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Writer: Mitsuki Chapters: 6 Translator:
364-Unbirthdays Chp 1

Spaceburgers Chp 2-6

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Translation Notes
Story CGs

Writer: Mitsuki
Close Encounter - 1
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Vice President, good morning~ It’s such a coincidence for us to meet up before school♪
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
…...Oh, it’s Isara. Good morning.
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
It’s another tired expression, huh~ …...Were you busy until late last night?
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
It wasn’t much difference from normal, not too late.

My home is a temple, so I have to follow doctrine from time to time. If I stay up too late and be unable to wake up the next day, it wouldn’t be worth the candle.

However, I haven’t been able to do that lately. As it’s close to graduation, there’s just too much things to be prepared.

No matter if it’s order, efficiency, or just completing within our quota, the amount of work able to be finished within such a short time has a limit.

Faced against the physical issue of [I can’t hurry up], no wonder everything is in a mess.

Luckily, the student council’s work is being already slowly handed over to you people, and, if I’m to be honest, it’s been helping us a great deal.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Even if you say that…… Vice President, you’re from the student council, but you haven’t been able to sleep much, either.

We’re just not that useful, or maybe it’s just that the difference between our respective experiences is just too big.

Once it falls onto us, we just keep on stumbling, emergencies just keep……

I just can’t imagine a student council with only us in it~?

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Then do you want Eichi and I to all go on a holiday, and leave you all to experience it ahead of time?
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Ah, no, no, I still have a lot of things to learn from my Senpais~

The closer it gets to our Senpais’ graduation, the more the Kouhais want to treasure time♪

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
I personally feel that your abilities are sufficient. If you want to learn something new, how about learning to view yourself in a more positive angle.

During the new year speech-giving as well, you kept comparing yourself to Eichi, and then concluded that you weren’t good enough.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
It’s because I hadn’t done that sort of thing before, y’know, unlike President, who received proper education about it.

I’m just a normal high-school student, I haven’t been able to steady my heart for the position of the Student Council President.

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Can a high-school student who has been able to stand on the [SS] stage really say they’re [normal]?
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Ahaha, those are two different things. It's only because I was together [Trickstar], that……
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Huh. You [Trickstar] are a rather democratic [unit], all your members put your heads together to think, make a decision together. No one else could be so arbitrary.

Thus, you lack a leader’s opinions, which is not altogether inexcusable.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
As expected of Vice President, hitting the target in just one sentence.

Us [Trickstar] really are that kind of group. We’re pretty close when it comes to our level of abilities, so there’s no definite leader here.

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
It’s because of this, your way of doing things will suit next year’s Yumenosaki.

After a change in era, the people’s way of thinking and doing things will also change.

Although the breaking of the absolute right to establish everything by oneself has not specifically an event that makes people happy…… However, feelings will make way for feelings, and reason for reason.

That was applicable for the previous era’s style of work. Right now, however, a new era has begun.

And thus, a new order and a new leader is needed.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
You’re right, but establishing a new system is pretty hard. Take the [Reviewing Plan Authority] for example, it is a system that has operated under the vice president’s eye.

If we don’t have you, Vice President….

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Which is why, after consulting with many others and coming to a conclusion, isn’t this suitable for your way of style.

The one who created a new era isn’t anyone else, but you, [Trickstar].

In order to protect your era, to a man, this is something that goes without saying.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Although, before the change in era, there are also things that won’t change. Allowing idols to shine brightly, allow the audience to be able to have a smile bloom on their faces, allow Yumenosaki to become a successful idol academy……

This is what we have been working hard for, and for you as well, it’s all the same.

What kind of results will your way of style produce in the new era……

I’m looking forward to it, Isara.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Ahh, after hearing Vice President’s words, I suddenly feel like the pressure and expectations have all risen up~♪
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Hehe, you speak the truth, this is also a part of oral skills. You bastard, your New Year’s speech wasn’t too bad, but you completely relied on your aura and feelings.

