Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Concerto 4
Location: Cafe
Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
Anyhow. “MaM” is the only “solo unit” within Yumenosaki Academy.

An exception set up for Mikejima, and we don’t know how to handle it.

If only he could just pick a favorite person...

Make them a member of “MaM,” and become a normal “unit” with more than one person. That would make things easier, but... It seems he has no intention of doing that at all.

He continues working as a “solo unit”; I did recommend him a number of promising people, but it was no use.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
Mikejima-kun is an unprecedented child, after all; it’s impossible for the average person to keep up with him.

Plus, the system is structured so that we can’t force him to add new members unless he wants to.

Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
Indeed. Each person gets to decide which “unit” they wish to belong to, and the leader of the “unit” is responsible for approving its members.

In this case, it’s Mikejima’s responsibility.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
Ah, by the way, it seems like Mikejima-kun has known Anzu-chan for quite a while.

She’s also currently counted as a member of the “Idol Department” as a special exception to the rules.

How about we prompt Anzu-chan to join “MaM”?

Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
She definitely has no intention to.

She made the “Tanabata Festival” a success, and is maturing as a “producer.” If we tell her to become an idol after all that, she’s sure to refuse.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
You’re right. For better or worse, experiencing success can determine one’s path in life.

It would also be a waste to use Anzu-chan, who is so interesting, as a means to limit Mikejima-kun’s movements.

So I guess we’ll have to leave him alone for a while.

Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
In my opinion, our only option is to do whatever we can to keep things as they currently are.

Let nature take its course; it’s best to not try and control a natural disaster.

There’s no need to forcibly suppress him; it’s nonsensical to spend energy trying.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
Hm~. Having a figure who is difficult to deal with makes me concerned; what if something happens?
Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
To some extent, it’s possible to limit him using school rules.

A “solo unit” is, as the name says, defined as a “unit.” In other words, the rules of the “unit” system can be applied.

No matter how you look at him, he’s an individual, but “MaM” is still a “unit”.

That’s why he can participate in DreamFes where there are limitations such as “only units may participate”.

At the same time, by calling himself “Mikejima Madara” instead of “MaM,” he can take part in DreamFes where only individuals may participate.

When he’s participating in DreamFes limited to “units,” he’s essentially just using a different name.

That sort of idol isn’t too out-of-the-ordinary in the real world.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
In other words, Mikejima-kun is the only one who can participate in any kind of DreamFes. Within Yumenosaki, he’s an exception—the only one of his kind.

He’s costing us a lot; he can take on jobs limited to “units” and keep all the rewards for himself.

In addition, there are no other members, so nobody is holding him back.

Everything works out in his favor. Aren’t we spoiling him too much?

I want to change the school rules so that there’s some sort of disadvantage when acting as a “solo unit”.

Hypothetically speaking, if we had recognized “solo units” when subjugating the “five oddballs,” everything would have fallen apart.

Because it would have allowed the “five oddballs” to move on their own; we would’ve had no means to weaken them, and wouldn’t have been able to touch them.

Now that everything is over, we can overlook “solo units,” but...

History repeats itself. If the same sort of thing happens again... I worry that the existence of “solo units” will hinder the children of the future.

Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
Well, there’s no use worrying about that. The children of the future will think hard and come up with some sort of solution.

That story will take place in a dimension that we cannot participate in.

I’m working out a plan so that we can erase the clause on “solo units” upon Mikejima’s graduation.

The system can’t uphold itself if it recognizes an individual as a “unit,” after all.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
All these problems are giving me a headache. I suppose I can’t retire for a while yet.
Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
This is where the real fight begins. You can do it, Eichi. I’ll also do my best.
Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
You’re right, you’re that sort of person... Keito.

First, let’s watch today’s concert, and discern Mikejima-kun’s abilities and current condition to the best of our abilities.

If he turns out to be an insignificant entity, we can leave him alone. If he seems dangerous, we’ll come up with a plan to deal with him.

Because “fine” was unstable for a while, all the work I had to do piled up, and I’d been putting it off, but...

One by one, let’s deal with the problems we have yet to settle.

For the future of our beloved idol industry.

“Men are your hedges, men are your castles...”[1] Let us stabilize the soil in the garden of idols—in Yumenosaki Academy, which will produce people who will support the future of the idol industry.

Lately other schools have been gaining power as well, so there’s no use only cleaning up Yumenosaki Academy, but I’ll do my best where I can without dying.

Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
Yes, that’s good. I’ll do whatever I can to assist you.
Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
(...You make it sound like it’s something that doesn’t affect you. Personally, I’m more concerned about you, “Akatsuki,” than I am about Mikejima-kun.

How long do you intend to pose as my guardian... and act like an aide, or a secretary?

You’re satisfied with the status of No. 2, and you avoid aiming for greater heights.

Our enemy used to be precisely that sort of fool who failed to use his mind... isn’t that right, Keito?

Well, I suppose the issue now is Mikejima-kun, not Keito.

I only have two arms; it’s impossible for me to hold so many problems and solve them all perfectly.

Let me take these steps one by one. That’s the only way to climb the stairway to heaven.

No... if Keito is going to send me there, I suppose it’s not heaven, but Buddhist Paradise?)

Keito Hasumi Summer School Dialogue Render
What’s wrong, Eichi? I won’t give you any chiffon cake; there’s too much sugar in it for it to be healthy for you.
Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
It’s nothing. I was simply staring off into space while thinking about the future.
  1. Eichi does his own (partial) spin on one of Takeda Shingen’s famous poems

    Men are your castles
    Men are your walls
    Sympathy is your ally
    Enmity is your foe

    It is popularly interpreted to mean “no matter how sturdy a castle is, if it does not have the support of the people, it will fall”
Translation: healingbonds
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