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A man involved with the SS Administration Committee, and is in charge of the SS's overall progress. The Gatekeeper is dictatorial towards idols, and has connections to a certain individual.


Gatekeeper is a tall man with slicked back light brown hair, his narrowed eyebrows are matching with both his hair and eye color. His regular appearance includes a white shirt with red vest under a dark blazer, and a maroon red tie slipped under his vest. He wears pants matching with his blazer and a pair of dark red-brown shoes.


Gatekeeper has been described as someone who is very dangerous and calculating. Almost all his life he has shown no interest in anything, but this was the reason why Godfather picked him and valued him a lot. Upon meeting with Godfather, Gatekeeper started to get interested in some of the things in his life and it was all because he was able to witness Godfather's passionate feelings towards the idol world.

Gatekeeper thought that Godfather's love towards the idol world was lunacy, yet, at the same time that lunacy was what made him venerate Godfather more. As he stated himself, he wasn't able to understand any passionate feelings before that madness of love the Godfather showed to him and touched his heart.[1]

That feeling that he had made him very loyal towards Godfather and Godfather only. He vowed for the rest of his life to devote himself to Godfather's goal. After the Godfather's death, Gatekeeper was really lost that he would state he is now no longer able to feel a sense of refreshment from others not that he needs any. He said that he relates to an Eunuch who was castrated on the death of his god. He decided that for the last time he wanted to fulfill Godfather's last forgotten wish. He is very well aware that his actions will not be praised by Godfather later, it was merely his personal satisfaction yet he still devoted his life to this choice.[2]

Gatekeeper always prepares every move he takes and carefully considers all words he says beforehand. He aspires to follow Godfather's mindset to make sure each and every move he takes has meaning. He is intentional in not doing anything that he finds has no meaning nor benefit to his plans. He always believes that all actions he takes are in accordance with Godfather's will.

In his interactions with other people, he always shows that he has no desire to get involved with other humans. He has no interest in listening to them either. He always tells people to not remember him, to not take interest in him and not to get involved with him. He always corrects others before they misunderstand his words whether or not they did misunderstand. Despite that, he has often been shown to be quite a tease in order to see the reaction of others. So far he has only been shown to do this to Ibara and Anzu and both of them saw it as a tasteless joke. It is possible he is selective in who he does it with as he always acts strict and sharp in front of others. He is also quick to threaten to kill people once causing Hiiro to warn Alkaloid to be careful with him in their meeting because he might carry firearms.[3] Hiiro also stated that he has the aura of someone who already killed other people.[4]

As stated by Nagisa, Gatekeeper has a similar strategy to Ibara while doing business. That he prefers other people to take the lead role while manipulating things from behind. That way he can also run away from the possibility of being entangled if a problem was to bite him back.[5]



  • He lived abroad after Godfather's death, only returning for the Ensemble Stars!! SS.
  • He doesn't like when Ibara Saegusa calls him "great uncle".
  • He easily threatens to kill people.
  • He remembers all idols' names and profiles.
  • He carries a gun around. Under Godfather's command, he used to be the one who eliminated anyone who stood in Godfather's way.

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