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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: In Front of Auditorium
(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png


If we don't hurry it up, we'll be late! Even though we've survived up until now! Losing by default because we were late would be way too lame!

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

You're falling behind, transfer student- jeez, I'll pull you along! It's an emergency, so let me off, 'kay♪

Makoto, stop dragging your feet, there's no time to carefully take care of our appearance! We'll be moving while trying to keep the creases out of our outfits as much as possible, but without losing speed!

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Isara-kun, you're about the only one who can do something that skillful!

Wait! Don't leave me behind!

*Huff, puff* ...After I ate to my heart's content, my stomach's heavy, my side really hurts! Waaaah, why did it come to this!?

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png

Spare your complaints for later; in the first place, it's because you kept on eating lunch forever that we're in danger of coming late!

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

But, but! I was hungry!

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Stop fighting, guys...

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Ugh! On top of that, I never heard the semi-finals were going to be held in the auditorium! I didn't see anything about that on the school site or the like!

I thought that we could have just gone to one of the outdoor stages near the stalls on the grounds so I thought we still had time to spare!

So it wasn't only the finals that were planned to be held in the auditorium?

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Hmm, but the person who notified us was Sagami-sensei; do you really think he would lie to us?

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png

Sari, you have a pretty high evaluation of Sagami-chan for some reason. Isn't that because you just don't know how much of a failure of a human he is because you're in a different class?

Do you really think we can believe that guy?

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

You sure can say some rude things. It's that Sagami Jin, you know?

He's a living legend! Sure, he's already retired from idol activities, but in my parents' era, Sagami Jin was the representative of top idols.

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Hehe, now isn't the time to have a leisurely chat, I'll overtake you ♪

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png

Oh, that's cheeky, Ukki! Just you wait ☆

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Aren't you just enjoying the running right now, Subaru?

(Hmmm. This is usually where Hokuto would step in to get everyone together in one fell swoop, it's regrettable that he's not here now.)

(Subaru and Makoto are both too wild, for better or worse they're just doing as they please!)

(Even if I complain about it, these guys won't listen to me.)

(Hokuto did pretty well in leading these guys who run around with the ferocity of cannonballs.)

(...Well, there's no point in thinking about a person who isn't here. We just have to fight with the hand we were dealt.)

(Still, we'll be having not only the finals but also the semi-finals in the auditorium...)

(Even though it was an important change, the notification came late. It looks like the people on location are also in a rush due to it being decided on an urgent note.)

(Sagami-sensei thought delivering the message to us was a bother so ended up coming late...)

(Would also be a possibility, but the audience is also moving left and right in confusion.)

(A reason to go so far as to cause an unneeded ruckus and stubbornly force things into this direction...)

(Who? Why? If my guess is right then either the president himself or a collaborator is the origin of this mess.)

(One of the features of the DDD is that you have to run around to perform on the different outdoor stages set up in well-known places of the school...)

(However the president's endurance has been getting chipped away at and he should be nearing total exhaustion.)

(Even if they'll breeze through the semi-finals, they shouldn't have the endurance to move around much anymore, they should have hit their limits in all kinds of ways.)

(Considering that, someone like a member or the advisor of the student council, Kunugi-sensei, might have done this for them...)

(They abused the authority of the president and made the semi-finals, like the finals, in the auditorium.)

(All just so that the president can rest even just a little between the semi-finals and the finals without having to move around.)

(Which means that that 'Emperor' has been driven into a corner that much and is just that tired.)

(Of course, this is only my guess. But thinking like that, makes me have some hope ♪)

(That would mean that the countermeasures started by Ryuseitai and followed by 2wink and the others have steadily dealt damage to the president.)

(That would mean we'll certainly have a chance to win.)

(Of course, it isn't like we are exactly in the best condition either. The absence of Hokuto, being in danger of disbanding and the fact that we were late in joining up which led to a lack of practice...)

(However, as long as there's just 1% chance to win, I'll bet on that.)

(That means we can keep dreaming! We can use everything we have, we'll fill up what we lack with hard work and determination!)

(We're absolutely going to win, we're the ones who'll conquer this DDD...!)

Translation: Freddie24f
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