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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Outdoor Stage
Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render.png

You're wearing a long face, Hokuto.

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render.png


Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render.png

Oh, you're acting very distant. Call me Eichi, like we're friends. We became comrades, after all.

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render.png

Can you afford to be loafing around here? It's already time for the performance to begin, isn't it? Do you have the time to keep me company?

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render.png

Hehe. That's nonsense, there's no reason for me to stand at the front lines from the first round. It's more than enough just to have Wataru, Tori and Yuzuru.

I've been sickly from the moment I was born, I understand that I need to hold back wherever I can. You should also take it easy, there's no need to be overeager, you know?

In the end, the DDD is just a preliminary for the oncoming SS. This is just the starting point, a simple checkpoint on the glorious road we will walk upon.

We should be carefree and not spend too much effort, right?

It seems as if you are still carrying feelings of guilt for betraying your former comrades. Forget them. No, I'm sure you'll forget soon. This Eichi Tenshouin guarantees it.

I do not think I need to remind you about this but, betrayal and conspiracies are as natural as breathing air in the entertainment business.

You won't be able to hold out very long if you fret over every single thing like that.

Wash it all away with radiance, success and glory. You will be able to become a most outstanding idol if you do that.

You will step on countless corpses and will bathe in the blood of your enemies so much that at some point you won't feel anything anymore.

If it's only a burden it's better to throw away your human heart.

The one who instigated you and prepared all the measures to make you join fine is indeed me.

But if you wear such a pained expression, even I will feel bad.

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render.png


Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render.png

Also. It might not be for me to say but since your transfer was decided very suddenly... Your unit outfit for fine hasn't been finished yet.

The finished outfit should arrive in time for the finals. That is where you will be brought into the light, as fine's anticipated new recruit, Hokuto Hidaka.

You can drown yourself in sentimentality until then. However, I'll be very troubled if you were to show any foolish behaviour on stage; you have to sort out your feelings as soon as possible.

I won't bring along a useless person just because I want to.

I will because I'm certain of your worth, your talent will be used to its fullest extent by me and fine.

Hokuto, if you are still gloomy even after knowing this, you can direct your hate towards me.

Your destiny has been warped forcibly by evil means, it's all because I deceived you. You can interpret it like that.

Love and hatred react to each other, but that's because those are the strongest feelings a person can have.

If you use the resentment you have for me as your driving force, use it as nourishment, if it makes you able to fly even higher, then nothing would make me more happy.

At the very least I want you to stop looking down and standing still- I want you to walk forward.

I wish that from the bottom of my heart. I was the one who invited you, but you were the one who chose to walk this path.

Translation: Freddie24f
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