Ensemble Stars! ED Collection Vol.4
TVアニメ『あんさんぶるスターズ!』EDテーマ集 vol.4
Ensemble Stars! ED Collection Vol.4
Release Date November 27, 2019
# of tracks 4

Ensemble Stars! ED Collection Vol.4 is a single featuring the seventh and eighth ED songs of the anime, sung by RYUSEITAI and Switch. It also comes with a karaoke version for each song.

Track Listing

  1. Meteor Scramble☆RYUSEITAI (メテオ・スクランブル☆流星隊?) (RYUSEITAI) File:メテオ・スクランブル☆流星隊 Sample.ogg
    - Lyrics: Yohei Matsui (松井洋平)
    - Composition / Arrangement: Takafumi Iwasaki (岩崎貴文)
  2. Magic for your "Switch" (Switch) File:Magic for your "Switch" Sample.ogg
    - Lyrics: Saori Kodama (こだまさおり)
    - Composition / Arrangement: Tomohiro Nakatsuchi (中土智博) (APDREAM)
  3. メテオ・スクランブル☆流星隊 (Karaoke ver.)
  4. Magic for your "Switch" (Karaoke ver.)


Meteor Scramble☆RYUSEITAI (メテオ・スクランブル☆流星隊)

Chiaki Shinobu Midori Tetora Kanata

Magic for your "Switch"

Natsume Tsumugi Sora


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