When it comes to oral skills, you still have lots more to work on. Come to the student council room during lunch time later.

If it’s Isara, only a little bit of time should be enough to introduce……


Mao Isara School Dialogue Render

(Aaah, it’s that annoying guy again, making such a loud ruckus so early in the morning……)

(Even flinging it onto Vice President’s face, does he even want to have a peaceful rest of the day?)

(What even is this, a music score……? The writing on it is so messy, is this really not some kind of prank?)

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Er…… Vice President, are you alright?
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
I’m fine. Isara, help me pick up those papers.

Ah….. It’s scattered everywhere, how many sheets exactly did that bastard drop. I’ll go over there and leave this place to you, take care not to leave even a single one.

Seriously, how incorrigible.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
(Ah, Vice President isn’t angry?)

(Nonono, if it's Vice President, is this just a [I’ll pretend nothing has happened] sort of reaction?!)

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Have you finished picking them up? That’s good.

I roughly know who was the culprit, and I can guess where he is right now, and, in all likelihood, if we chased after him now, we’d be able to catch him pretty fast.

What a coincidence, I guess you could say that the following situation is unavoidable.

Before our departure, make sure [our problems] are solved, make sure not to hand the rotten fruit to our kouhais.

That is what a Senpai ought to do.

Translation: Credits

Writer: Mitsuki
Close Encounter - 2
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Oi~ You don’t have to look around, I’m right here.

Honestly, you were the one who asked me to help you organize costumes, so you should’ve arrived earlier.

Isn’t it common sense that you shouldn’t make your senpais wait for you, but you should be the one waiting for your senpais instead?

Alright, stop nodding at me. It’s not going to solve anything. How annoying.

You should count your blessings that we’re still in school, and that the one waiting for you was me.

If you entered the entertainment world, you’d meet some assholes who enjoy making things difficult for young people just for fun…

Be careful you don’t get completely eaten up.

Forget it, there’s no point in saying this to you, all you can do is laugh stupidly. Just wait till you’re in trouble, then you’ll be grateful for “big brother’s” kind words ♪

…It seems someone else got to the photo studio first. Who else did you call for? Was it Kasa-kun?

(Greetings From Space) Leo Tsukinaga CG
Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Hmm~ …Why, if it isn’t Ou-sama. Don’t tell me this idiot came too early and ended up falling asleep.

You didn’t call for him? Well, I guess. There’s no way you could count on this idiot with no common sense for help. It’d be a miracle if he didn’t end up causing even more trouble.

Well, whatever it is, get him up first. We can’t do anything while he’s sleeping on the floor.

Although… isn’t this idiot sleeping way too soundly, with that defenselessly happy look on his face? Just looking at it pisses me off.

What are you doing, tickling him? There’s no way you could wake him up by being that gentle. Step aside.

Oi~ wake up. It’s morning, Mr. Sun’s already climbed its way on top of your head~

Hurry up and get up already! You’re getting in the way!

…Hmph, no reaction at all.

Anzu, do you know how to wake up someone who doesn’t want to get up?

Splash cold water on him? …Not bad, you do occasionally bring up an opinion actually worth considering ♪

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Even if you pour cold water on me, I still won’t talk!
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
……Yawn ♪

Huh? Anzu, Sena! What are you doing? Where are we? Why am I here?

Ah, I got it, I remember everything now!

Just now, I was kidnapped by some evil spirits to a strange world, and they tried to get me to tell them the secrets of my genius by threatening to torture me with cold water!

Just when tragedy was about to strike, you worked together to destroy that imaginary world and saved me.

You brought about a “Happy Ending” for everyone……☆

But this is way too tacky! That’s a common disease of comedies. But it can’t be helped, because everyone likes comedies better.

This isn’t the script I wrote myself at all, wahahaha……☆

But just as expected of Sena, you’re always dependable in the most critical of moments. Mm hmm, as long as you’re here I can put my mind at ease.

Anzu too! What a brave kid, saving me together with Sena.

