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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Theater (Outside)
Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png
Here, this is it.

We have arrived at the location. Umm… Yes, we should probably be alright.

Sora Harukawa School Dialogue Render.png
Yes! I think this is the right place~ Sora is good at reading maps, you know~?
Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png
How surprising. I thought you were the type to go missing immediately when working with a group.
Sora Harukawa School Dialogue Render.png
That’s rude, you know~? Maps appear in games a lot, so Sora’s used to them!

Look, that building in front of us is the theater we’re looking for, yeah~?

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png
Fufu. Every little thing is a game to you, huh Harukawa-kun?

Anyway, I am relieved we’ve arrived here safely. It is quite far from the station, isn’t it… Oneesama, do your feet hurt at all?

Yes? Ah… Yes, you’re right, they should release a map to the theater before any shows.

I see, it is a bit difficult to find the exact location of it in this area, so it’s a needed consideration.

Fufu. Oneesama, you always think of the audience members before yourself…

That is correct conduct for a producer, but it seems somehow lonely to me.

Sora Harukawa School Dialogue Render.png
Anzu feels happy to be cared for, huh~? That’s the “color” right now.♪

Anyway. Umm, what should we do now?

Tsukasa Suou School Dialogue Render.png
Ah, yes. I explained in the train as well, but… This theater is the property of my family.

More precisely, generation through generation… the Suou family has owned this land, and Tenshouin Oniisama borrowed it to build a theater here.

Control and management of this theater was handed over to us, the landowners.

It is being outsourced to the Tenshouin Group… Or well, it’s kind of like we co-manage it.

I haven’t heard the details yet, but it seems there was some kind of deal between the group and my parents…

The majority of operational expenses would be borne by the Tenshouins.

Perhaps it’s because we will cooperate with them in various other situations as well, but we were able to make a deal with exceptionally favorable conditions for us.

If our partner were not the Tenshouin Group, the whole deal would be too good. One would expect it to be fraud.

...Huh, what is it, Oneesama? You say there’s no chance we would be deceived?

Fufu. Even if we were, there would be no merit in it for the Tenshouin Group. We are an old family of high status, and we have deep connections with higher-ups in the financial world.

If they deceived us and brought us to ruin, the Tenshouins would lose their position. It would put an indelible mark on their reputation forever.

And to borrow words from the foul-mouthed Tori-kun, my family are “poor nobles”....

Deceiving us wouldn’t bring in any large profits. It wouldn’t have any meaning for the Tenshouin Group.

Anyhow, after a series of events… the Tenshouins are now paying for most of the costs…

...And we were given the ownership rights to a facility that could earn us continuous income.

It’s this theater here. For the Suou family, this an incredibly rare chance. In this age, we will not be able to last if we do not pursue business projects like this.

It’s pitiful just boasting, using only honor from the past to appease our egos…

If we simply stand and watch in today’s capitalist society, we will fall behind families like the Himemiyas, whose only talent is making money.

It is irritating to be looked down upon by those upstart, new rich…

That is why I want to get our business on track as much as possible, so it may become a healthy income for the family.

However… My family is truly unused to these things…

My parents told me, “We’ll provide money and personnel, so you decide what to do with them specifically,” and then left it all to me.

I suppose they think I’m knowledgeable in these things because I’m an idol at Yumenosaki Academy…

I realize I am quite the odd one out among my family members, but…

When it comes to managing a theater and the like, even I wouldn’t know what to do… Lately, I’ve been so troubled, and doing nothing but sighing.

My parents said that they don’t mind if I tell them it’s too hard, that they’ll figure something out themselves…

But they are quite conservative and unfamiliar with current trends, so I think it might be impossible for them.

And besides, they asked me to do it, so I want to give it my all.

As much as I can, for my family's sake.

Anyway, I wanted to visit this place to see if any good ideas will come up… what do you think I should do, Oneesama?

You, Oneesama, brought your very first idol group… that annoying Trickstar, to victory as one of the key figures in SS.

You have become quite the exceptional producer. You must have all sorts of contractors coming to you at every live performance.

You have both connections and a proper understanding of business etiquette.

In this situation as well, you may have an opinion… So, that is why I thought to borrow some of your expertise on this matter, as forward as it may be.

Ahh, um, please do not think too hard about it…

I was merely hoping I could at least consult someone about this first before moving ahead, you see.

This is my given duty, my destiny. Ultimately, it is no one’s problem but my own, and I should rely on only my own power to solve it.

Translation: royalquintet
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