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Ensemble Stars!! idol song season1 2wink is a single released by 2wink. It includes one new unit song featured in the Beyond! Resonating Twin Peaks event and a 2wink arrangement of BRAND NEW STARS!!.

Track Listing

  1. Fighting Dreamer

    - Lyrics: Yohei Matsui (松井洋平)
    - Composition: SHOW & Dirty Orange
    - Arrangement: Dirty Orange
  2. BRAND NEW STARS!! (2wink ver.)

    - Lyrics: Saori Codama (こだま さおり)
    - Composition: Satoru Kuwabara (桑原 聖) - Arte Refact
    - Arrangement: Masatomi Waki (脇 眞富) - Arte Refact
  3. Fighting Dreamer (Instrumental)