Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Ensemble 131
Location: Auditorium, Live
(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin Render Dialogue

It's just as Sagami-sensei says, you people. Stand proudly as long as the curtain hasn't fallen.

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render

Oh, you're surprisingly composed? Wearing a cool expression like that.

(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin Render Dialogue

No, I'm so near total exhaustion that my sweat just withdrew. If I don't concentrate, I'd faint for sure. As expected, even I am a little tired.

At this rate I might have to be hospitalized again after this live...♪

However, that's a thought for after everything has come to an end. Until the results come out, until I've come off the stage, I'm the 'Emperor'.

I won't take any actions that would make the audience anxious even if I have to bite my tongue.

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render

Hmmm, that's some impressive pride. I'd almost respect you for that ☆

I'll let you borrow my shoulder. That much should be fine, like we're applauding each other for both fighting bravely ♪

(Wow, this person is pretty sturdy despite looking quite frail. He must have continued independent practice while being hospitalized, training until his utter limit.)

(Why go that far...? Thinking that would be rude; he's the same, the same as us. He's being an idol with everything he's got.)

(I'm kinda getting moved...♪)

(If we are able to win against this guy, I'd even be fine dying!)

(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin Render Dialogue

You're looking quite satisfied. You know we don't know the results yet, right?

But, I wonder just what it is... I feel something akin to friendship towards you all.

We ignited the flame of our lives on the same stage, clashed earnestly and fought our way up here. We're like kin who've shared the same youth.

However right now we're enemies. I wish you wouldn't act so cheerful, saying you'll lend me your shoulder is cheeky.

I can stand by myself. That's how I've lived this whole time.

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render

You... It might be a bit late to ask, but why did you even hold something like the DDD?

You would have been the SS representative if you'd just left things as is, right?

Why do something like throwing away that right and pushing yourself this hard? Why give us this chance?

(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin Render Dialogue

Fufu, I sure wonder why...

I might have wanted to see it happen, a miracle. To see your shine that enables you to overcome any fate, no matter how hopeless it may seem. To see your limitless potential.

I've been born with a weak body, I've cursed the gods countless times. However, if somehow a miracle can happen in this world... If there's hope, if there's love...

Then I'd also be able to love this world... That might have been what I was thinking.

You can't be an idol with only love. However if you don't have love, you're not qualified to be an idol.

I just, simply... wanted to become an idol.

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render

I see. I don't really understand, but I also feel like I kind of do.

I also want to become an idol in the truest sense. Everyone enrolled in Yumenosaki Academy's idol course feels the same.

Up until now I've thought of you as some kind of superhuman that I couldn't understand, it felt like you were a far existence. But right now I feel as if we're actually close, because you're the same as us ♪

(Emperor's Performance) Eichi Tenshouin Render Dialogue

I wonder. You might be right...

Yeah, I'm sure you are.

Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render

'The gathering of the votes has been completed.'

'I will be announcing the results of the final match of the DDD.'

'The result is of course, as is reasonable... That fine has won!'

Translation: Freddie24f
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