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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Ensemble 94.png
Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render.png

Come, my companions! My fellow allies of justice...!

The allies of justice always introduce themselves without any hesitation! Introducing themselves like that will give the 'weak ones' peace of mind and will make them smile!

First I will start by introducing myself!

I am the leader of Ryuseitai, I'm Chiaki Morisawa with the burning heart! Ryusei Red...!

Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render.png

Ah, can we enter the room already? I just can't get the timing right!

At any rate... Black flames are the proof of diligence! A fighting spirit that burns away those stained with filth!

Ryusei Black, Tetora Nagumo...!

Come on, Midori-kun, you should hurry up and introduce yourself too! If you don't properly introduce yourself, our leader will get noisy about it later!

(Embarrassment) Midori Takamine CG.png
Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render.png


My name is Midori, so I'm Green...

Ryusei Green, Midori Takamine...

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render.png

The five of us all together! We are Ryuseitai...☆

Subaru Akehoshi (Card) Full Render.png

What's with you guys, popping up one after the other! And you're saying 'the five of us all together', but there are only three of you!?

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render.png

Huh? That's strange. Hey Black, what happened to the other two?

Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render.png

Eh? Ah, so you mean me when you say Black, I want you to properly call me by my name! I don't get it!

Hmmm, let's see, Sengoku-kun... Yellow is in the middle of gathering information!

It seems he's thoroughly investigating what direction other units are taking, as well as about the DDD.

Blue... Shinkai-senpai was for some reason swimming in the fountain with his uniform on, so I ignored him because I didn't want anyone to think I know him! Ossu!

Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render.png

Hey, just what are we gathered here for...?

If there isn't anything in particular to do, then can't I go home...?

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render.png

Wait Green, from today onwards we will be training in this soundproof lesson room.

There aren't many days left until the start of the DDD after all. In the worst case we'll even sleep here so that we can concentrate and practice ♪

Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render.png

Ehh, but I really hate hot-blooded stuff like that...

Subaru Akehoshi (Card) Full Render.png

W-wait up! I told you that this soundproof lesson room is being rented by us of Trickstar. I'll be troubled if you just decide to practice here!

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render.png

I didn't 'just decide', I properly went to get permission, from 'her' that is.

Come on in. You don't have to be embarrassed, that outfit also fits you well.

Subaru Akehoshi (Card) Full Render.png

Oh, the transfer student... What happened, what's with that strange outfit?

Tetora Nagumo School Dialogue Render.png

You can't say something like 'strange' about how she looks, you have to properly compliment a girl about her clothes. Taishou told me that!

It is handmade by our Taishou after all, as expected it fits you well. You look very cute, transfer student-san!

It just still feels a bit like it was sewn only for the time being, that idol outfit.

It'd be better if you don't move around too fiercely. Taishou also isn't that used to making outfits for girls, so it's faulty in some places.

Subaru Akehoshi (Card) Full Render.png

Idol outfit...?

Eh, the transfer student is a producer, right? Why are you wearing an idol outfit...?

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render.png

That's right, she is a producer.

Producers support, cheer up, and let idols shine. If you're troubled by something they will lend you a hand and will give you a push in the back to see you off to the stage, that's the kind of existence they are.

You have to be a unit in order to participate in the DDD, which is why you alone can't participate in it.

That is why she will temporarily become an idol.

Of course she has no knowledge as an idol, she'll be like a doll that can't do anything.

To be precise, she is not a student of the idol course so she doesn't have the qualifications to participate in a Dreamfes.

That is why in order for her to participate, we came up with a scheme where she has to wear a mask and act like a 'mysterious idol'.

However thanks to that, Trickstar, who had to lose DDD by default due to the fact that they didn't meet the entry requirements, will now be able to participate.

The chance that didn't exist before has now come into existence, however small.

As long as you have a chance, you can fight, there is hope, you can move forward. Aren't I right, Akehoshi?

That's why she is here. To support you and drive away the dark clouds surrounding you.

She is here as a producer.

I will say it however many times it takes, you are not alone.

Translation: Freddie24f
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