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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Ensemble 113.png
Location: Outdoor Stage
(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png

Hurry, hurry, Ukki! The performance's already on!

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

W-wait just a second! The prescription of my spare glasses are a little off so... waah, don't pull me, Akehoshi-kun! I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall!

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png

(Hm? I think we somehow made it before the first round ended?)

(But that's weird. It's already been five or ten minutes since the start of the first round.)

(Normally, Trickstar should have lost by default because there weren't enough people on stage.)

(A unit has to have at least two people in it to be recognized as such.)

(There has to be at least one more person besides the disguised, masked transfer student, if there wasn't...)

(Who is it? Who is the one that's helping Trickstar even though the student council has their eyes on us and is trying to thoroughly put an end to us?)

(Where is the guy with such peculiar tastes hiding?)

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

You guys are late.

No matter how dexterous I may be, with only a beginner like the transfer student as my partner fighting against such a strong unit... against Knights is asking for too much, don't you think?

I had my hands full just with buying you time, I don't want to ever do such heavy labor again!

If you guys have a conscience, then don't slack off and give this pitiful me a hand, 'kay?

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png


Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

I-Isara-kun? But why?

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

What? Stop looking as if you've just seen a ghost, is it that baffling that I'm here?

You know... It just means that in the end I am also part of Trickstar.

Let's move on. I don't have the leeway to explain, going against Knights is seriously hard! It looks like they're also missing a member, but every single one of them is super strong after all!

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png

O-Okay. I feel like jumping on you and licking your face, but I'll leave that for when we're done with this!

No, when we win I will ☆

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Exactly right, nothing can begin if we don't win here. It'll be a performance without rehearsal, but we'll be using the same songlist as the one we used in the S1 the other day, right?

By the way, I sang Hokuto's song. If the transfer student sang, everyone'll find out she's a girl by the tone of her voice after all.

I don't know why the transfer student is standing on stage, but doing that was fine, right?

Next are the solo songs of you two, let me get some rest, 'kay~♪

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png

Ah, I see. As I thought, Hokke hasn't come back...

But Ukki's here, Sari's here! There's the transfer student as well- us Trickstar are starting to get our shine back ☆

I'm super happy! I'm full of energy, let's show them the best live ☆

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

I'm still a little wobbly from having been confined so long... But we'll have to leave the resting for later, I'm already starting to regret having come back ♪

(Flashy) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render.png

'Thank you for waiting, time for the main performance! We're Trickstar's Subaru Akehoshi and Makoto Yuuki, sorry for coming so late!'

'We'll make you enjoy yourselves even more to make up for it! Let's go ☆'

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Ah, he's going all-out in no time at all. Subaru really is a genius, maybe I didn't even have to come back?

...Hm? What is it, transfer student? You're saying that that's not true at all?

I see. You were always watching over Subaru.

I've made you carry heavy burdens and worries. I won't make any excuses for myself, I'm really sorry. But right now, I'm happy to be standing on the same stage with everyone again!

Sometimes you should just become an idiot and do whatever you want. We have limitless potential after all, right?

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Yup, yup, I think the same way!

But you really are amazing, Isara-kun. You could stand in front of Knights all by yourself and fight against them on an equal level!

That's absolutely impossible for me ♪

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

I wasn't all by myself, it was thanks to the transfer student that I could stand my ground until now. I'd even say that I may have been the one there just to make up for the numbers.

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Huh, what do you mean? It couldn't be that inside the transfer student a hidden power dwells that gets released the moment she's driven into a corner...!?

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Nope, she's a normal girl. But being normal is what helped in this case ♪

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

What do you mean?

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

This DDD is treated like an S1, right? In S1's students from other schools and other people also come as guests ♪

Did you forget, Makoto? She's a transfer student, she called a ton of friends and acquaintances from her last school!

On top of that, it seems she also has a younger brother in the general course. He also went around asking people, so lots of people came to see us ♪

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Hmm, a little brother...? Come to think of it, it does feel like a big part of the audience is wearing the general course uniform or a uniform from another school!

That's the uniform of the all-girls school in this neighborhood. Is that your old school?

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

The transfer student must be liked by everyone ♪ There's seriously an incredible number of people!

And of course all those people have come here to cheer for us. There's a tailwind and the person who summoned it is none other than the transfer student.

You might really be our goddess of salvation, like Hokuto always says ♪

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

I see, so the transfer student did all that...

But Isara-kun, you were the one who made sure that audience stayed here and didn't get stolen by Knights.

It's your skill. You really are a magician, you turned an unfavorable position in a favorable one in one go!

Mao Isara Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

I haven't turned it around yet, so don't let your guard down. Even with that much tailwind, I'd say it was split pretty evenly. As expected of Knights, they really are a strong enemy.

However. This outdoor stage is in a remote place, there isn't a lot of audience in the first place. No one really comes to this corner of Yumenosaki Academy after all.

The people gathered here are almost all people that the transfer student called here, they're our audience. As long as we do our best without letting our guard down, I'm sure we can win!

Makoto Yuuki Trickstar Dialogue Render.png

Yeah! I'll also do the best I can, regardless of how little of a difference it makes! Being able to do my best together with everyone is like a dream and makes me really happy ♪

Translation: Freddie24f
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