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Firefly's Night
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Season: Summer (夏)
Writer: Mitsuki Chapters: 6 Translator: Metaknights
Ritsu Head Mao Head Souma Head Adonis Head Koga Head
Translation Notes
*Epilogue 1
    • *killjoy = the original text for this is 酸不溜秋。I’m not really familiar with this term, so I’m sort of guessing here.
  • Epilogue 2
    • **catalyst = ritsu says 催生, which google tells me means hasten childbirth / augument, but I don’t really like either of those, so I went with this?
    • ***possessed by the devil = original text reads 走失——I’m assuming he means that people will lose their sense of self, so I borrowed the meaning of “possessed” rather than something like “spirited away”.
Story CGs

Writer: Mitsuki
Firefly's Night - 1
Location: Library
Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Good evening, Anzu♪ It’s this late already, why are you still at school? It’s summer vacation now, so you won’t see anyone else on campus.

Good kids can’t not go home when night falls, it’s not like you’re me. If you linger around at a place like this in the evening, you might be abducted by monsters?

...Anzu has an absent look on her face, even though she would talk back before, saying something like "It’s daytime now, definitely not nighttime". Not listening even when I was explaining.

Though, not backtalking is rather praiseworthy. Should I praise you a bit?

Nah, never mind. Because it’s too troublesome♪

...Mm, why have I appeared here at "night", and stayed awake? Originally, the thing I couldn’t stand the most was the sun. I should be weak, exhausted and sleeping.

I wasn’t aware before, but hearing Anzu say it like that, I also think it’s very inconceivable.

As expected, it’s all Maa~kun’s fault, right?

Even though we’re on summer vacation, Maa~kun still has a lot of things to do, so he has to come to school every day. If I don’t keep him company, won’t he miserable?

So I also came to school. When the sun beats down on my back, it’s as agonizing as being tortured.

It's all for the sake of my useless childhood friend that I'll willingly suffer, you know?

Although that’s how it is, Maa~kun isn’t grateful towards me at all, even complaining nonstop.

Such a dishonest child, did something go wrong during his childhood education♪

And then I came here. Sleeping here is comfortable. The air conditioning is cool, and books are also useful. If you want to try, I could share half of this with you.

Mm? Did you come here to find information?

Is that so, Anzu also can’t catch a break. Ah, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. If I hear it, even if I’m not interested, it’ll be another thing to be bothered with.

Easy peasy, that’s the best...♪

Though, I can at least help you search for books. I’m pretty familiar with this place, you know♪ What kind of information do you want? I can tell you where it is, and you can go get it yourself.

After you find it, leave this place to me? Hwah, hwah♪

(Firefly's Return) Ritsu Sakuma CG
Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
… The curiosity of young people is quite exuberant. This book of mine has nothing to do with what you’re looking for.

Even if it’s just the title, I still won’t tell you, so you should stop probing about, yes?

It’s not like the more you know, the better; contrarily, you’d be happier not knowing some of the things in this world.

See, things like the "Seven Mysteries of Yumenosaki", Anzu wasn’t scared when she didn’t know about them. But once you were told of them, a little movement scared you into fainting♪

After the people who know about the woven "mysteries" increase, there’s nothing scary about them anymore. The less people in the know, the more effective they are.

If everyone knows, "mysteries" can’t be established, can they?

What I’m preparing is exactly this kind of thing, so I won’t disclose any of it to Anzu. You should just obediently give up♪

Ah… can’t believe I talked with you for so long, I’m thirsty. It’s uncomfortable. Help me open this drink, Anzu? I was working this hard to help you out, you know.

Here♪ Anzu never refuses anyone, so that’s why everyone clusters around you? Everyone in "Knights", Anija...and also Maa~kun.

Or should I say, you also have some sort of "mystic" power that attracts people to you? If that’s the case, give me some of your blood? Maybe your power is within the blood♪

...Just kidding, it’s not like I want your blood. Go find your thing and leave this place. Hurry on, don’t worry about me anymore.

Remember to properly close the door, it’s about time for me to sleep. If another obtrusive guy like you comes in that won’t be good. Really, it’d too much of a hassle to move around at this time.

[Scene Change: Student Council Room]
Firefly's Night Chapter 1 Scene Change
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Oh, thanks, Anzu. Getting this information, you helped out a lot.

