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ONLY YOUR STARS! (Karaoke ver.)

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Tabs correspond in the order which they came in.

"Spring Storm! Dancing Petals, Sakura Festival"

Japanese Title: 花満開 (桜フェス) Flowers in Full Bloom (Sakura Fes)

"Lift the Curtains! Yumenosaki Circus"

Japanese Title: 華麗なるショータイム (サーカス) Splendid Showtime (Circus)

"At Your Service! UNDEAD Cafe"

Japanese Title: おかりなさいませ (執事喫茶) Welcome Back (Butler Café)

"Judge! Black and White Duel"

Japanese Title: 盤上の騎士 (デュエル) Knights On The Board (Duel)

Challenge! Tanabata Festival Wishes

"Challenge! Tanabata Festival Wishes"

Japanese Title: ちいさな星屑 (七夕) Little Stardust (Tanabata)

Set Sail! Pirate Sea Festival

"Set Sail! Pirates at Sea Festival"

Japanese Title: オーシャンビュー (海賊) Ocean View (Pirates)


"Late Summer Lesson"

Japanese Title: 初夏の日差し (サマーレッスン) Early Summer Sunlight (Summer Lesson)

"Farewell! Festival of Memories and Quarrels"

Japanese Title: 漢祭 (喧嘩祭) Festival of Men (Quarrel Festival)

"Burning Up! Yumenosaki Academy Sports Festival"

Japanese Title: 大行進 (体育祭) Grand Parade (Sports Festival)

Rebellion! The King's Horseback Ride BGM

Rebellion! The King's Horseback Ride

Japanese Title: 粛清の剣舞 (王の騎行) Purging Swordsdance (King's Ride)


Special Lesson! Mismatched Pair BGM

"Special Training! Mismatched Pair Lessons


Raising Curtains! Dark Night Halloween BGM

"Raising Curtains! Dark Night Halloween


"Enjoyment♪ Autumn School Trip

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