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Ensemble Stars! ~Little Kittens Frightened of the Devils of the Night~ was a radio program that ran every other Monday from April 13th, 2015 to May 25th, 2016. Individuals could tune in to listen to the program for free.

Official Description

This is the radio program for the mobile idol-producing game Ensemble Stars!, set to be released in Spring 2015. The setting is Yumenosaki Private Academy, a school located on a hill facing the ocean. Specializing in boys' idol training, the school has a long history of producing generations of idols for the entertainment world out of the young men overbrimming with talents, like the shining stars in the sky.

Among the characters you'll find there is UNDEAD, lauded as the most rebellious and wicked idol unit of the academy! The wild, (self-proclaimed) "devils of the night" of the unit will take turns to host the radio program ♪ These include Rei Sakuma (voiced by Toshiki Masuda), Adonis Otogari (voiced by Wataru Hatano), Koga Oogami (voiced by Yuki Ono), and Kaoru Hakaze (voiced by Kei Hosogai).

The first session will be hosted by Rei and Koga!

Please send your comments, anecdotes, messages to the characters, etc. to the program via the online form or email address.

Broadcast dates: Every other Monday, starting from April 13th, 2015.

Featured Characters

Rei Sakuma Radio.jpg Adonis Otogari Radio.jpg Koga Oogami Radio.jpg Kaoru Hakaze Radio.jpg
Rei Sakuma Adonis Otogari Koga Oogami Kaoru Hakaze

Radio Corners

Inside the Yumenosaki Private Academy PO Box

This is basically the listeners' corner, which features all general correspondence from our listeners. We will be waiting to hear from you, in the role of the only female student to transfer to Yumenosaki Academy.

Impromptu Ensemble

In this corner, we will pose various challenges to test the bond between the members of UNDEAD. We welcome listeners' submissions that may be used as topics to test the bond between the characters.

Idols' Prep Room

In order to further develop as idols, they must know about what girls like in boys. Please send us your anecdotes of situations in which a boy makes your heart skip a beat, or behaviors that you find endearing, so that the UNDEAD members can use these for their own reference.


Mini-dramas that are only available on the radio show! This is original content that is not featured in the game itself.

After-school Spring Time of Youth!

At Yumenosaki Academy, "Live your youth to the fullest extent" is the school precept! In this corner, we welcome submissions that recount memorable episodes from our listeners' student days. Each time, we will share one such story with all of our listeners.

Radio Shows

April 13th, 2015 (Toshiki Masuda & Yuki Ono)

  • Part 1:
  • Part 2 (note: the short version of the game's opening song can be heard from around 8:10):
  • Part 3:
Mini-drama (skip to 3:25):
Yuki Ono: Well then, the third period will feature the corner: Mini-drama ~Ensemble Stars~. <Music> This is a corner for mini-dramas that are exclusively written for the radio show.
Toshiki Masuda: Indeed.
Yuki Ono: This week's episode will be delivered to you by Koga Oogami and Rei Sakuma.
Toshiki Masuda: Yes, it will be just the two of us.
Yuki Ono: Indeed, just the two of us. How is it going to turn out? Well, please enjoy~
Character Dialogue
Koga Oogami Circle.png

Damn it, why do I have to go all the way to that vampire bastard's Light Music Club? In any case, the only reason why I joined the club in the first place is because I formed an unit with that annoying vampire bastard... Tsk, I'm so pissed now that I think back about it.

<Opens door>
Koga Oogami Circle.png

Hey! Yours truly, Koga Oogami-sama is here! Where's my welcome?! Tsk, no one's here? Fine, so the twins ain't here, but even the club president isn't here--what the heck is up with that? Does he even plan on doing club activities seriously? I don't care if it's the president's privilege or whatever, but it's a huge pain to have a coffin lying around the club room! Or more like, are you kidding me? A coffin in the Light Music Club?! <Kicks> If you're the president of the club, then act like a damn president! Bring in some musical instruments or something, bastard! <Kicks>

<Coffin creaks open>
Rei Sakuma Circle.png

Stop kicking it. I've just woken up, and that gives me a huge headache.

Koga Oogami Circle.png

?! So you've been here all along, bastard. I mean, don't sleep in the coffin! That freaked me out!

Rei Sakuma Circle.png

So you say, but it's my custom to sleep here. In any case, Doggie, I'm quite sure I've told you never to wake me up before the sun goes down.

Koga Oogami Circle.png

Like I care, bastard!

Rei Sakuma Circle.png

Now now, don't be so grumpy. Looks like the doggie has all his blood rushed to his head. All right, let's play catch, Doggie.

Koga Oogami Circle.png

Grr. Don't you dare make fun of me! I'm a wolf! Don't you group me with those lowly dogs!

Rei Sakuma Circle.png

So you say, but it looks like you're excited about the ball. Well, you're not an honest doggie, all right. You seem to have this mistaken belief that the only way for you to get the other person to play with you is to adopt a rebellious attitude. Hmm. When I think about it that way, even your grumpy attitude becomes kind of endearing. How strange.