Sorry, even though I also plan on asking you to help us "Trickstar" prepare summer lessons, I still let you assist here at the Student Council.

During the end of the term, there were finals and "S1" and those sort of things. Work over at the Student Council had piled up higher than a mountain. One look at it made my head hurt like hell.

If I keep being busy like this, I’ll have to borrow stomach medicine from the Vice President?

So that’s why I requested help from Anzu. Although documents definitely can’t be handled by non-Student Council members, it should be okay to help find some related data, right?

Honestly speaking, the Student Council’s manpower is completely lacking. Everyone’s totally exhausted from overworking.

Ah, there’s nothing to worry about, I won’t pass out before the work is done. To talk about these matters with you, it also makes me feel more relaxed.

Don’t put it to heart, okay? I'll feel sorry otherwise.

Oh, that’s right. By the way, did you see Ritsu in the library? Is that guy getting his rest?

Eh? That’s pretty rare, that guy’s awake in the daytime, and is even reading books…?

Although it’s usually no use waking him up in the morning. He’s really spontaneous, that guy?

Ritsu won’t tire himself out, that’s for sure… though even with that being said, I still can’t not worry. It’s time for a break anyways; I’ll go check up on him in the library.

Anzu also thinks Ritsu’s acting kind of weird?

I’m really sorry, that guy’s also caused trouble for you. Even though it’s Ritsu who’s the older one, you ended up having to fuss over him.

You’ve also worked hard, so don’t stress over "worrisome" pal anymore, yeah?

Things about "childhood friends", should be by solved this "childhood friend" of his♪

Just leave it to me, it’ll be okay. In this field, I have a lot of experience, you know?

Hey, don’t look at me with such evil intent. I’m not enjoying it from within, it’s just that I really am used to this already.

Translation: Metaknights

Writer: Mitsuki
Firefly's Night - 2
Location: Park
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Adonis-dono, I’ve completed the preparations for the "firefly viewing."
Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Mm. The insects in Japan are much weaker than those I have seen in my home country, so it’s fine if I just protect Kanzaki.
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
"Protect"… Adonis-dono, I’m the same age as you, and we’re both men.

I appreciate that you are usually able to work out with me, but I wish you wouldn’t use a tone for when speaking to women or children while speaking with me.

Things that obstruct my path, I shall personally cut them down with this katana.

However, incidentally, the constitution of Adonis-dono is indeed enviable. Compared to you, I am evidentally lacking in training.

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
I apologize. It was not my intent to look down on you, Kanzaki.

My build isn’t entirely from the result of fitness training. I was raised in a different environment from you since my childhood.

In the country I lived in, there were more insects in the summer than those in Japan, and they were also larger.

In order to survive, one must not only hone the skills required to take on large animals, but also how to deal with insects.

Some insects are even more threatening than large animals. One must be careful not to be infected by the diseases they carry. Although you wouldn’t be mortally wounded immediately, as you would be if attacked by large animals.

However, afterwards the pain may be multiplied, to the point of being hard to stand… your life would also be in danger.

Therefore, when I heard Akehoshi saying that Japan also has "firefly watching"… a custom of insect watching, I was certainly shocked.

(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Oho, so that’s why Adonis-dono froze up at that time.

Akehoshi-dono was correct, "firefly watching" is indeed a custom that existed since ancient times.

Reportedly, everybody would wear yukata, watching fireflies from where they gathered by the waterside. Some areas would even hold festivals, or performances of song and dance.

Although I am loathe to say this, my understanding of "firefly watching" is merely limited to the textual explanation.

My family is constantly busy preparing for the festivals every summer, so I’ve never had an suitable chance to attend.

I also want to partake in "firefly watching" with like-minded companions. "Akatsuki’s" Hasumi-dono and Kiryu-dono are also quite busy during the summer vacation. I can’t cause trouble for them due of my own selfishness.

Also, rather than referring to them as "companions", it feels as if those two are more like "seniors"…?

All in all, I am extremely delighted that I could receive an invitation from Adonis-dono. Without further ado, let us set out now! We must take hold of all the fireflies...☆

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Wait. I have heard that during "firefly watching", catching them is forbidden, Kanzaki.

