Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Element - 12
Season: Autumn (秋) Location: Bulletin Boards
Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Sakuma Rei. You are both a noble man of character and a mighty, peerless heroic figure who tampered with even the domain outside.

But it's only in shounen manga that a single hero can save the entire world.

You have to die for the sake of love.

Your very love for people means that you can't abandon anybody, and you will be crushed to death by everything you burden. You will be mangled by love — and you will be poisoned to death by it.

... oh dear. If you don't go now, you're going to miss your flight.

For the sake of the people in far off countries who love and adore you... you should hurry, Mr. Hero ♪

(Powerful Person) Rei Sakuma Full Render Bloomed
Right. There's nothin' left for me to do in Yumenosaki anymore.

But y'know? Watchin' people get carried away with themselves really pisses me off, so lemme leave you with a curse.

Just like a demon should... You're the one who said we ain't like humans, so at least listen to this.

Tenshouin Eichi-kun, yeah? ... since long ago, you were on "this side".

Even if you spend your whole life trying to do so, I doubt you'd be able to find any dear, irreplaceable friends...

'cause you trampled on and killed all the potential candidates.

Poor thing.

Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Those are the best words of praise you could give me. Thank you... senpai ♪
Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Element - 12 Scene Change
Location: Underground Archives
Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
(I wonder if Eichi-kun is alright... the moment Rei-kun walked away, he immediately collapsed right beside me.)

(I carried him to the infirmary, but I'm still worried.)

(Tomorrow's live performance might be the important final showdown with the last Oddball, Hibiki Wataru-kun...)

(But the life of a person is more precious... I need to tell Eichi-kun to rest and not overdo it.)

(Although I doubt he'd listen to me. Eichi-kun is a person who can even treat his own life like a chess piece...)

(And I have a feeling that he's being awfully fixated on this live show in particular.)

(He has always talked about how much of a big fan he is of Hibiki-kun.)

(So I'm sure he at least wants to perform the last rites of the person he's always admired himself.)

(But it's just a mere live where nobody is going to die... and I suppose having that kind of mindset really does mean I'm treating it like another one's affairs.)

(In the story with Eichi-kun as the main character, I was given a role smack dab in the middle of everything, and yet all I did was watch, like I was the reader here.)

(I'm sure that must be impertinent of me.)

(To all the people who are living seriously and earnestly... I must be a despicable being.)

(I am one of those many people who ceased thinking. One of those people who Eichi-kun wished to change.)

(A background character whose existence doesn't matter and can be replaced any number of times.)

(No, I'm just an bug. All I do is sit at the bottom of the food chain pyramid, and wait to be eaten.)

(You're right, Rei-kun. This is just like being dead. That's why I'm so envious of everybody else.)

... eek!?

W-wha—? Are you there, Natsume-kun!?

An encyclopedia that probably would've made a dent in my skull if it made a direct hit just flew at me!

Natsume Sakasaki Labcoat Dialogue Render
Tch, you dodge IT? You're quicker than I THOUGHT, Tsumugi-senpai.
Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Wait, you were actually aiming for me!? And I wanted to think that it was just an accident!

Why did you throw something that could've killed me if it made contact with my head!? That's attempted murder!

And this isn't too important but you're back to calling me "Tsumugi-senpai"!

Was the Natsume-kun who adored and called me "Tsumugi-niisan" just a hallucination I saw!?

Natsume Sakasaki Labcoat Dialogue Render
Be QUIET. I'm impressed that you could just shamelessly show your face HERE... "fine"?
Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Ah, yes. Stock inspection and organization of the underground archives as well as my library committee work in general is practically endless.

Even now, it's still dragging on...

And I've been very busy with fine's activities these days as well.

But leaving this all alone without cleaning it up would make me feel uncomfortable, so I decided to try and find some free time to continue working on it.

Eichi collapsed, after all, and it seems like it'll take a little time until the rest of fine's members will join up with us...

So now that I have some time on my hands, I decided to make effective use of it ♪

Natsume Sakasaki Labcoat Dialogue Render
... I have been watching you for a long time NOW, but why do you perform so BADLY?

Do you even have any intention of finishing your JOB? You always keep checking back on your PROGRESS — you are absolutely terrible at EFFICIENCY.

Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Well, it's not something I'm in a hurry to do. And if you noticed something, please tell me~ This is the kind of thing I don't really pay attention to.
Natsume Sakasaki Labcoat Dialogue Render
I don't have any obligation to do THAT. Keep suffering and finding yourself in deep TROUBLE — you deserve IT ♪
Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
I see~! If me being troubled makes you happy, Natsume-kun, then I'll keep being troubled all you want ♪

Fufufu. Ever since I've started frequently heading down here to the archives, you've started speaking to me normally, and that makes me happy.

Although Eichi-kun got mad at me, since it's possible that I could accidentally leak information to the enemy.

You became one of the Five Oddballs before I even knew it.

Natsume Sakasaki Labcoat Dialogue Render
Hmph, I am simply one to make the numbers BALANCED...

Thanks to you, I was able to interact with the other ODDBALLS, and I can't even fathom all the things I had obtained as a RESULT. But in the end, I really was just a sacrificial LAMB.

Being called one of the Five Oddballs makes me want to VOMIT.

Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Ah, shall I ask Eichi-kun to have people stop calling you that, then? Even I can tell him those kinds of opinions, since we're friends ♪

Besides, I'm sure the story surrounding the Five Oddballs will end after tomorrow's live show.

If you don't like being called that, I will respect that.

Perhaps I shall ask Eichi-kun and make it the Three Oddballs.

I mean, it seemed like it was originally going to be "three" in the planning stages anyway.

Ah... incidentally, we'll be taking Shuu-kun off the roster as well.

It seems like it's become some kind of trauma for him, and he writhes in agony just by hearing the words "Five Oddballs" or "fine".

Translation: Shoe
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