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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Outdoor Stage
Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render.png

Oh? This sure is mysterious...

I wonder what it is, why is there a crowd? This place is supposed to be one of the most remote and unpopular places in Yumenosaki Academy!

The amount of people isn't inferior to the other stages- not only that, there seems to be an even bigger crowd!

Does that mean the aidorus performing here are that excellent? Is it even possible for there to be another reason...?

Perhaps it's war. I see, it's war! I'm itching to participate, it makes my blood boil!

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render.png

Calm down, Kanzaki. You're not a dog, there's no reason for you to get excited like this. Also, stop unsheathing your sword.

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render.png

Yes. We are supposed to be the ones maintaining the order. So it would truly be like putting the cart before the horse if we were to cause panic by losing our composure. You should reflect on your actions, Kanzaki.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render.png

I got double-chastised!? But this is an irregular situation!

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render.png

I agree. Hmm... We went out of our way to overlook the circumstances and send him off, but I'm worried if Isara can even reach the stage.

Well, it might be due to Isara that this situation came to be.

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render.png

I wonder. You can't see the stage from here so you can't be certain.

Nonetheless, you sure were kind there, mister vice-president. To think you would so easily let go of the fighting power you generously took in.

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render.png

Never call me 'kind' again, Kiryu. I just made a logical decision.

Akatsuki is a unit that works with a select few. Adding a wanderer would only mess up our rhythm.

I have countless reasons, both big and small. Even if you needed an explanation, wouldn't it be too stingy of me to express my opinions precisely?

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render.png

Aah, how irritating. Your talks are always way too long, can't you just tell me vaguely?

You must have just 'wanted' to do this. Isn't it fine to leave it at that?

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render.png

Hmph... If you think like that, you shouldn't have asked me in the first place. I need Trickstar to be in a perfect condition, I won't allow them to run away after winning.

Sooner or later Akatsuki will defeat Trickstar fair and square, after they all showed their best performance.

I would be troubled if they disappear before we can. That's all.

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render.png

Hehe ♪ Nice, you're also a man at heart.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render.png

As expected of Hasumi-dono! You properly understand the meaning of the code of chivalry...☆

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render.png

You're noisy. What's more important right now is that there is too much of an audience in such a cramped space.

If someone even just trips a little, it might very well turn it into uncontrollable chaos, so patrol with caution.

Good preparation reduces the coming difficulties. Although Eichi and I differ in that aspect.

(Why did Eichi organize the DDD and throw away the largely desired representative title for the SS?)

(What are you scheming? Where is the meaning in all of this?)

(You are causing unnecessary uproar and having everyone make a big fuss for no reason. If that's really the case, you would be a tyrant, you know?)

(Could it be he... No, for now I should avoid thinking about it.)

(I will just solemnly complete the work in front of me. I am Eichi's right hand. A right hand doesn't think, regardless of what results this DDD may bring.)

(I'm sure you must have foreseen this as well, haven't you, Eichi?)

Translation: Freddie24f
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