No wonder I specifically took down your name in pen back then. Let me praise you, good girl, good girl……♪

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Enough. When are you going to stop sleep-talking? No spirit and no human is trying to interrogate you.

Anzu, you’re a producer, right? Then go ahead and tell him he’s being foolish.

Look at you, why are you sticking your head out so happily, like you actually want to be petted? Are you a kid?

There has to be a limit to foolishness, or else you’ll either be an idiot or just plain worthless.

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Uwahh, you’re too much!

But on account of Sena’s admirable service, I won’t get mad……☆

Continue being a devoted “knight”, even though I’m just a “king” who thinks he’s wearing new clothes ♪

But if there are “knights” there has to be a “king” who can let them serve, otherwise they’re no longer “knights”, but instead just “rangers” or “vagabonds”.

It’s thanks to you guys that I can stand here, wahahahaha ☆

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Apart from composing music, this idiot’s other talent is talking to himself…… No one understands you at all, you’re so~ annoying!

Forget it, you’re not going to listen to me anyway. Ou-sama, why are you here? Did you not go home last night?

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Uu, uuuuu, don’t just ask me out of the blue like that, I can’t remember either! There’s a hole in my memory!

I think I saw Ritsu in the music room, talked to him for a bit, suddenly got struck with inspiration, and then wrote it down……

Ah, my music scores, there’s only this one sheet left...!

My yet-to-be-finished masterpiece vanished…!

What is this, a conspiracy targeted at me? Can something rare not commit crimes?

Because I’m a genius, god wants to make fun of me?!

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
You’re so noisy, quiet down a little.

You really can’t remember how you got here at all? Then you probably left your music scores somewhere during that period of time.

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Uu…… I can’t remember at all!
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Ah, what a pain, can’t you give me a bit of a hint?! It’ll be really hard finding them again like this.
Translation: Credits

Writer: Mitsuki
Close Encounter - 3
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
(Worrywart) Mao Isara Full Render Bloomed
What’s wrong, vice-president? You suddenly stopped, I almost walked right into you.
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Ah~ Some troublesome guys have arrived……
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Who are you calling troublesome? The real “troublesome guy” is the one scribbling all over the place over there.
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Hmph, you’re so noisy. I’m sorry, but if you have something to say, can it wait till Ou-sama’s done writing?

I don’t get why even losing things can “strike him with inspiration”, but that idiot’s actually writing a new song seriously.

Which is why I said, could you please not break his concentration?

He’s an idiot, so once “broken”, he can never go back to how he used to be. No matter how hard he worked before…*

It’s always been this way.

If he kicks up a fuss it’ll be rea~lly annoying.

So in order to prevent any unnecessary trouble, if you’re going to disturb him you have to try defeating me first ♪

*T/N: There’s a bit of a pun going on here. Izumi tells Keito not to interrupt Leo, but the word he uses for interrupt can also mean to break, i.e. “once Leo’s broken he can never go back...” I tried to convey that as effectively as possible in English, but there really isn’t any equivalent word/phrase.

(Worrywart) Mao Isara Full Render Bloomed
(Uwah… Even though he’s smiling, his entire body’s exuding cold vibes?)

(He was like this from time to time too, back when Trickstar and Knights rehearsed together. I feel like I’m almost used to it by now.)

(But we didn’t even do anything this time, though…?)

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Has stupidity been spreading? This isn’t the war anymore, why are you still going on about defeating people?

Hmm. I suppose I can understand that it’s nearing graduation, so the stress is causing you to flare up easily.

I came here to return Tsukinaga’s sheet music. Lecturing you was merely secondary.

These scores were scattered all over the field outside. I don’t know what on earth Tsukinaga was trying to do.

I’d planned on observing the situation before I decided if I should start lecturing or not, but looking at it now, things haven’t gotten to the point where I need to interfere yet.

How rare, that idiot hasn’t written on the walls or floor at all. He isn’t like this at the archery club, the moment he gets excited…

(Moonlit Chase) Izumi Sena CG
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Oi, don’t write on the floor, it’ll be a pain to clean up!

