Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Ensemble 105
Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render


(...Hm, hmm? Oh no, did I faint!?)

(That's dangerous, I almost fell into a sleep I wouldn't ever wake up from again! I feel all wobbly; I haven't eaten anything for a while, after all.)

(Izumi-san won't give me a decent amount of food nor sleep.)

(On top of that, he started trying to feed me as my face grew paler!)

(Two guys doing that to each other is just disgusting! I seriously don't understand what that guy is thinking! I don't get it!)

(And then when I stubbornly refused to be fed by him, Izumi-san's mood got even worse...)

(After that, he's been ignoring me the whole time; it's almost like what the mafia would do!)

(Izumi-san even said that until I become more honest I won't be allowed to live like a normal person would.)

(A-At this rate I'll be like a bird in a cage until the day I die! I hate this, someone please save me!)

(Mistreatment on top of abduction and confinement, isn't this a serious incident!?)

(It's a crime! Police officer! Akehoshi-kun, Hidaka-kun, Isara-kun! Transfer student-chan! Someone, save me...!)

(Aaah. Izumi-san probably made a believable excuse to my parents and classmates as well. That guy does make sure to look good on the outside, after all!)

(If I knew it would come to this, I would have gotten along better with my parents.)

(I stayed over at school without going home during the S1 not so long ago too... My parents must have thought 'again?'.)

(If I don't have any contact for a month or even a year, I'm sure someone will notice that there's something going on, but I think either my heart or my body will break before that!)

(I already lost my feeling for night and day... Isn't it already the day of that thing called DDD or something?)

(I get the feeling I can faintly hear music?)

(In that case this isn't the time for me to be confined in a place like this!)

(I have to hurry and meet up with the others, though it might not even matter whether I'm there or not.)

(I might even only be pulling their legs...)

(Even so I want to do something! For everyone's sake! No, because I want to stand on stage together with them!)

(That's why I worked so hard. We were finally about to start running! This isn't the time to be at a standstill, I'm also Trickstar!)

(Rather, I just thought of this, but...)

(It couldn't be that they're misunderstanding that I betrayed Trickstar and was scouted by Knights just like the president said, right?)

(That would be the worst! No one would come to save a traitor! Aaaah, no matter how much I struggle it looks hopeless!)

(You're wrong! I've been confined in this soundproof lesson room this whole time by Izumi-san!)

(I persistently refused to sign[1] the papers to transfer into Knights!)

(I'm still part of Trickstar! I'm your comrade! It'd be nice if someone still believes that. My trust is being tested...!)

(If I knew it would come to this, would it have been better to have stubbornly refused the president's proposal from the moment he made it!?)

(Should I have properly stated my opinion on the matter clearly? Would it have been better if I loudly declared that I was their comrade!?)

(Aaah. It's too late to regret things now. Also, to be honest, I was just scared of the president...)

(It was way too scary to go against him then and there, it's impossible for me!)

(Seeing the enemy we were about to face, my legs gave out!)

(Oogami-kun would laugh at me. I haven't gotten even a bit stronger, even though I trained and was supposed to have matured...)

(No, I can't give up! This is exactly why I'm always a burden!)

(There has to be something I can do, I have to believe that! If I don't believe in myself who will?)

(If there's one thing I learned from my training with Oogami-kun, it's that as long as you try desperately you'll be able to do anything!)


(I can hear... Someone's voice? This is Akehoshi-kun's voice, isn't it?)

(Could he have caught on that I have been confined here and come to save me? Aaah, I've been waiting for this ☆)

Akehoshi-kun! It's me! Please, notice!

I've been confined the whole time! In this soundproof lesson room!

...Ah, that's right. This room is soundproof! It is one of Yumenosaki Academy's facilities after all, they make sure these things are made properly!

He might not be able to hear me regardless of how loud I shout?

It's a lesson room, so there's equipment here. There's also a mic so I'll turn that to the highest volume... I'm good at messing with machines, I'll show you!

'Ah! Ah! Mic test!'

'...Wah! That hurts my ears, the sound echoes well in the soundproof lesson rooms, doesn't it?'

(Even so the chance they can hear me outside is fifty-fifty.)

(Also, Izumi-san is properly right by this door.)

(I have to trick him somehow, you can only open this door from the outside... and Izumi-san has the key!)

(Which means that if I can't do something about Izumi-san, I won't be able to escape from this room!)

(I could also wait for Akehoshi-kun to throw down Izumi-san and steal the key, but violence isn't good.)

(In the worst case, he'll be suspended. And even if he doesn't, he would at least be forced to retire from the DDD!)

(I can't let that happen! I can't let the future of Trickstar be closed off because of me!)

(I can't really help much on top of the stage so at the very least I shouldn't be a burden!)

(What should I do? Aaah, I don't have the time to think about it!)

(Sometimes I should try to do things without worrying, on impulse, with all my might... With everything I've got!)

(That's what Trickstar is! Just watch me, Izumi-san! I'll show you!)

(I'll prove it to you! I'm no longer just a pretty doll that can't do anything!)

  1. Originally he says stamp, Japan still uses family stamps commonly instead of signatures.
Translation: Freddie24f
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