Although I am very excited right now as well. If Kanzaki doesn’t go, "firefly watching" would be impossible with only me.

(Summer Feelings) Adonis Otogari CG
Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Previously, Akehoshi drew a "firefly watching" map for me, but I can’t really understand it. Can you look at it for me?
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
A hand-drawn map by Akehoshi-dono? He is quite the gracious person, let me let me♪

Uh...uh. Adonis-dono, This, is this really a "map"?

The lines are too unorganized, akin to that of a child’s drawing. It’s hard to discern where is where. And there isn’t anything marked as "fireflies", so I can’t tell where the destination actually is.

Only this place has some wavy lines scribbled, saying "the treasure is here~☆" next to it. I cannot understand what it means at all.

Could it be some sort of trap, Adonis-dono…?

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Akehoshi is too lively, so sometimes I can’t figure out what he means. However, he clearly said that what he drew is the place with the most fireflies around these parts.
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Oho, so that’s how it is. Although Akehoshi-dono is somewhat whimsical, he isn’t a bad person who enjoys messing around with his classmates, and he wouldn’t do meaningless things.

Only this place in the picture has written words, and there’s even an arrow drawn. The place Akehoshi-dono wishes us to go to is right here.

If we use this assumption as a premise… ah, it is confirmed like this. These squares… these things that resemble squares are Yumenosaki Academy. I suppose Akehoshi-dono meant to use them to indicate the constructions inside the academy.

Then, this huge triangle is the mountain near the academy.

The place we’re headed towards should be one of the riverbanks on that mountain. The specific location… is the west mountainside.

This is a map that should be decoded in reverse. First of all, the destination must be confirmed, and then we identify the path based on said location. It is a map which only those who want to watch fireflies can comprehend.

We must hand it to Akehoshi-dono. Such an interesting way of thinking, so hard to grasp♪

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Kanzaki. Are "fireflies" something valuable? Is it because they can glow? Why does Akehoshi refer to them as "treasures"?
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Um. I don’t think it’s because they "glow"... fireflies are commonly spotted in the summertime, and there is also an abundance of creatures that glow.

Buchou-dono of our "Marine Biology Club" is also raising some fish that glow♪

Speaking of which, in the past I’ve heard some of the elders at home bring up some legends about "fireflies". The "firefly watching" performances everywhere in Japan are also related to these legends, for the most part.

Those can’t be considered bad legends… but truly, no matter what, they don’t have anything to do with "treasures".

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Adonis-dono, perhaps after seeing for ourselves, we may be able to understand Akehoshi-dono.

If I tell you now, it may affect your judgement. I would like for you to try and fathom some things by yourself, rather than asking me everything.

Anyways, we shouldn’t just stand here talking, we must set out as early as possible. It’s getting late.

Translation: Metaknights

Writer: Mitsuki
Firefly's Night - 3
Location: Downtown
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Sorry for making you wait until now, Anzu.

I’ll escort you home right now. Don’t worry, I’ll help you explain to auntie. The sky’s not completely dark yet, lucky, lucky♪

Aah, I haven’t gone home this early in so long~ Usually it’s always the night sky I see, so looking at the roads in the sunset is actually something I’m not really used to.

There’s a lot of people, and it’s lively~ The way the shop fronts look are also different from the norm, it almost feels like I’m getting lost♪ If that’s the case, it’ll be Anzu who’ll be troubled with taking me home.

Eh, that bookstore is still in business!? I had the impression it hadn’t been for a while now!? Whenever I passed by the front doors were always shut or something!?

Uwa, I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel super overwhelmed… I sort of understand with what sort of feeling my kouhai in the Basketball Club says every day, "So depressing, I want to die"...

It’s like I’m a caveman living in the wilderness, already mercilessly discarded by the rapidly advancing generation…

...What’t this, talking like an unemployed old guy! Sorry about that, Anzu. I’m probably overworked to the point of incoherent thought.

Please pretend you didn’t hear what I just said, okay?

Eh? You’re laughing? Although it’s a little embarassing… though, if you can laugh happily that’s good. After all, you’ve gone through many tiring things too, right?

Some time before, you were even entrusted with "Tanabata". To tell the truth, when I’d gotten word I was totally surprised. The planning for an entire "S1" handed over to you —— that was kinda reckless of Sagami-sensei.

