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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Ensemble 114.png
Location: Outdoor Stage
Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

I'm so happy I came ba-...


Izumi Sena Knights Dialogue Render2.png


You sure embarrassed me, I won't let this slide with just a finger or two.

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Oh no, Izumi-san also came back!

We didn't have any leeway when I escaped from the soundproof lesson room, but it might have been better if we had tied him up so he couldn't move anymore!

He's really way too persistent, a total nuisance!

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Escape? Were you confined or something like that?

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Right! I really wanted to see everyone, the sunlight you haven't seen for a long time is really bright as well! It's beautiful to be alive...☆

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

(Hmm, we might be able to 'use' that.)

(This might not be how Trickstar usually does things but... We don't have the leeway to be picky about the how we win, right?)

(Dirty work is my job, I'll blast off some gigantic fireworks!)

Izumi Sena Knights Dialogue Render2.png

*wheeze, pant, pant* Yuu-kun...!

(Fervent Whirlwind) Arashi Narukami Dialogue Render.png

Oh, gosh. You look like a company boss coming late and rushing to a meeting, I haven't seen you this out of breath in a while. Are you sure you can perform a live like that, Izumi-chan?

(Perfect Conduct) Tsukasa Suou Full Render Bloomed.png

It's a breach of contract. I wouldn't call coming late to a live you're supposed to appear in very smart.

(Strategist) Ritsu Sakuma CG2.png
(Strategist) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render Bloomed.png

What's more important is that the sun has moved because some time passed. There's sunshine here now...

Ah~ I feel s-sick, I'm way weaker to sunlight than Anija...

(Upperclassman's Devotion) Izumi Sena CG2.png
Izumi Sena Knights Dialogue Render2.png

Shut up! It doesn't matter, just crush Trickstar! There's nothing that could make Knights lose as long as we fight like normal!

(Fervent Whirlwind) Arashi Narukami Dialogue Render.png

Hmm, but aren't you the one who started doing something not normal, Izumi-chan? I was against it from the very start, just what should we do with you?

(But Kunugi-sensei did tell me to get rid of Trickstar early on...)

(Well, I also didn't like the idea that by kidnapping one of their members we would win by default. I just can't get into it.)

(Perfect Conduct) Tsukasa Suou Full Render Bloomed.png

Wh-what is the meaning of this? Did you break the rules in some manner, Sena-senpai?

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png


'Everyone, please listen!'

'However unfair it may be, Izumi Sena from Knights kidnapped and confined one of Trickstar's members in order to win the DDD!'

'That's why at the start we had too few members and were having a hard time!'

'However he luckily was able to escape! I'm really glad, I was worried about you, you know?'

'With all of us here, Trickstar is invincible!'

'There's no need for me to hide this! The ones who defeated the student council, who have been controlling this Yumenosaki Academy through fear and tyrannical rule, the ones who defeated their Akatsuki are us!'

'We will change Yumenosaki Academy! Into a paradise for idols, overflowing with smiles and hope...!'

'I hope you will all cheer us on ♪'

(Fervent Whirlwind) Arashi Narukami Dialogue Render.png

(Wow, he's good with words. Is he trying to turn public opinion in their favor by making us the bad guys?)

('With all of us here', he says but I'm pretty sure not all of Trickstar's members are here.)

(He's talking as if we didn't just kidnap Yuuki-kun, but Akehoshi-kun as well.)

(By mixing lies and truths, he's trying to make the audience believe this easy to understand, black-and-white story, isn't he?)

(How unpleasant, 'hard to bear' doesn't even begin to describe this feeling!)

(But, even if you suddenly tell them all this, there's no way they would just believe it and start calling us 'the worst!' or 'you evil-doers!'.)

(Normal people aren't very good with the out of ordinary, little boy.)

(Before the scales tip in favor of Trickstar we should also do something like a little MC to patch things up. Before this situation becomes irreversible!)

(Perfect Conduct) Tsukasa Suou CG2.png
(Perfect Conduct) Tsukasa Suou Full Render Bloomed.png

Sena-senpai! Was the announcement just now true?! How could you! It's unfair, is that how you think a knight behaves?!

(Fervent Whirlwind) Arashi Narukami Dialogue Render.png

(Waaah... It just had to be one of our comrades who believed everything at face-value! We did have such an honest kid in our midst!)

Izumi Sena Knights Dialogue Render2.png

You're noisy, you know? It doesn't matter, just focus on the performance, we're going to make them fall to the depths of unhappiness!

(Fervent Whirlwind) Arashi Narukami Dialogue Render.png

(Oh gosh, oh gosh, did the blood rise to your head, Izumi-chan? Ritsu is also all groggy from being out in the sunlight, the outlook isn't good at all.)

(Knights' solidarity is much weaker than Trickstar's since we're only working together for mutual benefit.)

(Getting shaky and having a falling out between allies will only prevent us from winning battles we should have been able to win easily.)

(But I suppose it might not matter. As one of the strongest units that Yumenosaki Academy prides itself in, we can't afford to be defeated easily by trickery like this, can we?)

(Fervent Whirlwind) Arashi Narukami CG2.png
(Fervent Whirlwind) Arashi Narukami Dialogue Render.png

(How unpleasant, I'm getting excited ♪ It's getting fun now, ufufufufu!)

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

(Hm~... I managed to create a disturbance, but it doesn't look like things will be settled with just that. I've done everything I can, all that's left is a battle of skill!)

(It would have been reassuring if Hokuto were here. But depending on someone who isn't here isn't very helpful. If we lose here, everything ends!)

(It'd be pretty lame if we already lost by the time he comes back. We have to win no matter what- we'll make the impossible possible!)

(We are the main cast of this first round, no, of the DDD...!)

Translation: Freddie24f
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