The whiteboard’s over here… That’s right, write on the whiteboard, don’t write outside of it.

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
I see, so that’s why. To restrain Tsukinaga on your own, it must’ve been hard on you, Sena.

How are your preparations for graduation?

I thought someone who’d already accumulated connections could rest easy during graduation, but looking at you, I suppose that’s not the case.

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
You’re too presumptuous. Connections are just a safety net; you can’t rely solely on them.
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Mhm, I agree. A person who gets lazy because they have connections won’t amount to much.

How about your unit, what’s the situation?

Knights will be losing two third-years next year too, although in comparison it won’t be much of a devastating loss.

The second-years Sakuma and Narukami, and the first-year Suoh… they’re more seasoned than their peers.

However, you are a strong “fossil-grade” group. There are countless pairs of eyes fixed on you, both inside and outside of this school.

This side of things must bring you a lot of pressure.

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Don’t make Knights sound like an antique stuck in a display cabinet in some museum, only for people to stare at. Can’t you say it in a more modern-sounding way?
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
I’m simply stating the facts as I see it.

Knights has gone through the war and has survived till today. It is both a part of Yumenosaki’s history as well as a record of Yumenosaki’s history.

Knights will serve as a reminder to future generations not to forget what once happened here.

As long as Knights still exists, even if someone wants to deliberately forget history, it will be impossible for them to do so.

That’s why if your inheritance is suddenly broken, you won’t be the only ones who’ll think it’s a pity.

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
You’re good at preaching as always. There’s nothing to worry about, Ou-sama’s returned.

The “king” will prepare weapons and formulate a strategy for his “knights”.

All the “knights” have to do is follow their “king’s” orders, relax, relax ♪

And compared to us, do you really have the right to be worried about others?

There’s only going to be one person left in Akatsuki next year, are you sure that’s not a problem?

You’re probably the one who’s always managing things, does that little brat know how to apply for lives, how to recruit new members?

Without new members, you won’t even be able to maintain a “unit”, right?

But whatever, I don’t care what happens to Akatsuki. If we can get rid of a strong opponent directly, that’ll be good for Kuma-kun and Naru-kun.

Only surviving units have the right to speech. This has been an irrefutable truth ever since the war.

This so-called truth is just an unfair contract everyone is required to accept, without caring about individual opinions.

Isn’t that right, Hasumi? ♪

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Translation: Credits

Writer: Mitsuki
Close Encounter - 4
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Huh? What are you rushing around for, Anzu?

You helped Tsukinaga-senpai borrow some notebooks? Ahaha, you’re always running around because of unexpected situations.

It’s almost as if you’re the protagonist of a manga ♪

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
The two of you, is this the time for idle conversation? Hand them over.
Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
…………… ♪

Alright, the immortal masterpiece is complete ☆


This feels good ☆ Be astonished, Beethoven! Be amazed, Shakespeare! Bow down to me, Mozart!

However! No matter how deeply you bow at me, I will never acknowledge you. Go ahead and regret your moment of compromise, wahahaha ☆

Oh, Keito! I’m sorry, but you’re too late! The vulgar comedy is already over……☆

Thanks for saving me, ucchuu~ ♪

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
If you really want to thank me then talk to me properly. What on earth is “ucchuu”?

Here, I believe this is the song you composed.

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Yes, the last fragment has been found! With this, “I” can finally turn back into the complete “me”~ ♪

How capable of you, Keito, even though you’ve got such a refined “young master” kind of face!

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
…you bastard, this isn’t the archery club. If you start spouting nonsense I’m not going to forgive you.

You seem to rather value these music scores. In that case, keep them properly. Since it’s something precious, you have to treasure it yourself.

If you don’t treasure it yourself, other people aren’t going to care about it either. Even if someone steps on it, all you can do is call yourself unlucky.

If you’re fortunate someone will help you pick it up, but you won’t always have someone helping you out.

