Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
(Something Precious) Eichi Tenshouin CG
Season: Autumn (秋) Location: School Route
Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Congratulations, Eichi-kun!
Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Thank you, Tsumugi. ... you're celebrating like it's not your business. You're a member of fine as well, remember?

You have the right to be blessed and praised alongside me.

Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Oh, I'm just an extra compared to everybody else.

I like congratulating people more than being congratulated myself. Look, I prepared some party crackers ♪

Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Don't going popping them, or you'll surprise me so much that my heart will stop.
Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Oh right, you have a weak heart too. I'm sorry for being careless...

Fufu. But you really do get piles of bouquets, fan letters, and presents pretty much every day.

Everybody is supporting you.

Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Mm, that was the idea. But never mind us, who aren't really bearing the full brunt of everything — everybody else seems to be having much more of a hard time.

I suppose that's the natural reward for seizing victory, however.

Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
It really feels like a dream~ Like we became idols.
Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Fufu. I'm pretty sure we were idols from the start.

However, you shouldn't lose focus yet, Tsumugi. We still have the finishing touches left remaining.

We can't let our minds wander at the last moment, so make sure you don't forget to grab Nagisa-kun and Hiyori-kun by the collar.

Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Oh, there's no way somebody like me would be able to reign those two in. Especially Nagisa-kun — he completely looks down on me.
Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
He does have some faults with his personality. He's a piece that's hard to deal with, but I brought him in because he was essential.

Fighting fire with fire is a necessary process.

Even so, he'll put me in a bind if he keeps acting as he pleases.

Any more problematic behaviour, and it'll hurt fine's reputation. And in the same manner as the other members who left us previously...

I will have to dispose of those two properly after I squeezed them all to the last drop.

Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
Mmhm. Eichi-kun was the one who found, scouted, and exchanged contracts with them...

So you should take responsibility to the very end and be the one to manage everybody else.

Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
That goes without saying — I will do everything I can possibly do. At the moment, pretty much everything is going exactly as calculated.

I have taken into consideration any possible trouble, and while it may be close, my health should be able to last to the very end.

Tsumugi Aoba 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
You look rather pale... You really are pushing yourself, Eichi-kun.
Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render
At least let me do that. The dream that I've always wanted to grant is finally in reach.

(That's right. It wasn't exactly smooth sailing... but while evading the worst-case scenario, we are moving ahead mostly as planned.)

(Just one more move, and as long as I don't make an error in my endgame, it will be my victory.)

(Because of its everlasting corruption, the entertainment world's evaluation of Yumenosaki Academy had fallen to the ground.)

(The decline of employment rates, the decrease in recruitment, the slander... Everybody held dissatisfaction within their hearts.)

(This current situation was brought upon by the shamelessness of those depraved graduates themselves, because of their own bad behaviour and laziness.)

(But humans always seek the cause of their displeasure and insecurity from an outside source.)

(And that "somebody who isn't themselves", the root of all evil was given the name "the Five Oddballs".)

(Manipulating information, slowly taking time to lay down the groundwork... I created that kind of premise. That kind of common sense. That kind of composition.)

(I applied it to a lucid story about morality play, about rewarding good and punishing evil. And everybody effortlessly believed it.)

(Just like a dictator from long ago said... the general public really are pigs.)

(Because of the unit system, those transcendental individuals known as the Five Oddballs were relatively weakened...)

(And with the Dreamfest system, their ambiguous strength and numerical value as an idol were clearly expressed.)

(From an impartial, flat perspective, it's people like the Five Oddballs or Tsukinaga-kun who will be the ones to play the masterpieces and give out excellent performances.)

(But not everybody is a gourmet.)

(If strength is demonstrated in numbers, like an easy-to-understand children's card game, people will believe that and go "So that's what it is!" without a single doubt.)

(Even if I have control over those numbers.)

(Casinos are made to be profitable for the bookmakers. By creating a rough sketch — a measure...)

(It's only a natural conclusion that the only ones who could use that, fine, will become the victors.)

(It was a lot of work... But while I went through hardships, this is checkmate.)

Now then, everybody. Let us begin our last supper, and bring down the curtain to the old ages.

"We", the students of Yumenosaki Academy have united, joining forces to give rise to a revolution.

We are just a powerless crowd by ourselves.

But in any era, what causes the world to move in the right direction are the angry voices of those very nameless people.

By extermining those repulsive Five Oddballs to the very last one, everything will be resolved.

Let us grant our dreams, and bring back our peaceful daily lives.

Ah, thank you for the applause. I appreciate it — I love you all.

But while us fine are acting as everybody's representatives...

The ones who can change this Yumenosaki Academy, and the ones who will gain happiness and peace will be each and every one of you.

You are all main characters. We are no more than chess pieces, moving by the influence of your will.

It'll be rather embarrassing if you treat us like heroes.

Now... let us all make our dream come true. We are friends, family, and comrades who all embrace the same dream.

Hand in hand, let us denounce the great evil, and bring love back into this world.

There is only one Oddball left. In tomorrow's Dreamfest, we will slay him, make a magnificent and triumphant return, and exchange toasts at the banquet.

That is the kind of happy ending this story will have.

Translation: Shoe
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