm, a number of golden bracelets on his right hand and a single ring on his left index finger. For shoes, HiMERU wears black loafers with yellow stripes.


HiMERU, upon first glance, appears to be the perfect idol: with gentle, mild-mannered and reserved demeanor, he exudes maturity and professionalism, and is shown to care a lot for his fans. With a curious way of speaking and referring to himself in third person, he has a mysterious air surrounding him, but one can rarely get close enough to unravel his odd character.

When not in the limelight, HiMERU is much more direct and brusque, although he keeps a calm disposition most of the time. He still keeps to himself most of the time, often watching from the sidelines, and dislikes getting emotionally involved with others. He's very perceptive, and enjoys analyzing other people, quick to catch on to their intentions and schemes.

He comes across as very self-assured and confident, which reflects in many of his voice lines and interactions with other characters, such as him claiming that he looks good in any outfit and that idols must always believe that they're better than anyone else.



  • During the !! Main Story, HiMERU has a shared Ensemble Square dorm room with the rest of Crazy:B. However, similarly to the rest of Crazy:B, HiMERU usually stayed elsewhere during this time; he usually stayed at a house near a hospital.
  • According to a 4gamer interview with Akira, HiMERU's character archetype is "a ghost" (HiMERUがゴースト).
  • HiMERU's true name is currently unknown; "HiMERU" appears to only be his idol name.
  • HiMERU speaks solely in third person to separate his idol identity from his true self, and refers to HiMERU, as well as HiMERU's thoughts, opinions, and interests, as distinct from his own. He uses 俺 (ore) when referring to things his actual self thinks, believes, or likes.
  • HiMERU likes sweets.
  • He views himself as a traditional or "old-school" idol in the sense of being a larger-than-life figure, in contrast to the newer generations of idols who also market their flaws and relatability.[2]
  • HiMERU states that he has graduated from university, though it's currently unclear why he's now attending Shuuetsu Academy if he's already completed university.[3]
    • Multiple characters state that HiMERU is likely older than he claims to be. HiMERU has stated that the idol persona, HiMERU, is 17-18, but he avoids commenting on his own actual age.
  • There appear to be two individuals who use the stage name HiMERU, with something having evidently happened to the previous HiMERU. The current HiMERU values the previous HiMERU's wellbeing and success over his own.[4] One HiMERU's real name appears to be Kaname Toujou 十条 要 (Toujou Kaname), though it's currently unknown which HiMERU's name this is. However, the current HiMERU strives to keep this name a secret from others.[5]
    • HiMERU appears to be distressed by the idea of people learning his own name or the original HiMERU's name.[6]

Voice Actor Comment

"この度、HiMERU役をさせて頂くことになりました、笠間淳と申します。 とても不思議。でも内に隠したプロ意識と熱意は人一倍のものがあるなと、 オーディション段階から感じていました。 収録に際しても、そういったモノを見せたり見せなかったり、 掴めそうなのに掴めないといった駆け引きを、スタッフさんと、 そして何よりもHiMERUとした気がします。 これからはみなさんと一緒に、HiMERUをより魅力的に成長させていけたら良いなと思っています。よろしくお願いいたします!"[7]

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