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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Grounds
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(The people whose mistakes I wouldn't mind getting caught up in; for me, those guys from Trickstar were like that.)

(I will retire from Trickstar and enlist in Akatsuki. That's my destiny, it's inevitable. Because we are caught in a strong current that I fight back against...)

(That's why I left Trickstar and am now doing the same things they are.)

(But my heart isn't with Akatsuki yet. My soul is still Trickstar's.)

(I may become used to it at some point.)

(If I care about my future I should stop thinking about all of the lingering attachment I have to Trickstar and try my hardest to blend in with Akatsuki.)

(But I...)

(I'm a coward. Even though I said I hated living like some kind of double-spy, I'm still wandering around without choosing either side.)

(I will enlist in Akatsuki like the president proposed. The others will also get caught up in their own situations and everything will move in the direction the president wants it to go.)

(We can't fight back, we can't disobey the president. If you think about it rationally and calmly, you'll see that we don't have the freedom to choose.)

(Even so, I still haven't completed the paperwork to transfer to Akatsuki. I still haven't sent out my retirement form for Trickstar.)

(It would be correct to say that I'm still a member of Trickstar.)

(Using the fact that Akatsuki won't participate in the DDD to my advantage, I'm postponing the paperwork to transfer. All while feigning an air of innocence.)

(There's no inconvenience even if I don't complete the paperwork to transfer as long as we don't participate in a Dreamfes, after all.)

(On the other hand, I haven't done anything to help out Trickstar either, I didn't even help out with training. I didn't say a word to Subaru even when we met during basketball club practice.)

(I was scared that he would blame me and say I was a traitor.)

(Without leaning towards one or the other, I'm trying to maintain some kind of balance.)

(I'm still unable to decide what attitude to take. Even though I should throw away the things I built up in the past, even though I should be investing in the future.)

(Even though I decided that for myself, I'm so scared of becoming a traitor that I'm not doing anything that can't be undone...)

(I'm dragging things out by leaving my own stance dubious and dragging my tail.)

(Ah, I'm kinda starting to hate myself. I thought that I was a more clever person.)

(I can't completely throw away Trickstar, so I'm wandering around without allying myself with anyone. Even though everyone else has already decided where they stand and are taking action...)

(I'm the only one who's lost and worrying, and I'm content with that. I am avoiding anything that has a chance for me to get hurt, I'm getting scared and curling myself in a ball. I'm just waiting for time to pass.)

(I'm a coward.)

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I do like talking for a long time, but this time I'll get straight to the point.

You won't get an extension. You don't have the time to be worrying. And I'm sure Eichi doesn't either.

Youth is short. You won't get any breaks, you should sometimes follow your impulses without thinking about it. The more you work your brain, the more you think about useless things.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render.png

Uhm? What do you mean, vice-president?

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render.png

Listen. This is me talking to myself, not as the student council's vice president nor the leader of Akatsuki... but as Keito Hasumi.

Let me tell you one thing. The reason I let you into Akatsuki is because I have high expectations for you.

That's the truth. You have skills as an idol and you also excel in your work as a student council member.

It's exactly because you can do so many things that you don't know what to do. Aren't I right?

That's the reason I have high expectations for you.

I can sympathize. I used to be like you in the past. I thought I was living at least a little bit cleverly, but in the end I was just full of regret.

That's why I'm saying this. I'll warn you as a proper senior in life.

No, I'll wish. I'll wish you won't become like me, that you will do the things I couldn't. I'm looking forward to it, so let me say something that will help you.

I want you, who is so much like my past self, to listen.

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Translation: Freddie24f
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