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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Dance Floor - Chapter 5.png
Location: Park (grass area)
(Dance Time) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

…*pant*. As expected, I’m a little tired.

And there’s still some time to go before it’s the season where the sunlight is harsh. I’m not a vampire, but I’m completely exhausted.

I’m happy that it seems that I was able to get to know them a little better and grow closer to them.

I’ll be resting in the shade, but please continue practicing, everyone.

Yuzuru Fushimi Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.png

Certainly. You need to hydrate yourself, don’t you? I have prepared some tea and the like.

We have run out of drinks in the thermos flask, so I will fetch some additional drinks.

(Dance Time) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

There’s no need to worry, Yuzuru. I’ll just buy something appropriate from the vending machine over there.

Wataru Hibiki Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.png

Amazing! As expected of His Majesty the “Emperor”, you know how to use a vending machine…☆

Tori Himemiya Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.png

You’re amazing, Kaichou! Vending machines are still like magic boxes to me even now, you know~?

(Dance Time) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

Fufu. I’m a fast learner.

More importantly, I have poor stamina so it won’t effective if every single one of you matches my pace and rests with me. I told you to go on with the lesson.

Wataru Hibiki Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.png

Yes sir! Watch me play elegantly…☆

Hey, Himegimi, can you understand? It’s a form of playing where you rotate the playground equipment fixed in the ground and produce an optical illusion!

It’s a technique that makes use of magic and trick art, a performance that makes use of illusions!

The five senses are much easier to deceive than we think they are!

If you possess excellent skills, things like inverting the direction rain falls in, making something appear in empty space, spitting fire from your mouth…

You’ll be able to do simple magic-like things like that♪

Tori Himemiya Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.png

Are those skills necessary in “fine”? If you mention magic, doesn’t “Switch” come to mind?

Wataru Hibiki Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.png

Oh? Himegimi, you know about other “units”, do you?

In the past, you used to make an expression that said, “I’m not interested in mediocre “units”~”, though!

Yuzuru Fushimi Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.png

That’s because it’s impossible to disregard other “units” while participating in activities in Yumenosaki Gakuin.

While being influenced by one another, it’s inevitable for one to gain such knowledge in the process of working diligently.

Tori Himemiya Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.png

That’s true, but… Yuzuru, you steal my lines from time to time, don’t you.

Yuzuru Fushimi Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.png

I speak in your place, Bocchama, as you poorly express yourself. If by any chance I make a slip of the tongue, you’ll be able to deal with it as a case of my incompetence.

Tori Himemiya Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.png

Eh~. I don’t like forcing the responsibility on someone in a “my secretary did it” kind of way, though?

(Dance Time) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

…Fufu. We’re truly harmonious in a way I cannot imagine the previous “fine” being, just like children playing innocently in the park.

Anzu-chan. We’re playing with all our might as you’ve instructed us to, but

I don’t really understand your intentions. Is this useful to the “original dance” in some way?

…Oh. You wiped my sweat for me, thank you.

The fact that I’m sweating shows that metabolism is occurring, which is proof that my health is in good condition.

My sweat dries when my body isn’t in good condition, after all.

Ahaha. That’s ticklish, Anzu-chan. I can wipe my own sweat if you just pass the towel to me. I feel like I’ve become a baby.

But this is fine too. Above all, you’ve become less reluctant to touch people of the opposite gender.

In the beginning, you were very shy and got embarrassed by every little thing.

But if you had stayed that way, you would have been unreliable when it comes to jobs. In Yumenosaki Gakuin, you, too, have considerably…

No, I’m delighted that you were able to adapt to your position as a “producer”.

I’d like you to continue to grow, to adapt to the environment and evolve, and become our support.

Here, I’ll treat you to this drink from the vending machine to return the favor.

If I remember correctly, you like sugary drinks, don’t you? I remember because Ritsu-kun said, “we have the same taste” rather happily.

It feels like poison to me if it’s too sweet, so I’m not very good with them.

…Hmm? Anzu-chan, what are you looking at?

Aah… Perhaps it’s because we’ve been making a big fuss, but the children playing in the park are coming towards us.

I see, “Ryuseitai” performs hero shows in this park rather often, so…

It seems like many of the children are aiming for that and thus gathering around us.

If so, they’re our precious audience members and it’s our duty to entertain them well. Please leave this to us, “Producer”-chan♪

Fufu. The children are following Wataru’s movements with sparkling eyes.

The man himself is accompanying them in an enjoyable manner. He’s producing things like flowers one after another and entertaining them.

Our practice clothes are lightweight, so I wonder where he’s storing all his magic items?

In contrast, perhaps it’s because Tori and Yuzuru are difficult to approach, so the children appear to be surrounding them at a distance.

I get it, I just understood your intentions, Anzu-chan.

Tori! Yuzuru! You two should watch and learn from Wataru and make the children who’ve gathered here happy!

You’re not allowed to talk to them or give them candy. Use only the expression of your body to attract the children’s attention. I’ll do the same once I’ve recovered.

Yuzuru Fushimi Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.png

Sigh… I’ll obey you if that’s an order. But won’t we be a hindrance to the children who want to play in the park?

(Dance Time) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render.png

Whether you’ll be a hindrance depends on your abilities. It’s game over if you make the children cry or their guardians are called over.

That would hurt “fine”s reputation, and would be a major disgrace.

This isn’t Yumenosaki Gakuin, but a park. Some degree of concern is necessary.

Nonetheless, we’re still children as well, so there’s no need for us to restrain ourselves and leave.

Let’s play together. Until we’re completely satisfied. That’s probably the experience that all of us lack.

Translation: Kean
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