I thought you understood that?

If you don’t know how or where to keep them, you can ask me.

I can give you some extra suggestions on account of the fact that we’re both in the archery club.

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Mm, I know. Keito has always been good at using his head.

But I still like foolish Keito better. Not meticulously pretending to be serious like this, but doing foolish things freely.

I like that Keito most of all ☆

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
(Vice-president…… acting foolish?)
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Hey, don’t run your mouth. Do you want to be carted off to the student council for a special lecture?
Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Wahahaha, just like that, letting your flaws show! Go on Keito, show off even more of your flaws~ Just like an idiot!
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
……mhm, acting like an idiot all the time won’t do either. You’re right, Keito. I’ll remember your advice.

When I’m no longer here, Knights will still go on.

We can’t always be stuck in the past. We have to lift our heads and look towards the future.

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Excuse me~ Can we hit pause on this touching conversation for a moment?

Ou-sama, why don’t you go clean the blackboard first? Otherwise it’s going to be a pain later on.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Tsukinaga-senpai, have you already copied down the scores on the blackboard onto the notebooks?

Then let me clean it~ I was feeling kind of cold anyway, so I wanted to move around a bit to warm myself up~ ♪

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Isara, don’t just take care of other people’s work for them. You’re going to offend them like that.
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
This time is an exception, if you leave chalk on the board for too long in winter it won’t be easy to deal with later~ You’ll worry about it if you leave it for later too.

If you can finish it early don’t put it off, isn’t that what vice-president’s always saying~?

Let me do it, I’m used to it anyway ♪

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Hmph, whatever makes you happy. You might just end up even worse than me by the time you’re a third year.
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
I feel like there’s no way I could refute that. I really don’t want you to talk about me that way……
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
That’s what you say, but you’ve already started working.

That Kuma-kun brat’s been spoiled by you, hasn't he? He acts spoiled to everyone, even to people younger than him.

He’s so~ annoying. You know, shouldn’t you take responsibility for that?

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
I feel like that isn’t completely my fault… Though I can’t shirk the blame either…
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
But the truth is, I don’t hate people like you.

Everyone in Knights is a selfish bastard who has no interest in doing things for others.

It wouldn’t be bad if there was someone as easy to boss around as you.

I suppose there is still some value in Trickstar ♪

Translation: Credits

Writer: Mitsuki
Close Encounter - 5
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render

What the hell? These are two completely different songs, they don’t connect at all.

Ou-sama, haven’t you already finished the song you were halfway through writing yesterday?

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Sorry, but that’s impossible, wahahaha ☆

The source of yesterday’s song was yesterday’s stimulus, and the source of today’s song is today’s stimulus!

The me today is different from me yesterday. The things I see are different, the sounds I hear are different, and the words I say are different.

My senses and reasoning are changing.

They’re changing all the time, they’re changing every single day, so I can never write the same piece of music!

Only fresh senses are good senses, and only the messages received by fresh senses can be called stimulus.

And then that stimulus makes me tremble, and that tremor brings me inspiration……☆

Expired senses will get polluted. My actions, other people’s words, and the new influx of messages are all despicable toxins.

If you put new leftovers and ingredients in last night’s rice, that’s expired senses!

You can smell its rancid odor from far away, and you’ll get a stomachache if you eat it!

Even an empty-headed emperor who listens to songs borne from expired senses will burst out into laughter!

That’s why I write brand new songs everyday~♪

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Isn’t your metaphor way too disgusting? To put it simply, you can’t find yesterday’s train of thought anymore, right? ♪
Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
……ah, indeed, I might have been too trite.

But my words can only express my meaning. If you have something to say about me, then say it with your own words~

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Why do I have to help you express yourself?

You idiot, squandering away your hard-won inspiration like that… You really piss me off.

Do you know how many people suffer because they don’t have inspiration?

Because they don’t have any inspiration, no matter how hard they work, they’ll never make any headway, but can only struggle in the lowest depths. Oi, do you understand?

