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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Intimacy Level 2
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Garden Terrace

Hey, transfer student.

Have you adjusted to your life here yet?

Hm, it seems like you’re still being swept in the tide.

That makes sense. There are a lot of “naughty” types here.

It seems stability is still far away. But it’s still remarkable.

Humans seek stability. But if stability continues on, they can’t bear it.

Maybe it’s easier to understand if I compare it to music. We recoil when exposed to an explosive sound. But we break if silence continues for too long.

Moderate excitement and continuous stability are the very things that grant peace to the human spirit.

It’s like listening to pleasant music.

That is what I wish for.

I want to hear an ensemble of happiness, performed by everyone… forever.

But it’s very difficult to play that music.

If you do not pluck the strings of order and chaos at the optimal time and volume, it is grating on the ears.

I’m always dreaming of that beautiful music, that world filled with peace.

Perhaps that is the reason you were brought here as an exchange student as well.

Time had stopped at this school until you came here.

We were, sadly, much too stable. I’m partly responsible for that.

From the summit of the student council, I imposed a firm order at this school. No one tried to oppose me, they only submitted to the peace.

It was like the perfect molecular structure of a beautiful gemstone.

But no matter how beautiful it was, it was meaningless to me. To be stagnant is to die.

Under those circumstances, you were called here by everyone’s uncertainty, their craving. The gods, fate, the world all wished for you.

You’re like a stone that has been thrown into the stillness of our school.

Only the gods know what will happen. I don’t yet know If you’re an angel or a demon, but I welcome you from the bottom of my heart.

Do you know how life began? From the rotation of the earth appeared ocean waves.

A chemical change happened in those waves, and organic life was born.

The crashing waves are what birthed life. The corpse that is this school will surely breathe again. Yes, it will blossom.

Ah, I’m looking forward to it. My heart dances. It’s like a miracle.

But, proceed with caution. Though I am reluctant, I am the personification of “order” at this school.

Because you are the “chaos”, we will surely crash against each other.

I anxiously await that moment. You will surely scrape at, dissolve, and break this school, and me, frozen in boredom.

You’ll shatter it to pieces, without leaving a trace.

Please, break everything, somehow. Play the beautiful music.

I’ve been waiting so long for that moment.

That moment that beautiful music echoes through the school, and the audience greets it with raucous applause.

Translator: YumenoUkihashi
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