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Ensemble Stars!! -Road to Show!!- (あんさんぶるスターズ!!-Road to Show!!- Ansanburu Sutāzu!! -Road to Show!!-?) is an original anime movie produced by David Production.



One year after the events of Ensemble Stars!, Eichi Tenshouin has created Ensemble Square to manage idol activities. Since then, Trickstar has embarked on many projects, one of which including the film Fist of Shangri-la. Fist of Shangri-la, as well as La Mort and Midnight Butlers, is entered in the New York Idol Film Festival. On advice from Anzu, Rei Sakuma invites Makoto Yuuki and Mao Isara (due to Hokuto Hidaka turning down the invitation) to attend the awards ceremony, while Aira Shiratori, Mayoi Ayase, Nagisa Ran, Hinata Aoi, Kohaku Oukawa, Izumi Sena, and Ritsu Sakuma also come along on the trip. During the after-party, Rei and Hinata meet Mitsunari Samejima, an idol from Rhythm Link who also co-starred in the period drama with Souma Kanzaki shown at the Idol Film Festival. Samejima antagonizes them by implying Hinata having a twin to act as a body double is his only good asset, while also taunting Rei that he is getting older and may be passed up for younger idols in his career soon.

The next day, Rei and Nagisa stay behind to watch the movies at the IFF. Makoto, Mao, and Izumi stay behind with Ritsu to rest in Central Park, while Aira, Mayoi, Hinata, and Kohaku visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While Aira's group visits Chelsea Market, a boy who had been following them since the Idol Film Festival steals a purse from a nearby woman. While Aira and Mayoi stay behind to call the police, Hinata and Kohaku tail him through a lengthy parkour chase. The four discover that the boy resembles Makoto and alert Rei. Rei tells Nagisa that he remembers that when Ensemble Square was founded, there was a company restructuring that caused Samejima to be transferred to Rhythm Link; his co-workers were also fired because the company wanted to focus on their younger talents. Off to the side, Samejima admits to his secretary that he was inspired by Ushimairi to create fake footage of Makoto stealing to get revenge on Ensemble Square for his former co-workers.

As the boy eludes Kohaku and Hinata, Aira stops him and tries to talk him down; however, the boy claims that Aira would never understand what being poor is like as he is an idol. Before he is able to escape, Mayoi captures him. The boy later reveals his name is Macky, a former idol trainee who had been passed up for debut and was scouted by Samejima. Samejima had asked him to play for the role of a thief.

Meanwhile, Makoto's group is accosted by three men who were hired by Samejima to prevent them from attending the awards ceremony. Ritsu strikes a deal with them where each of them will duel in three sports matches to determine the winner, with Mao focusing on basketball, Izumi on skateboarding, and Makoto in martial arts. Mao wins his match while Izumi loses his. Makoto decides to use his martial arts training taught to him by Yuzuru Fushimi during the filming of Fist of Shangri-la to fight his opponent. In the middle of their duel, Nagisa steps in to save him and force the men to confess who sent them.

At the Idol Film Festival, Samejima plays footage of Macky stealing and attempts to use it to frame Makoto publicly. However, an hour earlier, Rei and Nagisa had Ibara Saegusa edit the footage with shots of Kohaku and Hinata's parkour chase to turn it into a trailer for a fake movie titled Idol in NY. Samejima is shocked at his failed sabotage attempt, and when he confronts Rei and Nagisa about them, they reveal they have a filming permit from the New York Police Department; therefore footage of the chase could be used in a film project. Their confrontation is still being broadcast to the theater, and after Samejima admits to devising the plot to get revenge for his former co-workers, he is arrested. As the awards ceremony resumes, Fist of Shangri-la wins 1st place and everyone celebrates, with Macky watching from afar.

As everyone arrives in Japan, Makoto becomes worried about what happened to Macky, but Aira affirms him that after the fake trailer was screened, Macky was scouted into an acting agency. Afterwards, Makoto sees Subaru Akehoshi, Hokuto Hidaka, and Anzu waiting for him and Mao, and they run to greet each other.



Original Work, Characters: Happy Elements (Cacalia Studio)
Director: Masakazu Hishida (菱田正和)
Chief Director: Asami Nakatani (中谷亜沙美)
Special Effects Director: Kenta Mimuro (三室健太)
Screenplay: Seitarou Kino (木野誠太郎) ((Happy Elements))
Character Design:
・ Haruko Izuka (飯塚 晴子)
・ Tomoyuki Shitaya (下谷智之)
・ Eri Osada (長田絵里)
Art Director: Miu Miyamoto (宮本実生)
Color Design: Eri Suzuki (鈴木依里)
Photography Director: Tomoya Kamijo (上條智也)
Editing: Mai Hasegawa (長谷川舞)
Music Producer: Satoru Kuwabara (桑原聖)
Music: Tatsuya Kato (加藤達也)
Sound Director: Takatoshi Hamano (濱野高年)
Animation Production: David Production
Chibi Illustrator: Rina Kamiya (紙屋りな)
Distributor: Bandai Namco Arts



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