But "Tanabata" ended with a flawless conclusion, having progressed better than expected♪ Lots of "ensembles" participated in the performance, and the guests who came to Yumenosaki all showed contented smiles, too.

Maybe you’re actually more capable than any of us. Mm, that’s gotta be it. So that’s why you became our "victory goddess"♪

Really though, I’m not complaining about anything. Although I’m always saying I’m "between a rock and a hard place", "too busy to take a breather" and the like…

Be it joining "Trickstar" or participating in Student Council activities, being busy with practice or throwing myself into work.

The one who made those choices were me, I know. And, everyone in "Trickstar", as well as my senpais in the Student Council all take very good care of me.

I can’t be like before; hesitating, deciving myself, making no progress. I have to do my best on both sides, although I still don’t know how far I can get.

At the very least, I can’t lose to Anzu♪

Mm? You’re asking about Ritsu? That guy said he still has things to do, so he left earlier.

Now that you mention it, lately, Ritsu’s been acting suspiciously, as if he’s scheming something.

Obviously I can’t not care, but since he doesn’t plan on letting me know for the time being, even though I’m curious, I won’t insensibly sidle over to him.

After all, that guy isn’t a child incapable of doing anything, and I’m not a guardian who won’t let him wander out of sight.

I’m his "childhood friend", and only that. When he can’t walk any further, I’ll pull him along. When he wants to do something, I’ll stand aside at a proper distance, and smile while cheering him on.

Watching each other move forward, not staying at the same place playing house.

That’s how the relationship of "childhood friends" should be, I guess?

Really though, Ritsu is rarely this motivated. Rather than being worried, I’m actually pretty happy. That guy has also found something that interests him.

...Eh, what’s wrong? Is there something on my face? Don’t suddenly stop and stare at me Anzu, that feels really weird, you know!?

Cough, cough cough. Anzu, look there —— huh?

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
What is the matter, Adonis-dono? Ah, if that isn’t that Anzu-dono and Isara-dono. Anzu-dono—— Isara-dono——♪
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Oh, Kanzaki and… Otogari, right. Good evening.
Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Good evening.
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Good evening. What are the two of you up to here?
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Ah, um, about that, I’m escorting Anzu home.
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Oho. You two have just left the academy, correct. Speaking of which, Isara-dono is also with Hasumi-dono in the "Student Council". Indeed, in the past I have patrolled the academy grounds together with Isara-dono.
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Ah, yeah, that’s right… I think I did have a shift with Kanzaki, before.
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Isara-dono’s complexion has improved since that time, so it seems that the work of the "Student Council" isn’t overly busy. In that case, Hasumi-dono should be doing fine♪
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Ah… yes. The vice president is doing pretty okay. He’s full of spirit, ahaha.

(Oh, really…I even made a pledge to Anzu just earlier to "do my best on both sides" or something, as if already resigned. In the end, I was so quickly "brought back to my original form", huh.)

(I abandoned "Trickstar" once, moving in tandem with "Akatsuki". But I left them pretty soon, too.)

(Although my heart always belongs with "Trickstar"…… although the vice president told me to value my time and do the things I want to do……)

(But from Kanzaki’s point of view, even if he thinks I "betrayed" them, it’s not a completely inexcusable accusation. Because my "actions" seemed as such.)

(Though, that guy doesn’t look like he’s here to put me on trial for my wrongdoings. He doesn’t seem like that sort of person. He probably just wants to have a normal conversation with me, and inquire about the vice president.)

(Even with that said, as expected I still think it’s awkward… Aah, my personality is really such a bother. At a time like this, it would be nice if only someone would just say something.)

(Otogari… is in the same class as Hokuto. I’ve heard he isn’t very familiar with Japan yet, and he doesn't talk much.)

(Sure enough, he hasn’t spoken a word since the start, just standing there.)

(Hm? Anzu…? Why did she suddenly pat my hand…?)

(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Anzu-dono, are you asking us? Adonis-dono and I are currently making preparations to go "firefly watching" in the mountains.
Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Mm. Does Anzu know what "firefly watching" is? Good, then.

Akehoshi drew a map that shows the best places for "firefly watching" near the academy on it.

Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
(You noticed my feelings, so you’re trying to change the topic so I can relax… is that it?)

(Thanks, Anzu♪ I’ve been in your care this time, too.)

(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Anzu-dono wants to come along as well? Is that so? Oho, I am delighted! For a while now, I have wished to be like "Trickstar" and have good relations with Anzu-dono.
Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
My thoughts are the same as Kanzaki’s. Our presence is enough to protect Anzu. You don’t have to prepare anything. It’s fine if you go directly.
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
... Wait a minute, Anzu, what did you just say?

You’re not serious, right? You’re about to go into the mountains with two men in the dark of night, you know?

(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Hm? Isara-dono, you are mistaken.

It isn’t two men, it’s three. Adonis-dono also invited Oogami-dono. Oogami-dono has already set off on his own♪

Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Hey now, that’s not the point here… more like, the way you said it makes it sound even worse!?

Anzu, you’re saying "It’s fine", huh… Seriously, haven’t you ever seen fireflies before? Looking at me with such expectation, how am I supposed to say no to that.

Oh well, I did overreact back there. If it’s Otogari and Kanzaki, plus Oogami, there should be no problem.

After you’ve had your fill of watching fireflies, you have to send Anzu home properly, okay? You too, Anzu —— don’t go home too late, or auntie’s going to worry.

When you’re home, tell me by text, too♪

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Mm. We will protect Anzu from being attacked by insects.
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Please leave it to me, Isara-dono! If Anzu-dono is injured even the slightest, I would most defenitely commit seppuku!
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Hold on, things like committing seppuku aren’t really necessary… anyways, that’s how it is, okay Anzu?
Translation: Metaknights

Writer: Mitsuki
Firefly's Night - 4
Location: In the mountain
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Be careful, Anzu-dono. The trail around here is difficult to tread.

I’ll walk in the front, parting the grass. I’ll be asking Anzu-dono to try and step where I have, and not wander into the grass.

Adonis-dono should also stay right behind Anzu-dono. Although adolescent men and women should not initiate body contact of their own accord…

These circumstances are special. When it is necessary, we must ensure Anzu-dono’s safety no matter what.

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Mm, I agree with Kanzaki’s opinion, too. Protecting Anzu is Kanzaki’s and my duty.

The sky’s gotten dark, so Anzu probably can’t see the road well. I’m doing alright, though.

In the underbrush there are sharp stones, and also lots of flying insects. If they bump into your leg, you’ll jump in fright.

You’re also cautious of tiny insects. That’s the correct reaction.

You must be like that in the wilderness, never letting your guard down for even an instant. Although your body is small and weak, you already have the right mentality, which is the most important of all.

Afterwards as long as you continue to train and eat meat, you can become a "strong" person.

(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Un, this is why Adonis-dono is so strong. Although I have heard it many times already, hearing it yet again still makes me feel such emotion♪
Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Kanzaki, you also have some strengths that I do not possess. I’ll be in your care from today onwards as well.
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Come to speak of it, has Anzu-dono had dinner yet? Indeed, you and Isara-dono met us on the way to your house, right…?
Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render


Only eating snacks isn’t enough, even if you don’t feel hungry now.

However, when you do, it’ll be too late. You’ll turn weak from the hunger, and lose your strength to hunt, becoming the hunted instead.

We’re deep in the mountains right now. Bear with it for a moment, I’ll go search for some edible meat.

(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Wait up, Adonis-dono. I don’t believe there are many wild animals here in this mountain that can be used for making meals.
Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
...True. Having walked this far, I also find it odd.

Kanzaki, why aren’t there any animals in the "mountains" of Japan? In my home country. it wasn’t like this in the wild.

(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Adonis-dono, you can’t quite refer to this mountain as the wilderness. Although its location is far-off, undoubtedly, it is still within range of the activity of man. It’s considered a place where human footmark is common.

If we hadn’t ascended this trail up the mountain, we should have been able to glimpse more traces of human activity. Though, it would probably be difficult to see fireflies in places with typically more people.

It’s lucky that Akehoshi-dono knew of a spot like this, such impressive ability♪ Up ahead should be our destination… eh?

Adonis-dono, Anzu-dono, please look! There appears to be a person hiding behind the tree. Their sneaking around is most suspicious!

