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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Studio
Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png
Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render.png
Hmm, I see, I think I understand now.

Running a theater, huh… It’s not something you’d think a student would do. Honestly, it seems like a very unreasonable request.

But for the heir to a wealthy family, I suppose this isn’t completely out of the blue?

Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render.png
Mnn~ It depends on what Tenshouin is thinking too… I talk to him sometimes because we’re in the same class - should I try to figure out his true intentions?
Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png
Ah, leave that to me. I talk with Ecchan a lot in tea club, anyway~ He usually has these iron walls around him, but he lets down his guard in club activities.
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Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png
Um… More importantly, how long do I have to do seiza?

I would very much like to stop. This is abuse, you see - though of course, I do acknowledge that it was distant of me to keep all my worries to myself instead of revealing them to you all.

But this is what Knights was originally about, right?

Through many kinds of experiences… we are beginning to change, but…

If I may be so bold, I feel that we have become something like family.

We keep just the right distance from each other, without digging too deeply into our personal affairs. Is that not an iron rule of Knights?

It can be said that at times, we were saved thanks to that comfortable distance.

This is my own personal matter. It’s not something my seniors need be troubled with.

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Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png
Y-Yes? What is it, Leader? That’s a scary look, you know…?
Leo Tsukinaga School Dialogue Render.png
Hey, I’m not in a position to be talking big either. But there’s no such thing as a personal matter in this world.

Of course, if you don’t want us to interfere, we won’t. Though from what I’m hearing, it sounds like we can help somehow. Why not try relying on us too?

You can preface it as a “personal matter”, but your position as Tsukasa Suou of Knights is also one of your resources, right?

I don’t understand. Why aren’t you even trying to use that effectively?

What are you holding back for? Are that name and that family you’ve had since you were born, “everything” about you?

Of course not. You should’ve been gaining new things as long as you’ve been alive.

You struggled until you almost bled, fought in many fierce battles… You should’ve gained so much experience, so many new, shining treasures.

Knights is one of those treasures. I don’t think you need to hesitate to use it. That’s how everyone lives their lives.

It won’t ever be a cowardly choice.

That’s why you’ve always been an inexperienced, little child. You don’t know what you have, and you don’t understand its worth.

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png
Izumi Sena School Dialogue Render.png
That’s right, for once I agree with Ousama. I actually don’t understand what you’re obsessing so much over, it’s sooo~ annoying.

If we get involved with your problems, would we be at some disadvantage? Would we get hurt?

Even if that were the case, it’s upsetting to think you’re distancing yourself from us, you know?

Do we look that weak to you?

Who do you think we are, Kasa-kun… We’re Knights, remember?

Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png
Yup yup, we’re the Knights that you stood firm and protected, Su~chan.

Secchan, Ousama, don’t pick at him so much, okay?

He probably didn’t come to us because we’re always getting mad like “Don’t go doing stuff without us!” or something.

If a little kid gets yelled at every time they try to something, they’ll start to shrivel away.

But Su~chan, for most of the time, you’ve gone along with us despite having differences with us, right?

We’re not completely disagreeing with you at all.

You were always rushing forward with some weird idea, and deep down, a part of us really started to like you. We were like corpses, until that feeling revived us.

Don’t hold back - just do as you like. The next “Ousama” will probably be Su~chan, after all…

Whether it be personal business or whatever else, give it your all. We’ll follow along with you.

And honestly… Su~chan, are you really such a good kid? Why are you playing the nice, obedient child now?

If you were trying to hide your true nature from us, well, my condolences. It’s been out in the open for a long, long time now.♪

Don’t pretend so much. Rely on your Oniichans more… you shitty brat.

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png
Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render.png
Ufufu. Ritsu-chan said everything already. But well, don’t push yourself so hard, Tsukasa-chan.

Do as you like, but think nice and long about what “methods” you want to use.

And don’t forget that Knights is also an enormous resource for you, Tsukasa-chan.

Of course, it’s both admirable and adorable to see you trying so hard to chase after us, but I hope you’ll grow enough to be able to use us already.♪

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png
Translation: royalquintet
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