Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
First Dreams - in peace 1
Location: Outside the SS Dome

(New Year's Day, immediately after Knights perform their first live of the new year.)

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

Mm. Bye-bye~, good work.

Everyone, please take care of me next year as well. I'll still be in school next semester.

(Whew. I'm exhausted~... It's too much to do a live at the beginning of the year, especially at the same place where the final round of the SS competition was held at the end of it.

The amount of activities we’ve been doing has been rising steadily lately, so the public's watching us carefully too.

I guess I should be happy about that, but the immense pressure is exhausting.

Honestly, I wanna take life more easily, doing nothing at all.

Ahaha. When did I start being the kinda person who puts this much effort into stuff...

I've basically been living like a corpse, and yet my youth has been so unbelievably bright that it almost feels like I don’t deserve it.

I didn't wish for something like this. But I guess I'm pretty grateful for it...

Ahh, what should I do if everything's been a dream, and when I open my eyes it's back to those same old gloomy days?

Those kinda thoughts make me so anxious, it makes me too scared to actually sleep. Even though sleeping is supposed to be a blissful time for me.)

Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

He~ya, Ritsu~♪

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render


Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

You were taking a while to come out, so I was a little worried about you.

Compared to myself, you've got less stamina, so I'd thought that perhaps you'd worked yourself to exhaustion and fallen asleep as a result.

If that ended up being the case, I'd simply have to carry you on my back until we'd reached our destination.

Then we'd look like brothers who get along splendidly... That's exactly the sort of image I desire most. ♪

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

... Excuse me~, but do you have some business with me? I'm sorry to say this, but it's forbidden to wait for Knights to leave the stage area, so this is kind of troubling. [1]

Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

Stop it with that formal tone! I told you this morning that I'd come pick you up after your live, didn't I~?

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

... I remember. I'm still young compared to you, so it's not like I'm going senile from old age, okay?

Anyway, I was in a really good mood 'cause the live was such a great success...

But seeing something unpleasant put a serious damper on that, so I'm just venting my frustrations.

Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

"Something unpleasant," you say?! Why do you despise me so? Even though I love you so so much~!

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

Well, I don't love you. Frankly, I find you annoying. Don't hug me either, the feeling of your hair's unpleasant.

... I've been thinking this for a while, but it's a really bad habit of yours to look for warmth through skinship with others when you're weakened.

It's only 'cause it's you that you're somehow forgiven for it, but normally this kinda thing is sexual harassment, y'know~?

Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

Fufu. Endure this much at least, please. We are family after all.

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

Don't assume it's fine to use "family" as an excuse to bother me.

... Whatever. Communicating with you like this is already a bother, let's just get a move on already.

We have less time than normal 'cause of my job, right?

Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

Mm. And even I can't use my influence to change the departure time of the plane.

We should make haste and take the train to the airport, so we'll at least be on time for our flight.

Let's hurry. If we end up arriving late, we'll get on the nerves of our relatives and anger them with our discourteous behavior.

And as always, let's perform our duties obediently, without making a fuss.

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

Yeah, yeah. ... You didn't have any plans in particular for today, right?

Wouldn't it have been fine if you just left me behind and went ahead by yourself?

I'm not a little kid anymore, so you didn't have to come all the way to pick me up, you know?

Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

No. If possible, I didn't want to leave you behind. However, as someone who has broken a "promise" before... I cannot say this so proudly.

That's why I'll never do it again, is what I thought.

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

I can't tell if you're being sincere or just stubborn... Ugh, no, this is more for your own satisfaction, isn't it?

Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

I can't argue that. However, even supposing it takes my whole life... I'll atone for what happened, with or without your forgiveness.

If I still have regrets, I won’t be able to pass on even if die.

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

Like I thought, it's for your own sake. ... But if you're serious about it, then fine.

Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

I am. Oh... It seems as if there's still some Knights's fans surrounding the venue, and since they've spotted the adorable Ritsu they're starting to cause a fuss.

In any case, we should leave this place.

The train station is this way~. Come hold your big brother's hand while we walk. ♪

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

Stop that. You're provoking me on purpose, aren't you? Even if this is just how you are, it still irritates me to death, you know?

Whatever. The shorter the time we have to spend somewhere suffocating, the better... I'm just repeating what you said, but let's hurry and get these unpleasantries over with.

Aa~h, how annoying. I really couldn't care less about having a New Year's dinner with the whole family gathered, even if it only happens once a year.

This place is too far away. Why's it in Transylvania?

Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

It's because we're vampires. To assemble at the home--nay, the sacred ground of vampires, holds great meaning to our prideful clan.

It's something that'd been decided since long ago, but even I cannot make a guess as to why such a custom was formed.

If I actually looked into it I'd probably know, but to be honest I'm not that interested.

Anyway, grumbling like this will only serve to bring our mood down. Let us do our best to enjoy our time there.

This year, you, who has been unable to attend in many years due to your weak constitution, will be participating as well. I'd like to see this through without shame.

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

Mm. I figured I oughta face more things head on anyway, instead of just running off.

I'm not a child anymore, I know that throwing a tantrum won't get me anywhere.

... And I wanna help lessen your burden at least a bit, so I can pay you back for taking care of me until now.

Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

Hm? What was that, Ritsu? A sharp wind blew just now, and the howl was so loud I couldn't hear what you said.

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

... It's nothing. I was just venting about how annoying and gross you are.

Rei Sakuma Casual Winter 2 Dialogue Render

I'm not annoying or gross!

Ritsu~, Joya no Kane[2] is supposed to drive away sins, so why would you say such a half-hearted lie?! You should repent for that!

Ritsu Sakuma Casual Winter Dialogue Render

The same goes for you. You're graduating this year, so your high school life's ending, right?

This is your last chance to throw some tantrums, so why don't you stop being an "obedient child" for just a moment?

  1. Ritsu's using keigo here, which is a polite form of Japanese used in business and when dealing with strangers.
  2. Joya no Kane is a bell that's rung 107 times exact on New Year's Eve, and then once more when New Year's Day hits in Japan for a total of 108 chimes. This number is actually quite significant, representing the amount of "worldly desires" one experiences throughout the course of their lifetime, and it's thought that by ringing this bell that you're able to be rid of them for a fresh slate in the coming year. You can find a variety of information about Joya no Kane from a number of different sites, both first hand accounts and educational, but here are some examples: What is Joya? Why 108? and Joya no Kane - New Year's Eve Bell, as well the Wikipedia article on Klashas, where the concept of bonō (煩悩) comes from.
Translation: Peace
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