As expected, there is some kind of trap awaiting us! I am truly sorry, Anzu-dono. Due to my neglience, I have dragged you into danger…!

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
It’s fine, Kanzaki. That person seems to be Oogami.
(Heat up of the Summer) Koga Oogami Full Render

(This guy, what’s he doing coming to this sort of waterside in the middle of the night!?)

(Ah, he even crouched down and extended his hand towards the water! Taking such a dangerous stance; he caught Alzheimer's or something?!)

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Oogami, what are you-
(Heat up of the Summer) Koga Oogami Full Render
Shh! Shaddup, you guys!

Be quiet! If that guy falls into the water, we’re gonna have trouble!

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
(It’s unusual to see Oogami so nervous. Although I don’t know what’s going on, I’ll stay quiet first.)

(That person looks like Sakuma-senpai’s younger brother. Is he fetching water because he is thirsty?)

(Heat up of the Summer) Koga Oogami Full Render
Hey, Ritchii-!!
Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Oh, It’s Cor~gi♪ How rare, Anija didn’t keep you by his side today?
(Heat up of the Summer) Koga Oogami Full Render
Hey you, why did you run over to the waterside by yourself? Aren’t you vampires supposed to hate water, huh?
Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
What’s with that, I came to gather materials for my new "project", is all.

This level of contact is okay. Rather, the water is cool and feels nice♪

Eh, why is Anzu here, too?

That dark skinned person in the back, I remember he’s Anija’s subordinate, too…

You guys, were you sent by Anija?

That person, acting like a "good brother" who worries about his little brother only now, don’t you think it’s kinda late for that.

This is my own business. If you intervene forcefully, even if it’s Anija, I won’t back down.

(Heat up of the Summer) Koga Oogami Full Render
What kinda shit are you spewing? I wasn’t sent here by that vampire bastard!

Those guys over there said something about "wanting to go firefly watching" or whatever, and they just had to drag me along! Aren’t these just some bugs that light up, what’s there to see about that!

Are you all stupid brats that can’t grow up!

Hey, bastard! Don’t fly onto my face, are you specially here to pick a fight!

Anzu, you’re a "Producer", right! Don’t just stand there laughing, do something!

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
Oogami, calm down for a moment. Don’t get angry at insects, it looks foolish.

And don’t complain to Anzu. She can’t do much to help you, it’s your movements that are too exaggerated.

Instead, you’re the one who looks more like a child.

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
A, do, nis! You want me to punch you!

Stop flying over here, flashing on and off is really annoying! Scram! Scram!

Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render

Cor~gi is such an enviable, good kid, even though he says he doesn’t want to, in the end he’s having that much fun with the fireflies.

Not being honest enough is also an interesting quality. If there’s a chance in the future, how about playing some jokes on him?

You have to help me when it comes to that, Anzu. To the elderly, this is hard-sought entertainment♪

Translation: Metaknights

Writer: Mitsuki
Firefly's Night Epilogue 1
Location: In the mountain
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Ooh, what a magnificent sight this is…!

There are floating specks of lights everywhere. Such brilliance, it’s almost as if this were a dream!

For this atmosphere and this setting, there ought to be song and dance in celebration as courtesy. Allow me to recall the records… performances should be as such during "firefly watching" ceremonies. Hop, hop hop, turn♪

Ah, "firefly"-dono, what is the reason for your sudden departure, is it because I danced incorrectly!? Please do not abandon me! Wherever you go, please bring me along~!

(Heat up of the Summer) Koga Oogami Full Render
You’re really noisy you bastard, chasing the tails of fireflies while muttering to yourself all this time.

Why so excited, are you an animal?

(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
...Oh. So that’s how it is, I understand.

Just now, the teachings of the katana passed down from generation to generation by the Kanzaki household came to my attention.

I acted inappropriately. There is a perfect training site right here, yet my heart was bewitched by the fleeting lights and shadows.

In the past… when I was still a young child, only having recently begun my studies of the way of the sword, I heard my elders mention the legend of a great swordsman.

With the goal of striking down swallows flying in the sky, day and night the swordsman trained, never idling about.

Eventually he felled three swallows in one slash, perfecting an unparalleled sword skill.

