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Story Synopsis
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Hiyori kicks up a fuss about bringing his pet dog with him to the countryside for a shoot. Ibara tries to persuade him to give it up, but that only ends up with him taking care of her in Hiyori's absence.

Frontline Watchdogs
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Season: Autumn (秋)
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Released on Jul 30th 2021
Chapters: 8 Writer: Yuumasu (ゆーます)
Hiyori ES Head.png Jun ES Head.png Nagisa ES Head.png Ibara ES Head.png Tsukasa ES Head.png Subaru ES Head.png Koga ES Head.png Yuzuru ES Head.png Midori ES Head.png Mitsuru ES Head.png Kanata ES Head.png Tsumugi ES Head.png
Chapter List
  • 野良犬のワルツ: Ch 1 - Ch 2 - Ch 3 - Ch 4 - Ch 5 - Ch 6 - Ch 7 - Ch 8
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