Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Ensemble 97
Location: Auditorium
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

And so, to everyone gathered here, I thank you for waiting this long.

I, Sagami Jin, teacher in the idol course, will be announcing the start of the DDD.

Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render

(Ah, he went ahead and said it! Even though I wanted to be the one to announce the start of the DDD!)

(Jin always, always steals my limelight...!)

Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Wah, what's wrong? Don't glare at me, please.

Well, that's fine, ahem!

I think everyone already knows but, the DDD is a preliminary for the competition that will be held in the end of the year to decide Japan's best idols.

In other words it's the competition to decide our school's representatives for the SS.

I hope you will enjoy their performance with fresh feelings and cheer for those who you think are good.

All of your cheers will become their power.

In the SS at the end of the year, you will be able to see an even more amazing performance than you did today.

While looking forward to that, please witness the young sprouts of talent as they open their flowers.

I'm sure it won't be a waste of time. I hope that the day called today will be a day filled with happiness for everyone.

(Aaaas if. They went out of their way to come over here on a day off, I'd feel bad if I made the audience feel bored.)

(Go all out, brats. Make everyone enjoy themselves.)

(And someday I want you to see the greatest view from the highest top that we didn't get to see.)

(If possible I want you to climb the long and painful road to the SS while having fun.)

(Overcome hardships together while standing shoulder to shoulder with your friends, cheering each other up.)

(If you get lost, we'll show you where to go.)

Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render

Jin. This is no time to be overcome with emotions, properly explain till the end.

You always, always just say whatever you want and just abandon the rest.

Well, it's fine. I will explain from here on.

To everyone gathered here.

I believe the rules of the DDD are also written down in the pamphlets that were handed to you before, but I will explain it in more detail verbally as well.

The DDD is the competition to decide our school's representative for the SS. Which is why the fundamental rules are based on the rules for the SS.

The idea is that by letting them fight using the same format as the SS, we should be able to determine which unit can bring out most of their strength in the SS.

A great number of outdoor stages has been constructed on the premises of Yumenosaki Academy.

Our school's splendid idol units will perform on top of those outdoor stages.

Everyone, please enjoy their performance and light up your cyalumes for the unit you thought was best.

Cyalumes were distributed to everyone along with the pamphlets.

If you don't have one yet, please go to the reception as the person in charge of that is there... Please go receive one following the proper procedures.

Those cyalumes will be everyone's voting ticket for the DDD.

At each stage there are two units who will perform in a versus format.

One versus one, the units will compete for superiority.

We will have you vote for one of the competing units.

Using the light of the cyalumes you can decide how many points you want to give to which unit. The color you light your cyalume dictates how you distribute your points.

What color is how many points and such, how the voting works, is written in detail in the pamphlet. Please look over this later, when you have time for it.

...We will be tallying the votes every hour.

The results of the voting decide which unit will advance and which will retire for each stage.

In other words, in the first hour half of the units participating in the DDD will have to retire. They won't be performing any more.

The amount of units advancing to the next round will gradually become smaller and smaller.

That will repeat itself until a single, the last unit is left.

The unit that advanced until then will be crowned the victor.

They will become our school's representative as well as receive the right to participate in the SS.

Isn't it simple and clear?

In short, it's a tournament. Units will compete one versus one, those who advance will compete against each other... The one that advances to the end is the winner.

I also have to mention that each hour, half of the stages will be removed.

There are exactly enough stages for all units to compete so it's impossible to cheat by not competing.

All units have to compete with another, each hour half of them will have to retire.

It's a harsh and merciless fierce battle of the survivors. If you lose, it ends there.

Only the finals will be held in this auditorium. The most excellent unit will be decided here, with all of the audience watching over them.

Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Uhhm, there are a lot of stages in the beginning so you might not know where to go...

But well, for that you should just use your instincts and go wherever you'd like.

You are free to move around until we start tallying the votes. It's fine to just wander around the school until you've found a unit you like.

We are also praying from the bottom of our hearts that you will encounter a unit that is able to pull your heartstrings.

I think this is enough explaining for now. The first round starts thirty minutes from now. The idols are already preparing themselves for their performances.

I want to ask everyone from the audience here to start moving as well. As it looks as if some hasty guys have already started their performances.

Please stroll around the school grounds however you like, while being led around by singing voices and melodies.

The idols are anticipating your cheers as well.

Translation: Freddie24f
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