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
I don’t understand, because I’m a genius…… ☆

Don’t just talk about me, Sena’s pretty competent too ♪

Ah, while you’re at it, help me come up with a name for my new song!

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
No, it’s too much of a pain. It’s just a name, come up with one yourself.
Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Eh~? But my words can only pollute music!

What a tragedy for pure music to be contaminated by fallen words!

Just like a vagrant using his dirty hands to wantonly touch a pure white statue of Venus……

No, no, it would be a hundred, a thousand times more tragic!

……hmm. The truth is I tried naming it previously.

Something like “Pastoral #2199” or “St. Knight Passion”*. But as I thought, it was no good!

The names were so bad I couldn’t even deceive myself!

[*T/N: This is meant to be a pun on St. Matthew Passion, an oratorio written by Bach.]

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now, on what grounds do you pick your references?

Even if you were trying to reference a famous piece, you should at least make it sound a little better. I can’t tell what this is at all.

The two names are way too different, I have no idea what you’re trying to express at all.

Were you even thinking of a name seriously? Did you just think of them randomly while you were dreaming?

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Uu~uuuuu, this is the result of my deep contemplation!

Using words to express music is just that difficult, wahahahaha ☆

Mhm. Ever since the construction of the Tower of Babel was halted by God*, language has become such a thoroughly rotten thing.

Just as the apple brought about the first downfall**, words are doomed to cause music to go bad.

Just as the apple led to the separation between God and man, words convey the ambiguity of truth and falsehood.

Words can lead to divergence and facilitate disputes, but they alone can’t lead to comprehension!

Look, God, this is the product of your will!

This result is your so-called “predetermined harmony”! Are you satisfied…… ☆

[*T/N: This is a reference to a biblical story meant to experience the origin of different languages. From Wikipedia: According to the story, a united humanity of the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating eastward, came to the land of Shinar. There they agreed to build a city and a tower "tall enough to reach heaven"; seeing this, God, confounded their speech so that they could no longer understand each other and scattered them around the world.]

[**T/N: Obviously, this is a reference to Adam and Eve.]

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
……you’re so noisy, I don’t get what you’re saying at all.

I got it, I just have to help you think of a name.

What a pain, your unsightly side’s been completely seen by these other guys.

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Hmph, he’s just spouting nonsense. If this much is called “unsightly”, then I’ve experienced it all a long time ago.

I’ve experienced so much I don’t want to experience it ever again.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Right, I’m done cleaning~♪

What happened just now…? I was focused on cleaning the blackboard so I wasn't really listening~?

Mhm, Anzu was focused on organizing the costumes, so she didn’t hear anything either~♪

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Wahahaha, the three of you are lords who are pretending they can’t see the shameful truth!

Bastard, you’re not even of age yet, but your mind is way too mature!

Thanks to all of you, even the king who’s wearing new clothes can feel a little bit at ease……☆

Translation: Credits

Writer: Mitsuki
Close Encounter - 6
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Hmm… Let’s just call it “Close Encounter”.
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Closed… no. Close… encounter? What’s that?*

[*T/N: The original title as Izumi says it is in English; Mao’s simply translating it into Chinese.]

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
It’s referring to a meeting between humans and aliens.
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Ah, I remember now~ It’s referring to when people see UFOs, right?
Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
It’s not just “seeing UFOs”, but also includes instances of physical interference by UFOs, or even seeing an alien.
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
I know~ And it’s also the most extreme situation where humans and aliens directly communicate. There’s a movie with the same name too.

It’s a pretty good name; there’s a certain psychedelic, uncertain feeling to it. It fits the first impression you get from this song really well~♪

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Wahahahaha, I think so too!

Just as expected, Sena did such a good job with the name! The second you hear it, it’s like an electric shock, starting from your spine and making your whole body tremble.

Mmhmm, it basically encapsulates the emotions of my melody.

