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Hero Sentai Meteoranger
Meteorangers Splash Screen.jpg
Season: Spring (春)
Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Chapters: 5 Translation: adriessene
Proofreading: euni2319
Tetora Head.png Tori Head.png Shinobu Head.png Mao Head.png Chiaki Head.png Keito Head.png Wataru Head.png Kanata Head.png Midori Head.png Eichi Head.png
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Story Notes


  • You can play through the game and story portion of the Meteoranger event by accessing the "minigames" option (with a green controller icon next to it) through the full menu.
  • Meteorking is the mecha-esque "ship" they all pilot, pictured on the cover of the story (Meteorking is also visible when you play the minigame stages).
  • For reference, everyone's names in the Meteoranger universe are as follows:
    • Chiaki = Sun Red (Likely a reference to Astro Fighter Sunred)
    • Kanata = Sea Blue
    • Tetora = Spirit Black
    • Shinobu = Miracle Yellow
    • Midori = Nature Green
  • Student Council:
    • Tori = Toori
    • Mao = MAO
    • Keito = Hassumii
    • Wataru = Hibikii Ga
    • Eichi = Ten Shouin