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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
Subaru Akehoshi (Card) Full Render.png

I don't know what kind of circumstances led to the transfer student appearing in an idol outfit but... Well, that surprised me.

(Come to think of it, the president was talking about me and the others... about idols very passionately, but...)

(The transfer student didn't become a topic, almost as if he wasn't looking at her.)

(That's only natural. She only transferred in very recently and is still a beginner as a producer.)

(She knows almost nothing about idols. Until just a few days ago she lived in a different world from us. She had nothing to do with us.)

(To the president, she might have been insignificant. That's why they didn't keep an eye on her. The transfer student is the blind spot of the student council.)

(She holds a small possibility, one that that 'Emperor' overlooked.)

(But the transfer student isn't insignificant.)

(She looked over us as we fell apart, she looked at me as I was getting depressed.)

(And she must have thought that she had to do something.)

(That's probably why she went to ask advice from all kinds of people, Kiryu-senpai for example...)

(She had him make an outfit for her, and even though she looks embarrassed, she still properly changed into it.)

(She came up with an idea no one else would be able to to think of and decided to participate as the masked idol. She came running to help me.)

(I'm happy that she feels that way. No, I respect her.)

(While I was getting depressed and looking down, the transfer student was running around without giving up.)

(She looked at the future, she looked forward and advanced.)

(This isn't the time for me to sit still while holding my knees.)

(The star of hope is still shining!)

Hahaha, I wonder, why was I even depressed? Isn't that just stupid?

That's right, I'm not alone.

I just got depressed on my own and deluded myself into thinking I was all alone.

But there was still the transfer student.

Thank you. You reaaally moved me! I'm so happy that tears just came out!

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render.png

Hahaha ☆ You don't have the time to be crying, Akehoshi!

We don't have any time to waste until the DDD- from now on, we will be having intense training!

I want it to be a joint practice of Ryuseitai and Trickstar. The more people you can practice with, the more ways you can practice, right?

Under the name of thanking you for letting us use this soundproof lesson room. It's too much of a waste to use such a wide room with only so few people.

I want you to let me meddle at least this much, Akehoshi.

I am your senpai, your club president and an ally of justice. Whenever you're troubled, I want you to rely on me without any restraint!

Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render.png

Ahaha, though it's a nuisance to us who are being forced to go along with you, but Trickstar is the hero that defeated the hateful student council!

Well, you also defeated Taishou's Akatsuki, so I have complicated feelings. Even so, I received hope from Trickstar!

I'm cheering you on. No, I want to fight with you! I won't let Trickstar disappear in a place like this!

Let's defeat the student council together and return justice to this school ♪

Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render.png

These guys are way too intense...

Why did I even become part of a unit like this...

Haaa, I'm depressed, I want to die...

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render.png

Hey hey, what's wrong? You're not lively at all, Green. Raise your voice, light the fire of your soul!

Hard work, friendship, victory! A great victory and a great explosion! Hahahaha...☆

Subaru Akehoshi (Card) Full Render.png

Hahaha ☆

Even though I was depressed just a moment ago... I somehow just became really excited, it feels fun!

Thank you! I'm going to do my best ☆

Translation: Freddie24f
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