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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Auditorium, Live
(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin Render Dialogue.png

You were able to grasp what should have been impossible, the one-in-a-million chance. You won against us.

Stand proud, at least smile. If you don't, I can't rest in peace.

Do you mean to make the pitiful loser talk any more than this?

Please go ahead and express your thanks to everyone in the audience who voted for you and to all the people who cheered you on.

You are idols, right?

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png

Yeah, got it! Lend me that mic, Sagami-chan, hurry up!

Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render.png

'Ah... You're full of energy. I get that you're happy but make sure to remember your manners.'

'And don't call me Sagami-chan, call me sensei. Here, the mic ♪'

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png

'Yeah, thanks ☆ Ah, uhm, the inside of my head's still all messy and I don't know if I can talk well, but! Let me say this at least, thank you!'

'Thank you! Everyone! We won ☆'

'We, Trickstar has won...!'

(Shooting Star Smile) Subaru Akehoshi CG2.png
(Shooting Star Smile) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render Bloomed Dialogue.png

'Thank you for rooting us on! Thank you for your applause, for your cheers! Thank you for coming to Yumenosaki Academy and enjoying our live!'

'I love you! Everyone! Really, really thank youuuu ☆'

(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin Render Dialogue.png

Fufu. Well, you can be happy for now.

You may have forgotten, but... The winner of the DDD will have to participate in the end-of-year SS as Yumenosaki Academy's representative.

Countless strong groups from idol vocational schools and entertainment agencies from all over the country are closing in on you.

Unknown and formidable enemies that would make fine look cute in comparison are ready and waiting.

That's the true nature of the entertainment world, it's a den of demons that's enormous, complicated and filled with oddities. However, I get the feeling that you would be able to win through it all with a smile.

You, who are like a miracle itself. Trickstar... Truly, congratulations.

(Shooting Star Smile) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render Bloomed Dialogue.png

'Wait, wait! President, don't just make an accomplished face and try to leave!'

(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin Render Dialogue.png

What's the matter, is there still something you want to say to me? Alright, so that you won't have any regrets, you may come and hit me with verbal abuse as you like ♪

(Shooting Star Smile) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render Bloomed Dialogue.png

'That's not it. You forgot, didn't you? The unit who wins in a Dreamfes has to perform one song as an encore ☆'

(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin Render Dialogue.png

However, that should be your task. To be honest, I wish that you would just let me rest already... Ufufu, the spotlight is starting to sting in my eyes ♪

(Shooting Star Smile) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render Bloomed Dialogue.png

'Hey you, you were much closer to your limits than I thought!'

'But, though I do feel bad, I won't let you off the stage yet.'

'There's still a ton of stuff I want to learn from you ☆'

(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin Render Dialogue.png

Hmm. You're strict, but I actually even feel happy about that. You even ask your arch-enemy to teach you and reach out to help them, that must be the secret to your strength...☆

I'll make sure to become strong like you guys.

(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin CG2.png
(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin Bloomed Render Dialogue.png

And sometime in the future... I hope that then we can have a soul-burning match in which I can go into overtime as many times as it takes.

These words come bubbling up from the bottom of my heart, I really am happy to have met you.

(Shooting Star Smile) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render Bloomed Dialogue.png

'Us too! A lot happened but, including all the bad things, I'm thankful ☆'

'The reason we were able to come this far... It's thanks to all the people, starting from the transfer student, who've supported us!'

It's like, we were only able to win against you because of the backing of the other units, after all ♪

As well as the other strong units we've faced before you! They trained us and made us grow!

That's why we were able to win! And I want to thank every single one of them!

'Which is why... Everyone! Come join us on stage! Let's all sing together ☆'

'Let's put our voices together and sing the encore song cheerfully!'

'Come, transfer student! There's no need to hold back, you're the one who led us to victory! Let's sing together, let's share in this joy ☆'

'I'll introduce you to everyone! This is our producer, no, our goddess of victory! Thanks to this girl here, we were able to come this far ☆'

'Really, thank you! No matter how much I thank you, it isn't enough! We're counting on you from here on as well, 'kay?'

'Let's spend lots and lots of fun time together ☆'

'Now! fine, Knights! Ryuseitai, 2wink, UNDEAD and Ra*bits!'

'Oh, Akatsuki's here too! Come, over here! Come on stage!'

'It's Yumenosaki Academy's stage! It can hold a countless number of people, a countless number of dreams ☆'

'Let's fill it with youth, friendship and hope, so much that it overflows! Let's all stand besides each other, hold hands and sing!'

'I'm sure you all remember it by now. Our newest song, our trump card! 'ONLY YOUR STARS!'...☆'

'Now, let's sing, with all our hearts! With our most brilliant smiles!'

'Let it resound to the whole world, this is our ensemble!'

Translation: Freddie24f
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