Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
First Dreams - hurray for a normal day 1
Location: Gymnasium
(One day during New Years' vacation.)
Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render

(Okay... Instead of throwing my arm, I’m supposed to try shooting by using my wrist and fingertips... like this?

Mm~... Like I thought, there's still something off about it...

Maybe being overly conscious made me use too much force, so for the next shot I won't think at all...

Here we go... Ahh, I was so focused on not thinking at all, I forgot the pointers I’m supposed to follow...)

Mao Isara Basketball Dialogue Render

He~ya ♪

Man, I thought I heard the bounce of a ball! This is pretty rare, Takamine, are you here by yourself?

Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render


Ahh, you surprised me, Isara-senpai... Um, hello, Happy New Year's..?

Mao Isara Basketball Dialogue Render

Right, Happy New Year's~♪

Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render


Mao Isara Basketball Dialogue Render

... Hey, don’t just stop talking ‘cause you've done the bare minimum and said happy new years, c’mon.

Let's talk some more~, at least give me a "Take care of me in the new year as well" ♪

Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render

Um, right... Sorry, I'm terrible at talking...

Mao Isara Basketball Dialogue Render

Oh nah, you don't have to apologize for that kinda thing. Anyway, what're you doing here during winter break? The basketball club isn't practicing today, right?

Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render

Ahh yeah, I heard that... Morisawa-senpai said to take it easy going into the new year holidays, or something like that...

Mao Isara Basketball Dialogue Render

Yup, I heard that too. It's kinda surprising, but that guy knows how to separate work from playing around.

His own brakes are completely broken, but he gives everyone else a chance to take a break, yeah?

Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render

Yeah… He’s always prioritizing others over himself… But you’re also like that, Isara-senpai...

Mao Isara Basketball Dialogue Render

Ahaha. I sure am~, it's a real bad habit of mine. I mean, it’s the new year’s holiday and all, and I’m still going around helping my family day and night.

Lately, my little sis's become real spoiled somehow, so I'm always dragged around places to hang out with her every day.

Thanks to that, my wallet's as exhausted as I am… I’m mentally drained after engaging with my little sis’s friends… For some reason she kept introducing me to them as her “big brother”, so~

Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render

Ahaha... I don't really get it, but that sounds pretty tiring...

You start to really miss your family when you’re away from them, but being near them 24/7 starts to get annoying, too, doesn’t it...

I wish I could let the New Year pass like anyone else, but I got tired of my parents bossing me around about preparations and such--

So, after carrying over the vegetables to the school cafeteria like I always do, I came here to get a ball in my hands instead of going home...

Isara-senpai, did you come here for a breather, too..?

Mao Isara Basketball Dialogue Render

Yeah, I was seriously exhausted from how much I did during the SS...

I don’t feel burnt out or anything, but it was kinda mentally and physically draining to work like an idol.

Now that we'd reached our ultimate goal, the SS, we’ve gotta think about what to do next, but...

I can’t really do much about that without talking to the rest of Trickstar, soo...

I mean, there's no point in me just rushing ahead on my own... Or well, I wanna decide on what to do with everyone else, no matter what it is.

That said, since it's winter break, there's no Student Council work to do.

And since I'm seriously done with spending my free time helping my family, I just wanna use it on myself instead.

Sooo, I thought that playing a bit of basketball’d be the best way to do that.

Since I wasn’t in the mood to do anything productive, I figured I could kill my time with a hobby.

Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render

Ahaha... We're both here "just because," but I feel like your reason for being here's more respectable than mine...

Ah, right... I’m late in saying this, but congratulations on winning the SS...

I still don't totally understand what the SS is, but it sure was something else, right..?

Mao Isara Basketball Dialogue Render

Fuhaha, I accidentally made it sound like you gotta cough up a few praises... But I'm happy to hear it, thanks Takamine... Keep ‘em coming ♪

Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render

Sure..♪ If I remember hearing right, the SS is the biggest accomplishment for Yumenosaki Academy, or something..?

All of us in Ryuseitai came to back you up, and, well...

The moment Trickstar were announced as the winners, Morisawa-senpai let out a weird, seal-like noise...

Mao Isara Basketball Dialogue Render

A "seal"...? I see... It was all thanks to everyone helping us, so I’m seriously glad to hear that everyone cheered in joy.

Though personally speaking, it still doesn't feel real.

Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render

Fufu... You didn't get anything like a trophy or champion's belt for winning..?

Mao Isara Basketball Dialogue Render

Nope. We’re just winners in name; the SS is pretty much just bragging rights. Though we did get the usual pay and such for performing.

Other than that, there wasn't any proof it happened... To be honest, when I woke up the next morning, I seriously thought I'd dreamed the whole thing.

Well, when I went downstairs to eat breakfast, my family were all sat together with plenty of praise and my favorite foods, so there was no way I could believe it was a dream at that point.

My little sis even clung to me like no tomorrow, and just feeling another person's warmth --

I was so happy, I might've cried a bit... But keep that a secret from everyone else, alright?

Translation: Peace
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