Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Unlock in (Emperor and Can) Eichi Tenshouin's Idol Road
Eichi Tenshouin - Afternoon Royaltea
Season: Spring (春) Location: School Store

Hello, Transfer student-chan.

What a coincidence, meeting you in a place like this. Fate might really be drawing you and me together, after all...♪

Oh. I don't want you to be so "put off"; is this the correct way to use “put off”?

Apparently, it’s a little difficult for me to use the phrases of youngsters nowadays...♪ It's just a little joke.

I’m actually quite interested in you, but to you, I must be a detested enemy who tore your comrades apart.

It can't be helped if you loathe me. Though it makes me a bit sad.

Well, it seems like you've got a surprisingly “casual” personality, so maybe you haven’t been dragging along a grudge for too long...?

Oh, I'm sorry for observing you so closely. It must not feel good to have someone trying to guess your feelings. I apologize.

Let's talk about such topics when we get a little closer ♪

That being said, it’s kind of the Student Council president’s job to figure out what others are thinking.

It seems I've made a habit out of peeking into people's hearts when I talk to them...♪ It can't be good, I should reflect on my actions.

I wonder if it's because I've been hospitalized for so long, but I'm terrible at grasping the proper distance between people. I'm sorry if I offended you.

It would be a pity if you unnecessarily misunderstood me. I want to act like a Student Council president who is friendly and loved by everyone.

By the way, transfer student-chan. How do you work this thing called a vending machine? You know, that thing over there, in the corner of the shop...

Apparently, this machine is an object that sells drinks without needing people, or something. I’ve been interested in it for a while.

My, it’s wonderful. A product born to eliminate the cost of labor, and efficiently sell objects; this is a crystal of human technology. I’m impressed.

You all purchase drinks and the like from this, don't you?

I've wanted to try it out once. That's why I carried myself all the way to the shop.

I’m always surrounded by followers. So, for example, if I say “I’m thirsty,” someone will pour me tea.

That's not very typical, right? That's what I thought, so I broke free from my followers and managed to run away.

I ran a lot, so now I'm thirsty; it should be a good opportunity to get used to this vending machine, right?

To get close to the people, and become familiar with their culture. As an idol, it's essential for me to pay attention to the action on the streets.

If all I did was recline atop my throne, I would be a naked king.

I am the “emperor” of Yumenosaki Academy, but the throne is lonely, cold, and distant from the people.

I want a more common—no, I want to spend my days closer to the warmth of others. Could you perhaps help me out?

I am your enemy; I recognize that this is a rude request to make. But the higher the wall, the greater the experience and benefits when you overcome it.

That's how things work. Those who defeat the evil monsters are rewarded with great treasures.

If you look at it in the long run, helping me out will work to your advantage. This is an investment in your future.

I will become even stronger. As a higher, more austere enemy, I will stand in your path as an obstacle once more.

When that day comes, I do not want to reveal a shameful self to my dearest enemies. Please, I hope you'll consider my feelings.

It's not like you're just Trickstar's producer, right?

I would like you to lend a hand to a concerned idol, “producer”-chan ♪

Oh. You're going to lend me your strength? I'm grateful—you are a kind child.

Or have you gotten sick of listening to my long talk?

Hm. I see, you pick the drink that you want, and put the coin in the machine. How simple; it's an efficient system. I understand it now.

Everyone purchases drinks in this way, huh...♪

Transfer student-chan, would you like to drink anything? I don't know if this is enough to thank you, but... I'll pay you back, so purchase as many drinks as you wish.

If possible, could you also give me a recommendation? I can't really tell what kind of drinks these are just by looking at their packaging.

I'm sorry for leaving this all up to you, but please, lend me your strength.

Oh, is that black tea? I'll have that, then, this is exciting...♪

Hm. I'm sorry, Transfer student-chan, but how do you open this can? Are there black tea leaves inside?

Hm, the drink is right inside. You lift this thing called a puru tabu[1] and...

Oh, now there’s a hole that makes it easy to drink from? How wonderful, what craftsmanship.

Ah, it doesn’t taste bad at all, either. My throat, my heart, and my body are all satisfied. Ah, I've had such a fruitful experience today... ♪

I will move forward in this way, day after day. And, once more, I will climb back up to the throne that you all dragged me down from, and face you guys head on.

I look forward to that day.

You're “excited” too, right, Transfer student-chan?

  1. “Pull tab”—he says this in hiragana rather than katakana because he is unfamiliar with the concept
  • The title of the story is a play on words: “Gogo no Kotei” means “Afternoon Emperor” (“the emperor in the afternoon”), but it is also a reference to the name of this tea, gogo no kocha, which means “afternoon tea.” The translator is very adamant about the editor taking full responsibility for the groan-worthy translated title, so: I'm sorry for the bad pun.
Translator: Healingbonds
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