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Troupe Dramatica ACT 1 Journey to the West - The Eternal Legend (劇団『ドラマティカ』ACT1/西遊記悠久奇譚, Gekidan 'Doramatika' ACT1 - Saiyuki Yuukyuu Kitan) is the first Dramatica stage play and features an original story. It is produced by Frontier Works.

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Actor Info Character
Yamamoto stage play.jpg Ikkei Yamamoto (山本 一慶) as Hokuto Hidaka - Portraying Sun Wukong
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Hokuto stage play.jpg
Yasui stage play.jpg Kazuma Yasui (安井 一真) as Wataru Hibiki - Portraying Tang Sanzang
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Wataru stage play.jpg
Yamazaki stage play.jpg Taiki Yamazaki (山崎大輝) as Shu Itsuki - Portraying Zhu Bajie
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Shu stage play.jpg
Kizu Tsubasa Stage Play.jpg Tsubasa Kizu (木津 つばさ) as Natsume Sakasaki - Portraying Sha Wujing
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Natsume Stage Play.jpg
Matsuda stage play.jpg Gaku Matsuda (松田 岳) as Nagisa Ran - Portraying Yu Long
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Nagisa stage play.jpg



  • Screenplay & Director: Naohiro Ise
  • Music: Arte Refact



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