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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Outdoor Stage
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Alright! Changing finished!

Are you also all done preparing, transfer student?

Wow, our unit outfit also suits you really well.

The girlish outfit you wore before was also really cute. But it'd be bad if your real identity were found out.

But you're also wearing the male outfit really well.

You went out of your way to make the unit outfit, right?

You're already completely used to sewing! It's awesome considering there were only a few days until the DDD.

Now the only thing left is to put on a mask... right here ♪ Now the transfer student has been reborn into the unidentifiable 'mysterious idol X'!

To make sure your real identity won't be found out, it'd be better if you speak as little as possible. In other words, you can't sing.

It'll bring all kinds of trouble if it gets found out you're not an idol but a producer.

You did practice performing, but in the end you could only prepare hastily. You're just here to make the numbers, so for the time being I'll take care of the stage somehow.

And then while we are buying time, the others... Hokke, Sari and Ukki might come back. That might be a bit too much hopeful thinking, though.

I can stand on stage for now, thanks to you.

I'm happy with just that. You gave hope to me when I was giving up and was feeling down. Thank you.

Only god knows whether we'll advance or not. Let's do our very best, let's go!

The first round of the DDD... our first match will start soon. Ahhhh, it's do or die!

It's the first time in my life that I'm actually scared to stand on stage!

Is the unit Trickstar's supposed to compete with not showing up yet?

Well, we'll win by default if our opponent doesn't show up. We'd be living the easy life if that actually happened.

There are supposed to be exactly enough outdoor stages to fit the number of units.

We were doing training in a soundproof lesson room till the last minute, weren't we?

We were in a big hurry trying to find a stage that wasn't occupied yet and had to come to this corner of the school!

I wonder if any audience will even come to this remote place. In the first place, is it alright for us to be here?

This stage wasn't suddenly cancelled to be used, right?

(If you don't reach a stage within the prescribed time, you fail. You'll lose by default. That's why we searched for one in a hurry, but...)

(The outdoor stages in better locations were already taken by other units.)

(We used up a lot of time to just find an unoccupied stage!)

(If Ukki were here at a time like this... He'd research this and that on the net, which would have saved us a lot of trouble.)

(And if Hokke or Sari who are good at planning things like this were here... We wouldn't have had to be all over the place like this.)

(Can I... No, can the transfer student and I really win through the DDD?)

(I realized again thanks to being separated. I realized just how much I was being saved by everyone.)

(They are the reason I could freely perform without having anything to worry about.)

(But to prove I wasn't just a burden to everyone. To prove I didn't only cause trouble for everyone.)

(To prove that I can protect Trickstar. I will protect our place to be, so that they can come back whenever!)

(Even though it isn't guaranteed that everyone will come back.)

(If we keep winning through the DDD, if we shine at an even higher place! I'm sure that everyone else will notice us!)

(Seeing as how they're so kind, I'm sure they'll think something like 'I just can't leave them alone' and they'll come back!)

(That's why we are here! So that we won't lose our shine, the transfer student and me are here!)

(Because nothing will change by getting depressed and looking down!)

Translation: Freddie24f
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