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A millionaire who once ruled over the idol industry and is indirectly responsible for many of the circumstances the current cast struggles with today. He was once known as the original super idol, the god-like one who became the foundation of the idol system that is still currently being used.

He was the one who changed the image of idols, who were seen as mere "accessories" of the entertainment world, into a special presence, different from the rest.

The most notable things he is responsible for are the SS[1] and the JNLC (Japanese Neverland Cup)[2].



  • Nagisa refers to him as "Father."
  • He brought the Neverland Cup to Japan (it was originally an overseas event).
  • He turned the year-end event, which was once only for elite musicians, into the SS.
  • Madara states that the Godfather created a unit named Double Face when he was alive, but it never became active because his intended partner died, and the current Double Face is using the name as a reference to it.[3]


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