Severing one’s desire, unifying one’s spirit, such are the basics of swordsmanship. These cannot be forgotten no matter what.

Indeed, my mentality is not resolute enough. Further training is in order.

Then, "firefly"-donos! I apologize, but please allow me, Kanzaki Souma to slice you where you stand!

I shall use my learned sword skills as an offering for your sacrificial rites!

Here I go——

(Heat up of the Summer) Koga Oogami Full Render
Hold it you bastard! Saying things like "here I go", and even unsheathing your sword!

Ritchii and Anzu are here too, don’t hack them to pieces!

(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Oogami-dono, please unhand me! You will hinder my training as well!?
(Heat up of the Summer) Koga Oogami Full Render
Oi, that hurts——!? Don’t use your forearm to whack my nose! Damn you, how are you so strong for such a skinny guy!
(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Because I practice sword swings every day……☆
(Heat up of the Summer) Koga Oogami Full Render
Who cares about you!?

Adonis! Don’t be a space cadet, come and help! He’s seriously gonna pull his sword out!

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render

Sorry, Oogami. Good work, fighting by yourself until now. Leave the rest to me.

Kanzaki. Some fireflies have already been chased away by you. If you insist on swinging your sword, it’ll be impossible to "watch fireflies".

Anzu will also be disappointed, too.

(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Uu… even Adonis-dono is against it…

However…! An ideal training site such as this, if I miss out on this opportunity…! I shall…!

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
If it’s training, however you chose to do it, I’ll accompany you afterwards.

It’s a rare chance, so let’s properly watch the fireflies.

(For the Sake of the Lord) Souma Kanzaki Full Render
Ooh. Since Adonis-dono has said it to this degree, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to keep pressing the matter.

I’ll give up for today.

...Mm, standing in place while "firefly watching" like this is nice, too. Compared to before, it feels different♪

(Heat up of the Summer) Koga Oogami Full Render
This guy’s finally shutting up. Who knew you were so capable, Adonis. It’s almost admirable♪

Whatever, let’s not talk about that now. You’ve been acting weird since before, spacing out at the bugs and stuff. Is it mating season now?

Adonis Otogari Summer School Dialogue Render
So even you’ve noticed, Oogami. Sorry, it’s just because I’ve never seen a view like this before.

In my home country, in order to live on, weak animals are always gathering together, to breed, migrate, defend against strong predators.

Though that was just a mere increment of quantity. From a single bird to a flock of birds, the only thing that became greater was their strength.

However, "fireflies" are not the same. "Fireflies" are not in the face of danger, nor do they plan to go on the offensive. They simply gather together for no reason.

Yet they yielded a great change. One "firefly" is a normal winged insect, but a group such as this is like the starry sky.

They’re different from the animals I have seen before. They pose no threat, and they don’t make people want to protect them, either.

All that has to be done is stand by.

I think I can understand how Akehoshi feels. Indeed, this is a sight one could call a treasure. Although I’m not very good at expressing it.

(Heat up of the Summer) Koga Oogami Full Render
If you can’t say it, then zip it, you~bastard.

Who asked a killjoy* like you to talk. I’m gonna deal with that guy. A total turnoff.

Your usual self is better♪

Though it’s true that, provided these bugs don’t fly in circles around me, watching them from afar isn’t too boring.

It’s a once in a blue moon opportunity to be in the mountains, so I’ll watch these bugs with you.

Don’t just keep running your mouth, come here.

The view is broader here, so watch until your heart’s content♪

Translation: Metaknights

Writer: Mitsuki
Firefly's Night Epilogue 2
Location: In the mountain
Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Hoho, hohoho...♪

Young kids are always so full of juice. No matter how they fool around, they won’t be depleted of energy.

Honestly, I’m pretty jealous. Being able to take action whenever they want, and fearlessly at that…

Anzu’s not going to join Cor~gi and the others? You don’t have to keep me company.

When Maa~kun’s not around, I’m always alone.

Think it’s lively enough where they are? That can’t be helped. Just stay here, then♪

Mm, you’re very clever. But you’re not a hundred percent correct either.

It’s okay if I tell you now. The materials have been collected, and the "mystic power" is currently in effect……♪

About that book you saw in the morning, "Recipes" is only the cover. It’s actually a "grimoire".

