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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Library
Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.png
("Three Oddballs" to correspond to the three noble children[1] from Japanese mythology... no, three people would be lacking.)

(If we're talking about just within Yumenosaki Academy, it would be enough, but I don't intend to restrict myself to just this school.)

(Hibiki Wataru and Amaterasu, Shinkai Kanata and Susanoo, Sakuma Rei and Tsukuyomi... the imagery is perfect.)

(That's exactly why Keito is so fond of it.)

(But too perfect, and it'll take a lot of time until it collapses. Even if I take into account the laws of physics — that the more complex something is, the more fragile it'll be...)

(I should create more opportunities so it'll be easier to come apart at the seams.)

(Otherwise, the story of the "Three Oddballs" will only make them stronger.)

(They're moving separately, and it would just unify them, turning them rock-solid and absolute.)

(The opposite of what I want. Perhaps I should add two or three more people as elements of the story?)

(Even in the Bible, there were words of the saints who were given God's prophecies... and the various interpretations their own disciples took.)

(That kind of format gave birth to contradictions and inconsistencies.)

(So in order not to deny the basic premise that "God's words are the absolute truth", excuses and other leeways were given...)

(Doing harm to the strength and dignity of every gospel.)

(The likes of human beings are so insignificant, so foolish and sinful...)

(They denied the single, absolute sacred God, and criticized Him. Even though that is something that must not happen.)

(And that's the kind of gap we should be aiming for... right, Keito?)

(I know what you're thinking.)

(When I visited the student council room to talk about my grandfather's funeral just before, we exchanged some words... On the surface, it sounded like we were just quarreling.)

(But I have a feeling we got our feelings across. Will it be alright to believe that we're aiming for the same thing... old friend?)

(I don't mind if it's just a misunderstanding or an illusion. I don't even mind if you've already forgotten that promise we made long ago.)

(That no matter how drenched I become with dirt and sin, even if all that's left after I've been sent to the crematorium are bones and pain and despair...)

(You will send my soul to the heaven.)

(I remember that promise. After I die, I can leave my memorial service to you. So while I'm still alive... I will do everything I am able to do.)

(But right now, we don't have all the necessary arrangements made yet. In order to bloom this big flower, we lack not only soil and nutrients, but everything else.)

(It gets me impatient, thinking about my body that might not even see tomorrow, but it's still the season to be planting seeds.)

(When grandfather passes away, the funds and authority I can freely use will increase, and I will make effective use of them — although for the moment, all I can do are the preparations.)

(You can buy sympathy and kindness with money. Those who think you can't buy affection with money just don't know how to use it.)

(With just ten thousand yen, most humans will do what you want them to.)

(Even in hell does money make a difference. As the scion of the Tenshouins, I shall make everybody realize that.)

(Even the transcendental Three... Five Oddballs cannot stay irrelevant to human relationships.)

(Monstrous geniuses they may be, but they're still human, after all.)

(As long as humans are creatures who live in packs, one cannot stay in solitude. I shall pollute everybody around me one by one.)

(I shall soak my surroundings with poison, and kill these beautiful flowers.)

Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.png
Hm? What are you doing in the library, Eichi-kun?
Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.png
Fufu. I was looking for you, Tsumugi.
Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.png
Me? Do you want to go out somewhere after school to play? How about karaoke?

But I've been left with a lot of library committee work to do...

Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.png
Mm, I heard from Keito... Hasumi-kun, since he's also part of the committee. I was thinking about helping you out as a friend, so I rushed over here like this.

In place of Hasumi-kun himself, since it looks like he's busy with student council work.

Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.png
Wow, you'll be a big help~! Thank you, Eichi-kun!

To be honest, nobody does any work in the committee, so it's a lot of trouble since I'm doing it all by myself!

Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.png
There's no need for thanks. We're friends, aren't we? Tsumugi ♪

(Although in exchange for helping you out with this, I'll have you teach me some things.)

(Tsumugi has many friends and acquaintances... even within the school, you could call him the leading insider.)

(He has complete knowledge of the situations in Yumenosaki Academy that, because of my absence due to my sickness, even I don't have a grasp on... of the soil otherwise known as "human relationships".)

(If I reel that in from him, it should be easier for me to understand.)

(I truly am grateful... for the thing you call "friends". You can have other people move under the premise of flimsy, ambiguous friendship.)

(And you don't even need a contract to sign.)

  1. The "Three Noble Children" (三貴子, which can be read as mihashira no uzu no miko...... or sankishi — note the similiarity with sankijin, or Three Oddballs, which was probably what Eichi was going for) are the trio of gods born from Izanagi. Amaterasu is the goddess (occasionally god) of the sun, Tsukuyomi is the god of the moon, and Susanoo is the god of storms and the sea.
    Incidentally, there were two other gods that were "thrown away" by Izanami and Izanagi for being defects — Hiroko (or Ebisu) and Awashima.
Translation: Shoe
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