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
That’s right, Isara, do you pay attention to matters concerning extraterrestrial civilizations too?
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
The term vice-president used sure is specialized… It’s not that I pay particularly close attention to it, though if you really want to talk about it, there are lots of works about aliens. It’s frequently mentioned in the mang—

Ah, no! I mean in the books I usually read. It’s pretty interesting~♪

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
That’s just as well. What books do you read? You should lend some of them to me later.

I’ve always wanted to learn more about extraterrestrial civilizations and aliens, but I’ve never been able to find the appropriate books.

It’s not that I’m particularly interested in them, I just think that while we can’t be certain of the existence of aliens, we can’t completely rule out the possibility either. I hate these kinds of uncertainties.

As such, I’d like to find a conclusion in books.

But it’s a shame, the relevant books I’ve read so far have all been of poor quality.

They were either far-fetched, gimmicky, fabricated trash for the sake of boosting sales, or low quality pop-science where the author himself doesn’t have much scientific knowledge.

None of them were worth reading at all.

However, I trust Isara’s taste, and I hope you can give me your recommendations soon.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
S…sure, I’ll do my best…!

(Ah… I accidentally created more trouble for myself again…)

(It’ll be really hard finding a book that satisfies vice-president… A regular manga definitely won’t do, that’ll just make him mad instead. What should I do?)

(Should I ask Subaru and the others in class, or should I ask Ritsu’s brother the next time I visit him…?)

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Incidentally, I’m currently inclined to think that the chance aliens actually exist is extremely slim.

Just considering the size of the universe, the range of planets suitable for survival, the evolution of life, the development of civilizations, the probability that there exists an alien with a certain degree of civilization is…

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render

The reason why Keito doesn’t believe in aliens must be because you’ve never been delusional!

When you’re having a delusion, you can sense the electromagnetic waves sent out by aliens……☆

Keito Hasumi School2 Dialogue Render
Well then, I apologize. I indeed don’t enjoy delusions, because they’re totally meaningless.

……without meaning to, I got sucked into your rhythm and wasted too much time.

This isn’t like me at all. Honestly, I’m incurable……

I just wanted to return your things to you, and give you some advice while I was at it.

I’ve done the things I needed to do. Let’s go Isara, Anzu, or you’ll be late to class.

The two of you shouldn't dawdle either. We’re about to graduate soon, you should at least spend your last few days presentably and leave your kouhais with a bright setting.

Otherwise when you think back to your high school days, there’ll only be a bitter aftertaste.

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Oh, he left.

What a pity~ Keito doesn’t want to join my delusion! Based on his caliber, if he were willing to dream he’d see lots of interesting things.

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Forget it, hasn’t that idiot always been that stubborn? Telling him all that is just a waste of effort.
Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Haven’t you become a really practical person too, Sena~?
(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
What are you saying? I’ve been part of the entertainment world. Idiots whose brains are only filled with fantasies can never survive.

However, Knights was founded by you, and you’re the “king” of Knights.

As long as I’m still in Knights, no matter what I think, I have to obey the “king’s” wishes.

Aren’t the leader’s special rights detestable~?

After all, this is just Yumenosaki Academy, and our leader is just a stupid “king”~

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
You’re as proud as always Sena, wahahahaha!

But it doesn’t matter, I understand what you’re thinking perfectly!

No matter how difficult you’re being, I’ll still understand you perfectly……☆

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
What a pain, don’t call me difficult for no reason. I’m just better at expressing myself in a roundabout way.

People who can only speak directly are children. I’m just skilled at the art of speaking, okay?

Leo Tsukinaga Summer School Dialogue Render
Mmhmm, that makes sense.

Sena sure is amazing, being able to understand the world of “grown-ups”.

It must be hard on you.

(Self-Righteous) Izumi Sena Full Render
Hmph, shut your mouth. I’m about to get goosebumps.

This isn’t befitting your station at all. Ordering your “knights” around to your heart’s content is what a “king” should do, right?

Hearing you say something like that doesn’t make me happy at all.

Because you know, it’s “so~ annoying” ♪

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