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Doctor's Coats
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Season: Autumn (秋)
Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Chapters: 4 Translation: Riitranslates
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Story Notes

Titles and Honorificis:

  • Buchou: Club Leader. Although it's only used once to address Nazuna, so it only appears as Buchou that one time. Other times, I translated it into "Captain" which feels more appropriate to a sports-related club.

Doctor's Coats - 2:

  • Izumi calls Tori "Momo-kun" as a pun on his name. Tori is written as 桃李 with 桃 representing the "Tou" part of his name. The same character can also be read as "Momo" though. The distinction on which reading Izumi uses was addressed in Tori's Substory. Conversely, it's not clear to me yet whether Nazuna himself uses Tou-chin or Momo-chin, but as I haven't seen him outright alter a name before, I'm keeping it as Tou-chin for now.
  • Okama is a generally derogative word and can range anywhere from "girly man" to "transvestite" to more insulting terms. I've decided to keep it as is as your mileage my vary on how Izumi wants to say it.
  • Wasn't sure about translating "Kuma" since it's a bit of a double pun, since it comes from Ritsu's name "Sakuma" but also means Bear

Doctor's Coats - 3:

  • This is actually a generic 'heave' sound for making effort, but I took the liberty of changing it since he's exercising because I felt like it made little sense otherwise.
  • The number to call for emergencies in Japan. In particular, 119 is the number to call for an ambulance or for emergencies such as rescue cases or fires. There is a separate number to call for the police (110)
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