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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Auditorium, Live
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'Uh, ahem.'

'The final match of the DDD has been heating up quite a bit... For the time being we'll be counting the votes.'

'As for the people in the audience, please sit in your seats while you wait.'

(Oh, this is impressive. A standing ovation from the audience? Is this really a live held by high schoolers...?)

(Even I have only seen this sight a few times.)

(Even though there are seats, people are standing up and jumping around in ecstasy.)

(Gathering the votes is gonna be troublesome, to be honest. As for me, I wouldn't be displeased with a 'you both did your best, you both win'.)

(But those kids wouldn't be happy with that, right? This isn't a child's imagining of the entertainment world, they've already put a foot in the eye-for-eye entertainment world.)

(Their childhood in which just working hard earned them high points has ended, and they leaped into adult society, where numbers, logic and the results are the only things that matter.)

(But well, if it's you guys... I get the feeling that you will be able to fly even higher than I did.)

(Your teacher is satisfied. You did well, youth sure is nice ♪)

Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render.png

Jin! Don't space out over there, come help out with the votes! Actually, first stop trying to crouch down like a delinquent, you're on stage, that's embarrassing!

You're a failure both as a teacher of Yumenosaki Academy and as a human!

Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render.png

Ehh, but Akiyan you're also saying a public taboo by saying stuff like delinquent.

A machine'll do the counting anyways, right? We should just lay back and wait ♪

Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render.png

We can't do that, real people should properly check it! Machines have malfunctions and errors, in the end we can only trust humans!

To think this would be the result... I can't believe it! Why is it those trouble-makers? I can't come to terms with this, we have to count again properly! One, two, three!

Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render.png

Oh, what's wrong? Could it be that Trickstar actually won?

Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render.png

Th-That's impossible!

Because of the fact that most of the audience gave both units the highest possible amount of points, the results are extremely close!

So much that the slightest calculation error turns the tables!

As such, Jin! You also have to help gathering the votes! We'll compare all the data and we'll calculate the results precisely!

Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render.png

Hmm. Akiyan, you're so fussy about the details, you'll go bald, you know?

Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render.png

Cut it out with the insults, I'll sue you for slander!

Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render.png

(He's on edge, well, we are encountering a situation that's normally unimaginable. Akiyan has been bad with things like that from the time he was still an active idol.)

(To think that those idiots... That Trickstar would put up such a good fight against Yumenosaki's top idol group, fine.)

(If we were at the horse racing track, the betting tickets would be dancing in the air ♪)

If it was such a close fight, then we might have to go into overtime.

Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render.png

That might be true, however Tenshouin-kun doesn't have enough stamina left for an encore.

Which means that if we go in overtime, fine will automatically lose... But that's physically impossible! I won't agree to it!

Argh, this is why I was opposed to this from the start! Because the DDD is composed of a harsh series of battles, it would be too reckless for the sickly Tenshouin-kun to participate in it!

As a teacher who has high consideration for his students' well-being, I should have stood more firm in stopping him!

Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render.png

Letting the students do what they want to do is also the duty of a teacher, right?

Tenshouin also had a reason to do this, even if it would be hard and painful for him. You have to respect his choice ♪

No matter what the result may be, he'll be able to accept it. Because this is the path he chose for himself.

...Isn't that right? But hey, you guys. You're not listening even though your teacher is saying something nice, are you?

More importantly, don't show your weakened self on stage. Though I do get that you're tired.

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png


...You're noisy, Sagami-chan.

(I-I did everything I could! I don't know what the results are, but we were able to get through the live fighting with even more than everything we have! I'm feeling super accomplished ☆)

(But that tired me out! If even we are like this, what about the president that had already received damage consecutively before this...?)

Translation: Freddie24f
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