Koga Oogami Circle.png

Aarrrgh!!! I. Freaking. Hate. That. Attitude. Of. Yours!!!

Rei Sakuma Circle.png

Don't shout into my ears, Doggie. Geez, you should already know that I don't have full possession of my faculties during this time of the day. I'm a being of the darkness. Even though it's dusk and not broad daylight right now, I still can't use even half of my true power. And it looks like there's still some time until the sun fully sets, so I think I'll catch another nap. <Yawns>

Koga Oogami Circle.png

You basta- (Thinking) Hold on, now that this vampire bastard isn't at his full strength, maybe I can teach him a lesson! That's right! I can't miss this perfect chance! (Speaking) It was a huge mistake to reveal your mistake to me, Vampire Bastard! If you're that sleepy, let me give you eternal sleep! Take this!

<Rei dodges>
Rei Sakuma Circle.png

Looks like you're the type who gets lonely easily, despite your looks, Doggie. As I've been alive for an eternity, I must say that I do understand that loneliness, but to get so frustrated just because you're left alone for a few hours... you must be very prone to loneliness, indeed, Doggie.

Koga Oogami Circle.png

Why did you dodge, bastard?! And what kind of idiot would attack someone because he's lonely? Are you implying that I'm an idiot?!

Rei Sakuma Circle.png

Ohh, looks like you do have some self-awareness after all. I guess this is the loneliness one feels when one's child leaves the nest. They say that the sillier the child, the more endearing he is, and I guess there really is some truth to that.

Koga Oogami Circle.png

Aaargghh!!! Stop being so damn smug about it! And don't you dare make fun of me! You bastard!!!

Rei Sakuma Circle.png

Now, now, Doggie. Stop throwing your fists around. You're going to break the musical instruments. See here. What are you going to do if you end up damaging your precious electric guitar? You said before that it's even more precious than your own life, and it wouldn't do to go back on your own words.

Koga Oogami Circle.png


<Sound of struggle stops>
Rei Sakuma Circle.png

Good boy, good boy, that's the spirit. If you put your mind to it, you can do everything, Doggie. Now put away those fists of yours, turn right, leave the room, and go straight home. As for me, I'm going to take a peaceful nap, and everything will be right with the world.

Koga Oogami Circle.png

Everything is NOT right with the world! And it looks like you're trying to get rid of me, but I'm not gonna let you have it so easy! Let me tell you this: I'm a proud wolf! There's no way I'm gonna let it slide after you've repeatedly made fun of me like that!

Rei Sakuma Circle.png

What a bother... I'm really sleepy here.

Koga Oogami Circle.png

That's why I said I'm gonna give you your eternal sleep!

Rei Sakuma Circle.png

But you're so violent about it. If only the two Aoi-kun's were here, I could have them sing me a lullaby... Doggie, would you sing me a song that would help me fall asleep? Oh, but don't use your guitar, or it won't be a lullaby anymore.

Koga Oogami Circle.png

Then let me oblige your request and play my guitar for you! W- Bastard! Give me back my guitar! I'm gonna have to disinfect it now that you've touched it, you vampire!

Rei Sakuma Circle.png

<Chuckles> You're treating me as if I'm germ. Geez, I didn't think you'd try so hard to keep me from sleeping. You must be very lonely, Doggie. Here. A candy for you. Come on, take it. Or would you prefer chocolate? Oh wait, chocolate is dangerous for dogs.

Koga Oogami Circle.png

Bribing me with candy and chocolate... I'm not a kid, damn it!

Rei Sakuma Circle.png

No worries, I already got that. Doggie is doggie, right? You're a proud little doggie, yes.

Koga Oogami Circle.png

Yes, I'm a proud little dog- Wait, no, I'm not! I'm not a dog! I'm a wolf!!!

Koga Oogami Circle.pngRei Sakuma Circle.png To be continued.
  • Part 4:
  • Part 5:

April 27th, 2015 (Toshiki Masuda & Yuki Ono)

  • Part 1:
  • Part 2:
  • Part 3:


The radio show will additionally be released as CDs under Overlap

# Cover Title Release Date
0 Radio Collection Trial.jpg Radio "Ensemble Stars! ~Little Kittens Frightened of the Devils of the Night~" DJCD Collection Trial Version 2/24/2016
1 Radio Collection Vol1.jpg Radio "Ensemble Stars! ~Little Kittens Frightened of the Devils of the Night~" DJCD Collection Vol.1 3/23/2016
2 Radio Collection Vol2.jpg Radio "Ensemble Stars! ~Little Kittens Frightened of the Devils of the Night~" DJCD Collection Vol.2 4/27/2016
3 Radio Collection Vol.3.jpg Radio "Ensemble Stars! ~Little Kittens Frightened of the Devils of the Night~" DJCD Collection Vol.3 5/25/2016
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