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The idol representative of the idol agency, Starmaker Production. With a serene and mindful disposition, he loves idols more than anyone else. With a gentle and delicate voice, his performances have a feeling of elegance and warmth.

Eichi is a member of Starmaker Production's fine.[1]

Ensemble Stars! Introduction

Always smiling, Eichi is the student council president, making him the academy's most influential person. He had been hospitalized long-term due to his weak constitution. His family owns a large business and has connections in the entertainment world.

He has a benevolent soul and cares deeply for the academy and its students. While he's kind to those inside his circle, there's a side of him that is ruthless when it comes to outsiders. His body isn't in great shape, but his performance has a transcendental charm to it. A member of fine, the academy's most formidable unit. (from 2015)


Eichi has pale blond hair and light blue eyes with a fair complexion.

On stage in his unit outfit, Eichi wears a three-piece suit with a white cravat that is tinged pale gold at the bottom. His tailcoat is mainly white in color, although it is lined with pale blue fabric, and is decorated with golden embellishments on the lapels and collar. The cufflinks and pocket lining are golden. His waistcoat is the same pale blue as his waistcoat lining. His pants are white with golden embellishments on the waist and golden-lined pockets. He wears short white gloves. His shoes are white with gold accents and soles.

His casual outfit consists of a light blue button down shirt and white trousers. The collars, sleeves and buttons of the shirt are a darker navy blue. He wears a wristwatch on his left hand.

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Eichi is a very tall young man with a good build. He has light blonde, smooth hair that is cut below his jawline. He has long bangs. He wears the school's uniform done up neatly, with a green tie. He wears brown loafers.

On stage, Eichi wears fine's uniform, which includes a white tuxedo shirt, a white ruffled tie with blue trims and a dark blue vest with yellow buttons. The uniform consists of a regal white and gold jacket with decorations on the lapel. He also wears white suit pants and white dress shoes.


Soft-spoken and articulate, Eichi presents himself with the general elegance of someone raised in high society. He generally emotes with various shades of faint smiles regardless of situation, and treats most situations with an airy lack of gravity and general interest, with a preference for the wild and unpredictable. Very little breaks his cordial demeanor, and, should something upset him, he would rather tuck that away at his breast and return the favor tenfold later. He is inclined toward childishness in regards to how easily he is entertained, and how petty he can be.

Beneath his politesse, Eichi is both ruthless and loving. He will fall short of no machination to gain what it is he wants, but his underlying motivations are largely good— he wants to create a better future for the generations that succeed him and his peers, so those younger will not have to suffer the way their predecessors have. However, what makes him so contentious among his peers is that Eichi always opts for efficiency: being terminally ill, Eichi has very little time and very little experience with the world, and so he chooses the fastest—fastest being often the cruelest—path from A to B, as well as the path that offers him the most entertainment.

Eichi has lived most of his life confined to a hospital bed, so weak that he was often unable to even feed himself; when he was able to leave the hospital, he was friendless and isolated, surrounded by vultures who wanted to climb into his good graces as heir to the Tenshouin Zaibatsu, the largest conglomerate in Japan's entertainment industry. This has left him, in short, lonely; his only company for a long time was watching idols on the hospital television, as well as movies and books. In a less tragic assessment of affairs, this means he is clumsy with basic social concepts like friendship, and he is long-winded and dramatic from having socialized mainly with movies and books.


Eichi's first name consists of two characters which mean "hero" (英) and "wisdom" (智). His last name consists of three characters which mean "heaven" (天), "auspice" (祥), and "institution" (院). The characters that make up his name fit his elite, exalted image.


  • He has implied that he has English conversation skills and has offered to help instruct Anzu about it.[2]
  • Despite his frail health, he has a hearty appetite and a preference for meat.[3]
  • Eichi has a fondness for making puns.[4][5]
  • Eichi has the ability to mimic anything nearly perfectly if he's observed it closely enough, including circus stunts and dance moves.[6] Conversely, Eichi has also remarked that he struggles with being creative.[7]
  • He is childhood friends with Keito, the student council vice president.[8]
  • Eichi maintains an exchange diary with Wataru.[9]
  • Eichi has an "Eichi-kun gauge" that monitors his physical health. When it hits zero, his servants appear to transport him to medical care.[10]
  • Sora described his color as "The same color as Natsume Sakasaki[11]".
  • Eichi used to be a spoiled child who behaved much like Tori when he was younger.[12]
  • Eichi describes Keito as having been a "charming young shinigami" when he was younger. He says that, as children, they often spent their days talking about what kind of funeral to hold for Eichi, and how Keito would be the one to perform the funeral rites to help Eichi pass on to the next life. Eichi, who has stated that he's afraid of death, expresses that he takes solace in this experience.[13]
  • During the War era, Eichi remarks that no one would come to visit him when he was hospitalized, so he began to forbid visitors all together.[14]
  • Eichi expresses contempt for the concept of heroes, claiming that they are glorified killers.[15]
    • This contempt may also be partly connected to his belief that he was a hero in in the past.[16]
  • During the War era, Eichi demonstrates difficulty understanding that people would befriend genuinely, instead of only wanting to use him for his connections as a Tenshouin. This led to a fracture in his relationship with Tsumugi in the past.[17]
    • Later on, Eichi says he no longer has the right to have Tsumugi's friend, despite Tsumugi expressing that he'd like to be friends again.[18]
  • During the War era, Eichi considered Wataru to be his ideal idol[19]; later on, he expresses that he'd like to become an idol Wataru admires as well.[20]
    • Building on this, Eichi later expresses that he'd like to be for Tori what Wataru is for him.[21]
  • Eichi expresses that Yumenosaki Academy was dull without Leo Tsukinaga around to challenge him.[22]
    • Eichi has stated that he considers Leo to be his rival.[23]

Voice Actor Comment

"This game seems like a lot of fun. There are many characters, so I'm sure you will find someone to your liking! Please try it out. I really like my own character, so I do hope I will have another opportunity to portray him (^-^)" (Enstars!)

""* (Enstars!!)

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