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Ensemble Stars! Extra Stage ~Memory of Marionette~ is the fifth stage play and adapts the event stories Reminiscence * Marionette and Milky Way. It also references Tanabata Festival. It is produced by Marvelous! and features the units Valkyrie, Ra*bits, fine, and AKATSUKI.

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  • December 28-30, 2018
  • January 20-14, 2019
  • January 18-20, 2019
  • January 25 - February 3, 2019
  • February 6-7, 2019
  • February 14-15, 2019


Actor Info Character
Yamazaki stage play.jpg Yamazaki Taiki (山崎 大輝) as Shu Itsuki
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Shu stage play.jpg
Ino stage play.jpg Ino Hiroki (猪野 広樹) as Mika Kagehira
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Mika on stage.jpg

Actor Info Character
Osaki stage play.jpg Osaki Natsuki (大崎 捺希) as Nazuna Nito
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Nazuna stage play.jpg
Kaito stage play.jpg Kumagai Keito (熊谷 魁人) as Hajime Shino
Hajime stage play.jpg
Miyazaki stage play.jpg Miyazuki Yu (宮崎 湧) as Tomoya Mashiro
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Tomoya stage play.jpg
Nagato stage play.jpg Okui Nagato (奥井 那我人) as Mitsuru Tenma
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Mitsuru stage play.jpg

Actor Info Character
Hiroki stage play.jpg Sasamori Hiroki (笹森 裕貴) as Eichi Tenshouin
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Eichi stage play.jpg
Keishi stage play.jpg Hagio Keishi (萩尾 圭志) as Wataru Hibiki
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Wataru stage play.jpg
Takaki stage play.jpg Watanabe Takaki (渡邉 駿輝) as Yuzuru Fushimi
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Yuzuru stage play.jpg
Kazuki stage play.jpg Soejima Kazuki (副島 和樹) as Tori Himemiya
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Tori stage play.jpg

Actor Info Character
Yu stage play.jpg Miyazawa Yu (宮澤 佑) as Keito Hasumi
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Takato stage play.jpg
Rui stage play.jpg Yanagawa Rui (栁川 瑠衣) as Kuro Kiryu
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(Stand-in: Kimisawa Yuki (君沢 ユウキ) Profile Twitter)
Beniro stage play.jpg
Keisuke stage play.jpg Furuhata Keisuke (古畑 恵介) as Souma Kanzaki
Hyouma stage play.jpg

Original Songs

  • d'Arc - Valkyrie (Shu Itsuki, Mika Kagehira, Nazuna Nito)
    - Lyrics: Yohei Matsui (松井洋平)
    - Original Lyrics: Muck Akazawa (赤澤ムック)
    - Composition / Arrangement: Yuki Honda (本多友紀)
  • Beginner's Step! - Ra*bits (Nazuna Nito, Hajime Shino, Mitsuru Tenma, Tomoya Mashiro)
    - Lyrics: Yohei Matsui (松井洋平)
    - Original Lyrics: Muck Akazawa (赤澤ムック)
    - Composition / Arrangement: Kyohei Yamamoto (山本恭平)

Songs Performed

  1. Sei Shounen Yuugi (聖少年遊戯 lit. Sacred Youths' Games?) - Valkyrie (Shu Itsuki, Mika Kagehira, Nazuna Nito)
  2. d'Arc - Valkyrie (Shu Itsuki, Mika Kagehira, Nazuna Nito)
  3. Sajou no Roukaku (砂上ノ楼閣 lit. Castle of Sand?) - Valkyrie
  4. Beginner's Step - Ra*bits
  5. Hyakka Ryouran, Akatsukiyo (百花繚乱、紅月夜 lit. Wild Blooming Flowers, Crimson Colored Moon's Night?) - AKATSUKI
  6. Milky Starry Charm - Ra*bits
  7. Matsuriyo Emaki (祭夜絵巻 lit. Festival Night Picture Scroll?) - AKATSUKI
  8. Tryst of Stars - fine
  9. Mémoire Antique - Valkyrie
  10. Raisanka (礼賛歌 lit. Song of Worship?) - Valkyrie
  11. Miwaku Geki (魅惑劇 lit. Bewitching Theatre?) - Valkyrie
  12. Singin'☆Shine! - All cast

Differences from Original Story

  • In Milky Way - Epilogue 1, Kanata is replaced by Mademoiselle in the stage play, though Shu still mentions that an old friend had told him the same thing as Mademoiselle.
  • Additionally, in Milky Way - Epilogue 1, Shu waits for Mika to return and are not shown leaving together. In the stage play, they have an additional conversation and are seen leaving together.
  • In the stage play, the events of Marionette - Epilogue 2 with Nazuna seeking closure with Shu and Mika occurs after the Tanabata Festival, unlike in the original story where he talked to them in spring.
  • Similarly, Nazuna tells the other members of Ra*bits about his past with Valkyrie after the Tanabata Festival in the stage play, unlike in Marionette - Prologue where he tells them in the spring.


  • Screenplay: Muck Akazawa (赤澤ムック)
  • Director: Masanari Ujigawa (宇治川まさなり)
  • Music: Arte Refact & Kazutoshi Sumiya(角谷和俊)
  • Lyrics: Yohei Matsui (松井洋平)
  • Choreography: Saori Tamate (玉手沙織)
  • Art: Tomoko Nakamura (中村知子)
  • Lighting: Jun'ichi Kashiwakura (柏倉淳一)
  • Acoustics: Yoshimoto Shin'ya (ヨシモトシンヤ)
  • Video: Tsubasa Yokoyama (横山翼)
  • Costume: Maya (摩耶)
  • Hair and makeup: Yui Kurumatani (車谷結)
  • Singing instruction: Hashizume Takaaki (橋爪貴明)
  • Props: Taku Sakurada (桜田卓)
  • Stage director: Reina Sawa (澤麗奈)
  • Director assistant: Ayumi Murayama (村山歩)
  • Rehearsal pianist: Yuka Yamamoto (山元悠加)
  • Production progress: Kanta Asada (麻田幹太) & Takeshi Kobe (神戸丈志)
  • Promotional art: Yuko Shibuya (渋谷悠子)
  • Promotional photo: Fuhito Kanayama (金山フヒト)


  • Shu is the only one who stays on stage for Singin' Shine throughout the entire song


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