If you wish to summon a "miracle", you need to a source of water to act as a catalyst** for the fireflies’ light——so says the book, which is why I came here to draw water.

It seems like it’ll be a very powerful "magic". I wonder who cast down a book like this onto the "earth"?

Good thing I found it first. If a normal person picked it up, they might become possessed by the devil***, how dangerous, how dangerous♪

Eh… I didn’t come because the spring water here is most suitable for making desserts, okay. Fireflies liking fresh, sweet water or whatever, I’ve never heard of anything like that.

What a rude thought to have.

Your dissatisfaction is written all over your face. If that’s how it’s going to be, well, I don’t sweat the details with youngsters anyways. I’ll tell you more facts, then?

Anzu, do you know that fireflies’ lights are souls of the deceased?

The reason why festivals are held when "firefly watching" is precisely to comfort those dead souls.

I’m not joking. See, those firefly lights flashing on and off are really similar to will-o-the-wisp, right?

Perhaps many people had lost their lives here in the past?

Because of so-called resentment between you humans, or bumping into the rocks by accident, falling into the water with an "Ah——" or something♪

Since many of the deceased here still had lingering feelings for the world on "this side", they refused to enter the cycle of reincarnation even after passing away, so they remained in the world of man, wandering.

Thus, although they died, they were able to function like living people. The vestiges of the radiance that remained could then provide the world with a trace of warmth, and the feelings that couldn’t surface in time were able to be conveyed somewhat——

Et cetera, of course all of it’s impossible♪

Firefly light is like will-o-the-wisp in that they are both without temperature.

The "afterlife" and the "world of the living" are isolated from each other, destined for eternal division. Just how my world and yours will never be in sync.

Departed spirits can only wander around by their lonesome, forever unable to surpass that invisible barrier.

Even so…

Should I call him an idiot? Hnhn, it feels like I’m the last person who should be saying that, though♪

All in all, even though it’s something that’s super super hard, even though it’s something that simply won’t happen.

He still said something like he’ll pull me over to that warmer world, too.

It’s a fuzzy memory… I should’ve rejected him, and I think I slow my footsteps a lot of the time.

I’ve even hurt him before.

But not once has he given up, still working hard each and every day.

Just why does he do this…… the reason isn’t important anymore.

I… although I don’t want to admit it, thanks to Anija, now there’s at least one thing I understand.

Being treated this way by someone else… having been presented with the goodwills and expectations of others like this, you can’t not make a response. Hiding away in your own world won’t do.

It’s precisely because I’m an old guy who’s not in his prime anymore that I have things I especially don’t want to lose, thoughts I especially wish to pass on.

Only young people think that they have infinite time and opportunities……

If you solely cling to the initiative of others, no matter how passionate a guy they are, in the end they’ll only tire because of disappointment.

Though I, too, fear many things…… now, what I hate the most is becoming like these aimless "lost and lonely souls".

So, I want to start from doing the things I’m best at, and try reaching my hand out.

It’s alright, Anzu, no need to worry. You’ve tried it before, right? A cake made by me♪

Its appearance may be a real thriller to you guys, but I have confidence in the taste♪

You think so too? Then I can rest easy. Because Anzu and Maa~kun have been pretty close lately.

It was like this from when you just transferred here, and also during "DDD", and even now.

I don’t know why though, recently I’ve started to think that if it’s Anzu, it’s okay.

So all that stuff I just said, make sure to keep it a secret from Maa~kun, yes?

I trust Anzu a lot, so that’s why I told you everything♪

If Maa~kun catches word of this, allow me to use other concoctions to punish Anzu. The "magic" I learned is not limited to only one……☆

Promise? Anzu is a good child, there, there♪

I want to go back. You should call Cor~gi and the others, too.

There’s much to do afterwards♪

It’s gotten windy…… Anzu, look. The fireflies are glowing more brilliantly than before.

As expected, "this world" things that don’t change don’t exist… be it objects, people, or interpersonal relationships.

Summer’s just begun, but it’ll be over soon.

Things that don’t change will lose their time. Unable to embrace the future, they’ll eventually be abandoned by "this world".

Aah, seriously. To me, nothing’s more troublesome than this...♪

Translation: Metaknights

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