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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Outdoor Stage
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(Just what am I doing?)

(It's fine like this, this was the right answer. Even though I made a sound decision... Why am I feeling this empty?)

(I'm only watching this brightly sparkling stage from a distance.)

(Doing this makes me remember the past, it makes me remember the time when I was still small, still a child.)

(In the past I was constantly watching the TV. All by myself, while holding my knees, I vacantly gazed at the entertainment world on the other side of the screen.)

(My father was a more than outstanding idol who even created a social phenomenon. My mother was a highly-praised actress who earned a great number and variety of trophies.)

(I was born between those two.)

(A thoroughbred idol...)

(My father, my mother, the people in my vicinity and everyone else thought I would become an outstanding entertainer just like my parents. They had expectations for me, believed in them and never doubted them.)

(You could even say I received something like an education for gifted children. I grew up in an environment any other student from Yumenosaki Academy would be jealous of.)

(I accepted all kinds of guidance and education without any complaint. I made those teachings my own, so that I could get closer to my mother and father.)

(I sacrificed childhood years just so that I would get praised.)

(I came here too for that reason. I'm enrolled here to earn outstanding results, so that I could one day spread my wings in the world of entertainment...)

(I walked a premeditated path, a path that was paved for me, in a straight line.)

(I never held any doubt. I gave up thinking and just advanced like a robot.)

(A program to make an outstanding idol was pushed on me, as if I was a machine that can't think for itself.)

(However a group of strange guys appeared all of a sudden on the road I walked.)

(Akehoshi, Isara, Yuuki, the transfer student... I met them by coincidence, a bunch of greenhorns who were lacking in all kinds of places.)

(However we became kindred souls, each of us making up for what the others lacked.)

(The days I spent with those guys, they're supposed to be nothing more than a meaningless detour in my premeditated life...)

(It was fun. I was happy. I wanted to keep laughing with everyone, I wanted to keep making a big fuss with them and keep doing stupid things together forever.)

(I'd forgotten this feeling a long time ago.)

(In the past... I was a a normal kid, who ran around outside, played ridiculous games and laughed loudly after having a silly conversation.)

(I enjoyed and loved that happiness as if it was only natural.)

(However at some point I just forgot. My heart was carefully hidden, overdecorated to look pretty and was pushed away farther and farther.)

(But my past self...)

(He laughed much more than I do now, I was happy. But that was only until my parents started to disapprove of me running around covered in dirt.)

(I just wanted to see my parents who almost never came home. I thought that if I became the same kind of existence as my parents, if I went into the entertainment business...)

(I thought that if I met them there they would pet my head and give me a big hug.)

(That's why I ran forward recklessly, it's why I worked so hard. But then, after some time passed, I even forgot my real feelings.)

(I'm an idiot. Even though I should already have the important things, the things I wanted...)

(I threw them away myself.)

(I can't escape my own destiny. No, I was scared to diverge from that path.)

(I couldn't throw away the things I've accumulated by spending blood and sweat.)

(Using common sense, it's easy to see I made the right decision.)

(I'll bow down to the will of the president and become a member of his unit. My parents will praise me for that, everyone in this world would affirm that my decision was the correct one.)

(My future is secure. I can surely become an idol everyone can sing praises of.)

(Just like my parents. However at my side, Akehoshi or the others are nowhere to be seen. There are no smiles or happiness.)

(I will be all by myself, having no choice but to stand still like that.)

(It's too late to notice that now. It's already too late. I made my choice, I betrayed them.)

(I turned my back on them, they're getting farther and farther away from me. I can't go back anymore.)

(I'm an unfair coward. I'm too ashamed to meet them.)

Translation: Freddie24f
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