Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
(Flying Guts) Tetora Nagumo CG2
Location: Outdoor Stage
Tetora Nagumo CG2 Dialogue Render Bloomed

Black flames are the proof of diligence! A fighting spirit that burns away those stained with filth!

Ryusei Black! Tetora Nagumo...!

(Ninja Explosion) Shinobu Sengoku CG2
Shinobu Sengoku CG2 Bloomed Dialogue render

Yellow flames are the proof of hope! A lone miracle illuminating the darkness!

Ryusei Yellow! Shinobu Sengoku...☆

(Embarrassment) Midori Takamine CG2
Midori Takamine CG2 Dialogue Render Bloomed

Green flames are the proof of compassion... What else... Also something about healing or something...?

My name is Midori, so I'm Ryusei Green... Midori Takamine...

(Fun Friends) Kanata Shinkai CG2
Kanata Shinkai CG2 Dialogue Render Bloomed

Blue flames are the proof of mystery! Arriving here from the blue sea~

Ryusei Blue! Kanata Shinkai...☆

(Inspiring Blaze) Chiaki Morisawa Dialogue Render Bloomed

And lastly! Red flames are the proof of justice! The blazing red sun of life...! Chiaki Morisawa...!

The five of us together are Ryuseitai!

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render


...It's hard to express but I never know what to do with you people. To be honest, I would like to have as little contact with you as possible.

However, it seems it's unavoidable. Even one of the Three Oddballs, Kanata Shinkai, has shown himself; it looks like I myself will have to stand on stage as well.

(Inspiring Blaze) Chiaki Morisawa Dialogue Render Bloomed

Hahaha! Exactly, come at us with all you've got! It's a fair and square match without any twists or turns!

President, you are indeed a flawless top idol. However... you have a weakness.

You can't endure prolonged lives due to the fact that you were born very sickly!

The DDD, in which you have to perform over and over, is the thorniest path you could possibly tread! It would be no overstatement to call it your road to death!

I commend your braveness for choosing the place you will die yourself, in honour of this brave act we will put you out of your misery early on! Hahahahaha ☆

We will persevere until the very last second, exhausting you and making you unfit to fight any longer!

This act of ours will make others shine even brighter! Go ahead and watch the moment I, an ally of justice, sacrifice myself gallantly for the future!

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render

...Hmm? That surprised me a little, so you were actually using your head too...♪

However, that strategy builds on a great misconception. Although it is true that if you continue to exhaust me, at some point I will hit my limit.

It saddens me very much, but that is my fate as someone who was born so weakly.

There may be times I have to withdraw from the front lines. But you have to understand that even then fine would go on strongly.

Just which unit do you think will defeat them?

I suppose you people would stand a chance. But you will disappear after the first round; you will have to find someone else.

I wonder which unit it'll be... UNDEAD? Maybe Knights?

There's no way you're suggesting Trickstar, right?

It might not be my place to say this, but they can no longer recover from the hopeless situation they're in. I'm certain that they will have to retire as soon as the first round ends.

If you're hoping for them to do something, then I suppose I'll have to give you my condolences.

(Inspiring Blaze) Chiaki Morisawa Dialogue Render Bloomed

I wouldn't be so sure about that. O prideful 'Emperor', you're severely underestimating them.

Also, do you really have the leisure to be thinking about what comes next? We'll be fighting with the intention to win, if you leave us be the carpet will be pulled from under your feet!

...My cute underclassman has been treated very well by you. It's time to return the favor.

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render

Hmm. So that's your motivation, I certainly didn't expect that.

You're right. I'll commit that to my memory. Humans are beings that sometimes take illogical actions. They even challenge opponents they absolutely can't win against.

However, I was able to climb to my current position by crushing such fools underfoot.

I'll make you regret challenging me, you fools who call yourselves allies of justice...♪

I'll use any method I need to win. The only way for someone who was born this weakly to keep winning is to sometimes even go as far as to use underhanded tactics.

I won't let my guard down. I'll annihilate you thoroughly.

You'd better not think you can easily destroy the monarchy that I've established.

(Inspiring Blaze) Chiaki Morisawa Dialogue Render Bloomed

That's good! That sounds very much like the entrance line of a villain! Waaah, I'm getting fired up!

My heart is blazing red! I'm ultimately high-spirited...☆

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render

I do get tired of this, really. Indeed, you are a perfect fit for the role of exhausting me.

Translation: Freddie24f
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