Special Event mini 1/3

Enjoyment autumn school trip souma kanzaki special 1
"Hm.... hm.... According to this "pamphlet," the hot springs here have skin beautifying properties, apparently. Moreover, it's written that the onsen has wonderful scenery. ♪"
Choice 1 楽しみ
I'm looking forward to it.
Possibility 1 Character response: "Yes, I am also looking forward to it... ♪ I am especially excited by the words about the splendid scenery. I wonder what kind of scenery we will be able to see~"
Result: I am also looking forward to the scenery with great excitement. ♪ ...... Skin beautifying properties? Ahh, [Player name]-dono was excited for that? Oh... my mistake.
Possibility 2 Character response: "Red fragments"
Result: Red fragments
Choice 2 じっと顔を見つめる
*Stare silently at his face*
Possibility 1 Character response: "If there is something on my face, please do not hesitate to tell me. ..... My skin is beautiful? No, more than mine, [player name]-dono's skin is beautiful. Your skin is just like an egg. ♪"
Result: If, if you stare at me like that, you'll make me feel self-conscious.... Wha!? Don't touch my cheek! Don't! P, please regain your distance immediately!!
Possibility 2 Character response: "Blue fragments"
Result: Blue fragments

Special Event mini 2/3

Enjoyment autumn school trip souma kanzaki special 2
"Ohh, evil spirits, begone....! Hello, [player name]-dono. By any chance do you intend to go into the hot spring? An "evil spirit" comes out at this hot spring, so it's better to refrain from entering it!"
Choice 1 悪霊?
Evil spirit?
Possibility 1 Character response: "Yeah. Its face is unnaturally white, I could tell with one glance that it was an evil spirit. I suppose it has been unable to pass on to the next life due to some thing troubling it. It is a shame I do not have the power to exorcise spirits."
Result: Yellow fragments
Possibility 2 Character response: "It is an evil spirit with an unnaturally white face. What is it called.....a "facial mask"? It was wearing one of those. It had quite a strange appearance..."
Result: Yellow fragments
Choice 2 ちょうど出たところ
I just got out.
Possibility 1 Character response: "Argh, one step too late.....! Salt! Throw salt! [Player name]-dono, with this, it will be alright. You're going to go in again? Y, you can't do that. [Player name]-dono~!!"
Result: Red fragments
Possibility 2 Character response: "Wha....!? Nothing happened? Hmm, that it appears in the men's bath but not in the women's bath... That evil spirit might have been a man."
Result: Red fragments

Special Event mini 3/3

Enjoyment autumn school trip souma kanzaki special 3
"No good, that is no good! When you walk around taking big steps like that, your yukata comes open, and you can see your whole foot! Don't you think you should put a little more thought into the way you walk?"
Choice 1 ええー……
Possibility 1 Character response: "I do not really want to say it but.... [player name]-dono? Having become accustomed to living surrounded by male students, your femininity has- Ow, ouch, I won't say anything more, so please stop pinching me!"
Result: Blue fragments
Possibility 2 Character response: "Hmph, it's that unpleasant for you? But, in that outfit... it's no good, no good after all! From the bottom of my heart, I am glad that that pervert is not here."
Result: Blue fragments
Choice 2 こうかな?
Like this?
Possibility 1 Character response: "[Player name]-dono, you are not used to kimono and yukata. If you can get ahold of the trick to it, it is not that difficult. ....What is wrong? Have I said something I shouldn't have....?"
Result: Yellow fragments
Possibility 2 Character response: "You do not have to walk pidgeon-toed, you know? [Player name]-dono, you are good at remembering things, so it would be worth teaching you. ♪"
Result: Yellow fragments
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