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Ensemble Stars! Extra Stage ~Night of Blossoming Stars~ is the seventh stage play and adapts the event stories Pleiades Night and Rocket Start. It is produced by Marvelous! and features Switch, Trickstar, and Ra*bits.

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  • December 28-29, 2019
  • January 9-13, 2019
  • January 16-24, 2019
  • January 31 - February 1, 2020


Actor Info Character
Ozawa stage play.jpg Ozawa Ren (小澤 廉) as Subaru Akehoshi
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Subaru stage play.jpg
Yamamoto stage play.jpg Yamamoto Ikkei (山本 一慶) as Hokuto Hidaka
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Hokuto stage play.jpg
Matsumura stage play.png Matsumura Taiichiro (松村 泰一郎) as Makoto Yuuki
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Makoto stage play.jpg
Tanimizu stage play.jpg Tanimizu Riki (谷水 力) as Mao Isara
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Mao stage play.jpg

Actor Info Character
Kizu Tsubasa Stage Play.jpg Kizu Tsubasa (木津 つばさ) as Natsume Sakasaki
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Natsume Stage Play.jpg
Kudo Hiromu Stage Play.jpg Kudo Hiromu (工藤 大夢) as Tsumugi Aoba
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Tsumugi Stage Play.jpg
Sekoguchi Ryo Stage Play.jpg Sekoguchi Ryo (世古口 凌) as Sora Harukawa
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Sora Stage Play.jpg

Actor Info Character
Osaki stage play.jpg Osaki Natsuki (大崎 捺希) as Nazuna Nito
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Nazuna stage play.jpg
Kaito stage play.jpg Kumagai Keito (熊谷 魁人) as Hajime Shino
Hajime stage play.jpg
Miyazaki stage play.jpg Miyazuki Yu (宮崎 湧) as Tomoya Mashiro
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Tomoya stage play.jpg
Nagato stage play.jpg Okui Nagato (奥井 那我人) as Mitsuru Tenma
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Mitsuru stage play.jpg

Original Songs

  • Daybreak stars!! - Trickstar (Subaru Akehoshi, Hokuto Hidaka, Makoto Yuuki, Mao Isara)
    - Lyrics: Yohei Matsui (松井洋平)
    - Original Lyrics: Muck Akazawa (赤澤ムック)
    - Composition / Arrangement: Kyohei Yamamoto (山本恭平)
  • Pleiades (プレアデス?) - Trickstar (Subaru Akehoshi, Hokuto Hidaka, Makoto Yuuki, Mao Isara), Switch (Natsume Sakasaki, Tsumugi Aoba, Sora Harukawa)
    - Lyrics: Yohei Matsui (松井洋平)
    - Original Lyrics: Muck Akazawa (赤澤ムック)
    - Composition: Tsukasa Yatoki (矢鴇つかさ) - Arte Refact
    - Arrangement: Masatomi Waki (脇眞富) - Arte Refact

Songs Performed

  1. HEART→BEATER!!!! - Trickstar
  2. UNCHAINED CHANGE - Trickstar
  3. Daybreak stars!! - Trickstar
  4. Temptation Magic - Switch
  5. Beginner's Step! - Ra*bits
  6. DIAMOND SUMMER - Trickstar
  7. Love Ra*bits Party!! - Ra*bits
  8. Emerald Planet - Switch
  9. Galaxy Destiny - Switch
  10. Welcome to the Trickstar Night☆ - Trickstar
  11. Pleiades (プレアデス?) - Trickstar, Switch
  12. Singin'☆Shine! - All cast

Differences from Original Story




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